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Sympathy For The Devil

I'm not a sports fan, but even I was caught up in the hullabaloo surrounding Elizabeth Lambert, the women's soccer player from the University of New Mexico. She's the one in the video seen all over the place -- punching and elbowing and hair-pulling other players.

Here, see for yourself:

I was as appalled (and, I have to admit, "interested" in a guy way) as most anyone watching it. But then I started reading some comments about the incidents -- and some people noticed something intriguing about Lambert's most flagrant fouls:

In both cases, she was provoked.

When she punched the other player in the back, it was preceded by Lambert herself getting an elbow in the chest. And in the most lurid one, the hair-pulling one, watch carefully -- just before Lambert grabs her hair, the other player grabs Lambert's shorts and starts to give her a "frontal wedgie."

Now, I can't say what a frontal wedgie feels like for a woman, but I'm willing to bet they're not fun. I know I haven't enjoyed them.

Lambert's philosophy about fouls seems one pretty well suited for international diplomacy: attack me, and I'll hit back considerably harder. So don't attack me.

On the sports field, that seems somewhat less acceptable.

But she seems a bit less monstrous to me, now.


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Comments (17)

I am on Lambert's side just... (Below threshold)

I am on Lambert's side just because the "news" report only showed what she did and not what any other players did. "There's hair pulling" in NCAA womens soccer said the commentator and that particular instance looked a lot like a flop to me. Like a punter will do when barely touched by someone rushing the punt. Maybe Lambert is the worst person in the world according to this "news" show but I'm pretty cynical about one sided news stories from long experience with finally hearing the rest of the story much later.

Oh my I should have seen th... (Below threshold)

Oh my I should have seen this one coming. Brought to you by the same "poor defenseless Palestinians/jihadists/Army Psychiatrists/etc" media. Good point JT and agree w you k. Soon to come: gnashing of teeth and wailing from certain WB Pop writers and other left-wing commentors..

In viewing the tape she sur... (Below threshold)

In viewing the tape she sure looks like she was getting it as good as she was giving it. Unfortunately the one who retaliates is the one who gets nailed for the foul. I would think the girls who were hitting on her knew she would hit back and therefore draw the foul. mpw

Having played a bit of socc... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Having played a bit of soccer in school I would say that she was way out of line. It's a physical game and there is a lot of pushing and shoving for position. Her responses to that were over he top. The hair pulling incident did not look like a dive at all.

The worst ones actually were her slide tackles. Those are fouls that could result in a broken leg or ankle and I have seen that happen in games. She is a hack and doesn't belong on the field. In most cases she would have been drummed off the team in high school if she made it that far.

I think the indefinite suspension she got was perfectly reasonable.

Elizabeth Lambert is a juni... (Below threshold)

Elizabeth Lambert is a junior at the University of New Mexico, and plays for their soccer team the Lobos originally from California (too bad for California). So, this loser knows they are going in to a game that they will most likely lose and since they do not have the talent to score they resort to this kind of play, it has very minor thought to it than let's say passisng the ball through your opponents defense and scoring a goal.
The other issue is the where were the referees, were they all older white men with their tongues out, enamored and unable to call the game objectively (this game had so many penalties that did not get called), I mean what are they getting paid to do. Who has paid these guys off? Do we have to change the game where only women referees can call women games. After watching the video someone was paid off, that is my conclusion.
And Lizzy, watch you back and please stay out of soccer (you real should be banned, the game does not need people like you in it), so many will be gunning for you now. Who knows maybe you were just drumming up business for your "Occupational Therapy practice", yah good luck with that, I doubt your bed side manner is any different from your sportsmanship.

She should be banned by the... (Below threshold)

She should be banned by the NCAA for good. There's too much thug ball played at the college level as it is.

Thing is why is this ref crew not on the unemployment line? She was given a yellow on the ball in the face. Fare enough, its a judgment call by the ref and could have been seen as borderline (I would have straight red carded that) but what about the other plays we saw. Each one of them for sure should have been a straight red but the crew did nothing. Hell at the very least she should have gotten a second yellow for an accumulation of fouls. But these jackoffs did nothing allowing other players to be put in danger of injury.

