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Broken Hearts And Twisted Minds

When, in America, did legitimate outrage over acts of terrorism become replaced by passive acceptance of violence and fear?

Why are we not allowed to openly acknowledge who the obvious perpetrators are that spread this fear and hatred for others? When did we lose our collective right to proclaim what is good and evil?

Islam is the only religion which, after its members participate in acts of violence, automatically comes with the caveat that "they do not represent all members of that faith," and admonishes us not to brand all Muslims as "extremists."

We have been told for years that we must "win the hearts and minds" of the Muslim world. People whose hearts and minds are diseased by radical teachings, saturated with a deranged sense of moral superiority. They believe they are the only people worthy of living, and that their religion is one which commands them to cleanse the Earth of "infidels" who do not or will not prescribe to their brand of religious ideology. These people cannot be "won over."

All religions inherently believe that their's is the chosen faith. It is within that faith that its followers feel their ways of worship, tenants, and doctrines are the means by which, if followed, will lead their souls to heaven. This, in and of itself, is a good thing.

However, only one religion consistently uses violence and death as a means to punish and force those who do not follow its version of pervasive religious fanaticism.

When, after 1400 years of existence, will Islam finally come to have its own version of an "enlightenment?" How many more innocent people need to suffer and be murdered before the many ruthless members of this religion will be cast out as purveyors of death?

Will the day ever arrive when the voices of the so called "few" who "pervert" the "religion of peace" be loudly denounced and shouted down by the invisible "moderates" of Islam?

These jihadists openly call for war against all who are non-Muslims.

They use violence, intimidation, and murder to spread a popular version of worship to Allah.

They vociferously condemn, vilify, and demand extermination of the Jewish people.

They raise up as martyrs people like Osama Bin Laden, animals who represent evil, who kill tens of thousands of innocents, and desire for the death of billions more, out of some sick sense of self-righteousness and religious superiority.

We are supposed to win the hearts and minds of a people who believe shouting "Allahu Akbar" affords them license to spread hatred and take the lives of those they deem inferior?

As Americans, we have elected people so blinded by political correctness that they project onto us their own corrupted views of Islam. Views which dismiss Islam's hatred and intolerance. Instead of recognizing and denouncing the abject evil of Islam's perverted doctrine, we are told that we should be more concerned about our own "over-reaction" toward its existence, that those who profligate this evil in both words and deeds are but a small minority.

This is like putting a silk hat on a pig.

The reality is that Islam has been, and continues to be, the most significant obstacle to peace in the world.

As long as the rest of us disregard this threat for the sake of political correctness, it will continue to be so for years to follow.


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Comments (34)

"Islam is the only relig... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

"Islam is the only religion which, after its members participate in acts of violence, automatically comes with the caveat that "they do not represent all members of that faith, and admonishes us not to brand all Muslims as "extremists."

Says who? There you go making up crap - creating a construct of lies through which you can spread hateful messages. We get that you're a Christian scared shitless about Islam. That comes through loud and clear.

But no acts of any individual speaks for an entire religion.

What are you? 12 years old?


When will the burden fall o... (Below threshold)

When will the burden fall on the supporters (both active and passive) of Islamic terror to win OUR hearts and minds? It's always the victims' fault. Phooey!

"But no acts of any individ... (Below threshold)

"But no acts of any individual speaks for an entire religion."

Except when it's a deranged man who kills an abortion doctor.

Well Shawn, you hit the nai... (Below threshold)

Well Shawn, you hit the nail on the head. Vic is definitely a justifier. When they come to kill some more of us here (it's a matter of when, not if) Vic will still say it's all our fault, our christian imperialistic ways create all the problems for the world.

When, after 1400 years o... (Below threshold)

When, after 1400 years of existence, will Islam finally come to have its own version of an "enlightenment?"

Guess you conveniently missed that line, huh, SAUD?


Ah shoot, Mr. Copy and Past... (Below threshold)

Ah shoot, Mr. Copy and Paste is among us again. Little Vickers could you find some more original Dem talking points? We've heard these all before. C'mon sugar pop. We're waiting with baited breath.

Very good post Shawn. Fille... (Below threshold)

Very good post Shawn. Filled with all kinds of common sense.

SAUD/JFO, didn't maggie ban... (Below threshold)

SAUD/JFO, didn't maggie ban your ass?

Oh, and you're bringing up a point I've been meaning to make for some time. You are correct, generally, about the history of Christianity.

It might have escaped your notice, though, that we're not talking about history. We're talking about the here and now.

How many centuries ago was the last Crusade, anyway?


Unrepentant Dem..Y... (Below threshold)

Unrepentant Dem..

Yikes! The moral equivalence game. I can tell you are a first class scholar. LOL

LET'S PLAY MUSLIM TERRORIST... (Below threshold)




13 American men and women murdered. 30 American men and women wounded.

THE OFFENDER: Major Nidal Hasan


THE PUBLIC DEFENDER TEAM: Barack Obama and General Casey.

