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What's wrong with this picture?


I'm no fashion king. Ask my wife. She critiques what I wear all the time and I can't tell you how many times she's stopped me with these words: "Ain't no way in heck that you're wearing that".

Methinks someone ought to have stopped the First Lady. But again, I might not be the best judge.


H/T Gerard.



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Comments (63)

Good grief!... (Below threshold)

Good grief!

Hmm.Stylewise... n... (Below threshold)


Stylewise... not so hot. That belt and the coat accentuates her... um, the excellence of the chefs in the White House.

Then again, maybe she's eating for two now, and wanted to be comfortable?

Jackie Kennedy she ain't.</... (Below threshold)

Jackie Kennedy she ain't.

On second look, I think I s... (Below threshold)

On second look, I think I saw that on sale at KMart this weekend....

The Matrix, Unrevisited.</p... (Below threshold)

The Matrix, Unrevisited.

Soooo...the jackboots of a ... (Below threshold)

Soooo...the jackboots of a Nazi thug.

A fitting coincidence.

(The similarity of the belt to tank tracks isn't escaping me, either. Did they come from a Panzer tank?)

"(The similarity of the ... (Below threshold)

"(The similarity of the belt to tank tracks isn't escaping me, either. Did they come from a Panzer tank"?)

Rommell mambo anyone?

Ha ha ha

As Seen on TV:Abtr... (Below threshold)
iowa barr:

As Seen on TV:

Abtronic Electronic Fitness System
Tones and tighten your muscles with gentle electronic stimulation!

Somehow the first Wookie ha... (Below threshold)

Somehow the first Wookie has developed a fixation on wide belts worn far above her waistline and pastel colors so out of whack with the season and setting that it boggles the imagination to see what garish outfit she's going to parade in next.

I still haven't figured out the leather storm trooper boots yet...

Isn't that an ammo belt she... (Below threshold)

Isn't that an ammo belt she's wearing? And, why is she using it to prop up her boobs? Hasn't she heard of the push-up bra before? I can't believe the Lame Stream Media keeps harping about what a fashion icon she is. Good Lord, I almost opted for pepper spray right in the face rather than look at her.

Now I am confused by this o... (Below threshold)

Now I am confused by this obsession with belts. All I can come up with(from under my tin foil hat) is that like her husband someone behind the scenes is lifting up the first lady into thinking that she is all that.

I cannot understand how one with so many staff members can dress like she is on the way to the local Walmart...in her bestest clothes.

She's no Condi Rice, either... (Below threshold)

She's no Condi Rice, either!

C'mon, Rick, you obviously ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

C'mon, Rick, you obviously don't appreciate Hood Rat Chic.

Hell, it's light blue. Wh... (Below threshold)

Hell, it's light blue. What more do you want?

In every picture I've seen ... (Below threshold)

In every picture I've seen her in lately, she's wearing a huge belt above her waistline. Some idiotic fashion consultant must have sold her on the idea that it de-emphasizes her wide hips and bum. Um. No.

The Star Wars jokes are act... (Below threshold)

The Star Wars jokes are actually funny because that belt is just stupid, but "Hood Rat Chic"? Stay classy, Jay Guevara! And remember, liberals are the racists.

Her outfit is terrible, but not probably not for reasons that any of her detractors here might think. Do you (or your wives/girlfriends/live-in mothers) read Vogue? Have you ever set foot in an H&M or Top Shop? No, of course not. You think Sarah Palin dresses well and you think modern fashion is for European dykes and metrosexuals. The only thing you like about Mike Huckabee is his $12 haircut, and you wear socks with sandals and wonder why city folk can't stop snickering at you.

My girlfriend is an image consultant and her course instructor rated the First Lady's style as a B: not great, but certainly not bad for a middle-aged mother. On the other hand, Cindy McCain looks like somebody dressed up as Cindy McCain's corpse for Halloween, and Laura Bush is the inoffensive but played-out Stepford stereotype. God forbid someone inject some life into the role of First Spouse with their wardrobe choices. Hell, that bright blue trench coat is nearly as bad for America as when she tried to get fat American children to eat vegetables and play outside! If Obama was married to Carla Bruni, you would bitch about her long hair and obsession with makeup and not looking fat.