As a soccer player for many... (Below threshold)

As a soccer player for many years, I have no problem with some of the stuff she did in retaliation for the elbow to the gut or the short pulling.

I generally did the same kind of retaliation when someone did something to me. I never held back.

But some of her other play is just uncontrolled and dangerous. She is giving some very hard fouls that are not warranted.

To me, that's the sign of a not very good player. A good player can make the plays without doing those dangerous, hard fouls.

As a coach and player, I would have bent the ear of the referee if someone on the other team was playing dirty and dangerously, because it's dangerous and puts other players at risk. And if the ref didn't do something about it, I did. Hard, very hard and very dirty.

Oh, it's acceptable on the ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Oh, it's acceptable on the sports field-- particularly if you want to be obvious about it and send a message, too. (Example: pitcher hits your star hitter, it's understood one of yours is gonna get it too. Take a cheap shot or mouth off in football and you'll get yours at some point.)

I love how she dealt with the frontal wedgie. Should she get flagged for it? Sure. Will her opponent think twice about trying covert intimidation tactics again? You bet her pretty black haired head and grass-stained face she will.
And does anyone notice that at the end of the clip when Lambert is talking to the ref, one of the opposing players comes up to them and looks to have a few words for Lambert. In the very next scene where Lambert purposefully (or not) gives the her opponent a forearm shiver, that it may very well be the very same player from BYU (hard to tell).

I wouldn't exactly cheer Lambert on, and she should keep it in check. But I give her points for not putting up with covert dirty play and trash talk.

Did anybody see where a BYU... (Below threshold)

Did anybody see where a BYU player was on the ground and Lambert kept kicking the ball HARD into her face? That is the type of player she is. I watch a lot of LOBO games and I have seen her get away with things worse than what she did in this game. She needs to be banned for life. Her temperment has no place on a soccer field (or any other sport). Whatever happened to "fair play"?

So funny that North America... (Below threshold)

So funny that North Americans think "football" and hockey are for tough guys and soccer is for wimps, but really, soccer players are constantly pulling and kicking at each other and a slide tackle at full speed is probably more dangerous than trying to stop a 250 lb. running back while wearing pads.

Anyway, this is awesome:


Hyper -I think ski... (Below threshold)

Hyper -

I think skiing's a plot by orthopedists, surgeons, and physical therapists myself...

F=MA is NOT your friend when it comes to skiing!

I used to go skiing but fin... (Below threshold)

I used to go skiing but find it cheaper just to get someone to smash my knees with a 2"x4" for ten minutes while standing in a walk-in freezer. :)

Re "So funny that North Ame... (Below threshold)

Re "So funny that North Americans think "football" and hockey are for tough guys and soccer is for wimps"

Are you claiming that video supports that argument? You better try again. In football they do a great deal more than little elbow shots and slide tackles. They actually do full tackle and run into each other full on at full speed and hit as hard as they can.

Like most sports I get the ... (Below threshold)
The Whistler:

Like most sports I get the idea that the people in the news studio never looked at actual tape before they spouted off.

Looks like the BYU players ... (Below threshold)

Looks like the BYU players got off scot-free for their dirty play.

No, Wayne, I was talking ab... (Below threshold)

No, Wayne, I was talking about football--proper football, as in the world's most popular sport--in general. I watch it and really enjoy the game. Shame the Premier matches aren't on Sundays evenings when there's nothing worth watching on television once the World Series has finished.

HypeIf you were talk... (Below threshold)

If you were talking football as in what most of the world calls football which is soccer then your statement doesn't make sense.

"So funny that North Americans think "football" and hockey are for tough guys and soccer is for wimps,"

That would translate to

"So funny that North Americans think "soccer" and hockey are for tough guys and soccer is for wimps,"

Not really coherent statement is it?






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