What is you verdict on count one? Was this murdering coward involved in a Muslim Terrorist attack.
What is you verdict on count two? Are President Barack Obama and General George Casey worthless piece of shit.

"But no acts of any indi... (Below threshold)

"But no acts of any individual speaks for an entire religion."

But a continual series of acts might. Listen for the criticism from other Mooooslems. The silence is deafening.

SAUD,You are going... (Below threshold)


You are going to compare a small, regional conflict like that to a world-wide pandemic of Muslim atrocities?

Even if you just relegated the arguement to the Middle East it would dwarf Northern Ireland in both scope and time.

You are one bizzare oaf.

"Of course it's about "n... (Below threshold)

"Of course it's about "now" Jay Tea because it's you folks who are the religious bigots "now." It's you folks who condemn an entire religion for the acts of some"

Get the hell out of here You jerk!

Let's follow SAUD's logic. ... (Below threshold)

Let's follow SAUD's logic. The soverign state of Iran, Saudi Arabia, most of the rest of the middle east want all jews extinguished. Not moved, gone, dead, for sharing the same promises of Abraham.

The muslims bombed many things over the years and recently 9/11. The middle easterners were seen in the streets cheering. Muslim websites have shown commenters cheering the acts of this muslim who terrorised Fort Hood.

Through all of this done recently, SAUD says, ready for this, ready, "we are religious bigots". How does such a troubled mind work? ww

If only it were "some". Bu... (Below threshold)

If only it were "some". But is i some .. and some .... and some more .. and then some more.

Seems to be less than isolated.

and although I am no Irish scholar, I believe the conflict also involved a major issue of NATIONALISM!!!

Someone PLEASE tell me SAUD... (Below threshold)

Someone PLEASE tell me SAUD is just joking, and that he really doesn't have $hit for brains?.. And Vicky.. crawl back to DU.

Shawn: 1.5 billion Muslims,... (Below threshold)

Shawn: 1.5 billion Muslims, and a few thousand are willing to kill for an eliminationist ideology. This has you worried and apoplectic?

God forbid someone ever explain to you what the seasonal flu virus is. You'd shit your pants!

The biggest obstacle to peace in the world is not Islam. It's poverty and illiberalism (intolerance of other cultures and inegalitarian attitudes towards women and minorities). When Islam contributes to poverty and illiberalism--as it certainly does in its more conservative manifestations--it's a problem. But Islam qua Islam is not in and of itself a problem. Ask any Suffi Muslim living in the United States. They're just as much part of the Islamic world as the relatively tiny group of people who so easily terrify such a huge proportion of the free world.

More people were killed by ... (Below threshold)

More people were killed by 19 Muslim extremists on 9/11 than in 36 years of conflict in Northern Ireland (source) and Muslim extremists have killed more people since August than the Inquisition did in 350 years. (source: Inquisition and Attacks)

..but lest we forget.. it is the religion of peace.

DJ, drunk driving Americans... (Below threshold)

DJ, drunk driving Americans have killed more Americans on an annual basis (about 10,000 per year) than Islamic terrorists have in the history of Islamic terrorism.

Apart from drunk drivers, you could also think about disease; starvation; domestic violence; workplace accidents...

Islamic terrorists shouldn't be anywhere on anyone's list of scariest shit ever.

Wow. Islamic terrorism is... (Below threshold)

Wow. Islamic terrorism is much better than cancer. I am speechless.

Wow, there are some really ... (Below threshold)

Wow, there are some really DISEASED minds in comments today.

No other religion that I've ever studied (and I've studies most of them), has declared that anyone who is NOT a believer MUST be killed or enslaved.

No other religion I've heard about regards those who have left the religion for any reason "apostates" that MUST be killed.

No modern, major religion other than Islam preaches hate. No modern, major religion but Islam instills hatred of "others" into its tenets from the earliest years of children to the oldest of its worshipers.

As for the "violence" of other religions, most of those today that espouse such violence do so in spite of their religious practices, not in accord with them. Much of it is done in self-defense against Muslims.

The only "peace" in Islam is the "peace" of total submission - or death.

Let's all get on a "Hug a M... (Below threshold)

Let's all get on a "Hug a Muslim" train with Hyper!..last time I looked.. the "Flu" wasn't screaming "Allah Akbar" holding 9mm's!.. and I KNOW Hyper isn't shitting his pants over all this "Muslim" thing.. his head's blocking the way! What was it? 13 dead at Hood?.. "Nothing to look at here folks..get back out on the roads and look for those drunk drivers".. what a fool.

"..intolerance of other ... (Below threshold)

"..intolerance of other cultures and inegalitarian attitudes towards women and minorities..."

You just described much of Islam perfectly.

Now, you were saying?

