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Happy Veterans Day

Say thanks to a vet today. I live with one and am related to quite a few more, but would like to extend my thanks to all veterans and active duty military reading this post.

Michelle Malkin's Veterans Day post includes links to some companies that are honoring veterans (and in most cases active duty military as well) today with special treats such as a free meal at Applebee's and a free doughnut at Krisy Kreme (as if anyone could eat just one of those).

Matt at Blackfive looks at how the NYT honors Veterans Day. Matt describes this from Mike Royko as the best Veterans Day column EVER. Mudville Gazette has a roundup of great Veterans Day posts from a number of milblogs.

If you have not already contributed to the Valour-IT program, you can do so here.

Update: Must read (seriously, this is a must) from Anchoress about some heroes you don't know. She also includes links to some other Veterans Day posts.

Update II: Mary Katharine Ham has a beautiful story about a veteran she met last week at the rally in DC.


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Comments (6)

Thanks, Lorie.... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Lorie.

I could easily get behind R... (Below threshold)

I could easily get behind Royko's recommendations. At least under those conditions, Barry would be speechless for an entire day.

Thank you to all of the bra... (Below threshold)

Thank you to all of the brave,
from all of the free.

May God Bless you and your families.

"- Regardless of h... (Below threshold)

"- Regardless of how high his office, no politician who had the opportunity to serve in the military, but didn't, will be allowed to make a patriotic speech, appear on TV, or poke his nose out of his office for the entire day"

Barry could under no circumstances abide by this.

I think Americans should fo... (Below threshold)

I think Americans should follow like other nations and pay a bit more respect. I like the idea that Canadians and Brits have by wearing the poppy from Nov 1st through November 11th or at least on Nov 11th. This clearly visible symbol helps provide more of a reminder.

Selling the poppies for whatever a person wants to donate also helps raise funds for Vets and their families.... EXCELLENT IDEA!!

I offered to take two vets ... (Below threshold)

I offered to take two vets at my work (one a two-tour Iraqi Freedom Marine SSG that survived two IED attacks, and the other a Desert Shield US Army Cpt. Blackhawk pilot that was shot down over enemy territory) out to lunch for Veteran's Day. They both gave me the same confused look when I made the offer. The reason being (apparently) that neither one of them considered themselves to be real "veterans", even though they had both been in combat.

Strange how some combat vets are totally nonchalant about their experiences, and others are totally freaked out by apparently much less stressful situations.

By the way, both of the vets I mentioned are graduate engineers (one got a PhD after his Army service and the other got an MSME after his Marine Corp. service), if that has any meaning to you.

God bless to all you vets.






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