The difference between Isla... (Below threshold)

The difference between Islam and the flu, between Islam and drunk drivers, is we are allowed to protect ourselves against the flu and drunk drivers. That is what we are complaining about you liberal dolts.

hyper "When Islam contr... (Below threshold)

hyper "When Islam contributes to poverty and illiberalism--as it certainly does in its more conservative manifestations--it's a problem."

So, can you name one predominately Muslim country that comes close to escaping third world status?

I have to admit, I am frequ... (Below threshold)

I have to admit, I am frequently amazed at the forever out of touch hyper, but on this thread, he takes the cake of all things absolutely idiotic.

If an abortion doctor is murdered and the murderer is a catholic/christian, ALL Christian faiths come out strongly and decry that behavior. Not Islam. They briefly mentioned the act of terrorism and spend more time on how muslims are not to be picked on and how THEY fear what MIGHT happen to them.

Jesus said only through him do you get to heaven. He did not say if they don't believe in me, kill them. The biggest conspiracy between chirstians and jews was whether a christian convert must first become a jew before a christian.

Islam allows it's followers to lie if it is against infidels. If muslims murder infidels they will be martyred.

It is extremely funny how the mentally challenged left on this thread accuses us of being bigoted and intolerant towards the most bigoted and intolerant faith of them all. If true muslims are concerned about how their faith is being perceived, come out strongly and forcibly against these acts of terror and openly state the perpetrators will probably go to hell. I do not hear that. I see cheering in the street.

You cannot trust a muslim. We opened our arms and hearts to all faiths and this faith spit in our face. They have to earn our trust again. It is on them. Not me. ww

I am not politically correc... (Below threshold)

I am not politically correct. They are evil bastards and terrorists. I call it like I see it. Too bad our administration can't do the same. Shame on them.

You could be the world's gr... (Below threshold)

You could be the world's greatest scholar on Islam and memorize every single verse of the Qu'ran that supports the evil type of that religion, and I would still be able to assert--correctly--that every year, drunk driving results in four times more deaths than all of the attacks on 9/11/01.

So yes, I'm aware that some Muslims are evil murderers. Are you aware that you're worried about something that is less likely to kill you than the seasonal flu? Hey, I'm not saying that they should be allowed to go about their business--I'm saying that a reasonable person would go about their business knowing that law enforcement does a pretty decent job preventing psychos from committing mass murder in the Western hemisphere. And I would also remind myself that if someone wants to kill a bunch of people--for whatever reason!--and is determined to do so, that there's really nothing that can be done about it. That's a feature of living in a free society. Don't like it? Move to Riyadh.

-I'm saying that ... (Below threshold)
-I'm saying that a reasonable person would go about their business knowing that law enforcement does a pretty decent job
hyperbolist, I don't think you know what law enforcement means. Plus, law enforcement is not prescient.
Are you saying that it's no... (Below threshold)

Are you saying that it's not preventative, maggie?

Do you know what the FBI is?

Hey Madalyn, what do you think of all of the Muslims who volunteer to serve in the United States Armed Forces? Do you trust them to do their duty?

HyperbolistFederal B... (Below threshold)

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Law enforcement after the fact.
Death is preventative if there is no conception.
No life, no death.

hyper, why avoid and easy q... (Below threshold)

hyper, why avoid and easy question?

Here I'll ask again: "So, can you name one predominately Muslim country that comes close to escaping third world status?"

marc ~ Your query is flawed... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

marc ~ Your query is flawed. The Emirates and Bahrain do rather well.

The proper question is, "What predominately Muslim nation would be anything but pathetically impoverished save for oil and gas resources discovered and tapped by British and American companies and later 'nationalized' (= stolen, confiscated) by illegitimate Muslim governments?" He'd have a really hard time with that one.


hyperbolist ~ I definitely do NOT trust Muslim members of the military who decry American policies, post pro-jihadi sentiments on public websites, and attempt to contact al Qaeda members. As to the rest, alas, it must be on a case-by-case basis. Too many times has our predisposition towards trust come back to bite us in the hind parts. I am certainly unwilling to "trust" without "verifying" those with a disposition against our interests, especially in the military or national security apparatus.

Kindly desist from your laughable attempts to draw inferences by comparing numbers of deaths from Muslim terrorism and completely unrelated causes like drunk driving or diseases. By the implication of this defense, Charles Manson is relatively innocent because the number of deaths he caused was a tiny fraction of those caused by Mao (just for comparative purposes, I did not intend to besmirch your idol gratuitously). If you do not wish to be ridiculed, you ought to at least try not to be ridiculous.

And finally, Jim, Charles M... (Below threshold)

And finally, Jim, Charles Manson is a guilty murderer and is being punished. Terrorists are murderers--or attempted murderers--and we punish them. Nothing I have said suggests that we ought to stop doing so. However, insofar as we care about preserving innocent life, we should probably devote a lot more resources to fighting disease and poverty; and a lot less to fighting terrorists. They only seem to be a huge threat to your security, because you allow them to terrorize you. Grow a sac!






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