It was obvious to me a year ago that lots of stupid people would eventually be complaining about Michelle Obama's level of physical fitness and the fact that her personal stylist has probably never been to the Kentucky Derby. Well, go cry into your elasticized track suits. People like Michelle Obama go on expensive dates in NYC while people like you get drive-thru cheeseburgers and VHS Schwarzenegger. Funny/sad.

Hyperbolist, A very... (Below threshold)

A very telling post, about yourself.

"It was obvious to me a yea... (Below threshold)

"It was obvious to me a year ago that lots of stupid people would eventually be complaining about Michelle Obama's level of physical "


Does this woman have no fri... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Does this woman have no friend or associate who is not deathly afraid of her? How else would they let her out in public like that?

hyperbolist ~ I was just going to let the whole idea of you having a "girlfriend" pass on by, despite the fertile ground it offers. But when you claim she is an "image consultant" herself, yet need to assert the presumed authority of her "course instructor," you really just ask for it, don't you?

I admit I don't know many "image consultants." I'm sure your "girlfriend" has many clients, and has just done wonders for their images. It just sounds funny that an "image consultant" couldn't relay her own opinion on the First Lady's style, but had to submit to you/us her "course instructor"'s evaluation - which you present as authority, else why mention it at all? - in lieu of her own.

Do you ever read what you write before you post it?

It's not a belt. It's a gia... (Below threshold)

It's not a belt. It's a giant clamp, adjusted with a hex screw in the back.

I have a $10 haircut. So of... (Below threshold)

I have a $10 haircut. So of course I should have my taxes raised so Michell can buy dresses that make her look stupid.

I sure hope this wasn't at the memorial service for soldiers they went to.

I got you beat, klrtz1. I g... (Below threshold)

I got you beat, klrtz1. I get an $8 haircut. I tell 'em "set the trimmer to '3' and go to town." I call the style "resignation."

That said, I think this is one of the dumbest lines of attack against MichO -- or anyone else. It ain't their fashion sense, bodily mass (remember Hillary's cankles?), or personal aesthetics that make them a problem for the country, and it's counterproductive towards fighting them.


This is just a terrible-loo... (Below threshold)

This is just a terrible-looking outfit. The boots are ridiculous with the pastel outfit. I don't know who is telling her to emphasize the length of her body after the waist, but that person obviously has zero artistic sense.

This would be a great Easter outfit..except for the Putin boots.

PS...what is the wor... (Below threshold)

PS...what is the world is that fabric? It looks like something from home economics class in the 1960's or 1970's.

Turquoise and black? The combination hasn't been around since pyrex ware from the 1950's.

"People like Michelle Obama... (Below threshold)

"People like Michelle Obama go on expensive dates in NYC while people like you get drive-thru cheeseburgers and VHS Schwarzenegger."

Oh, really? And who, pray tell, foots the bill for said expensive dates? Who foots the bill for the makeup artist and hair stylist?

So long as we, the taxpayers, are paying for this, you're damned straight we can and will critique the First Clydesdale. She is not a fashion maven, no matter how you couch it.

Most times when I see a pic... (Below threshold)

Most times when I see a picture of her, she has the horrible big belt above her waist on....what is with that????

ha!... (Below threshold)
Dave W:


Gentlemen, what you don't s... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Gentlemen, what you don't seem to realize is that Michelle Obama is "short-waisted". She is actually wearing her belt on her waist.

But instead of choosing clothes that drawn attention away from her flaw (i.e. wearing an empire waist - which is just below the bust - or wearing a drop waist - which places the seam across the hips) Michelle is choosing to highlight her "short"coming. (Excuse the pun.)

It leaves us to question "Is she blind to her own flaws or just doesn't give a damn?" I think she is actually blind to her flaw AND also doesn't give a damn about anything BUT current fashion.

Trouble is I can't figure out where this style is currently fashionable. Maybe Chechyna.

P.S. I also agree with JLa... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

P.S. I also agree with JLawson ... and as have said recently I suspect she is pregnant.

Black boots and powder blue... (Below threshold)

Black boots and powder blue certainly dont blend w/ an Adam's apple.

Well, since Gerald's link i... (Below threshold)

Well, since Gerald's link is to a Facebook page I can't see because I'm not his friend, I really don't know the context here. Was this shot at Ft. Hood during the memorial?

hyperbolist, Maybe... (Below threshold)


Maybe your girlfriend should try another image consultant, that outfit is pretty much the fall/winter non-work wear of the stripper I used to live next door to, and that girl is a whack-job.

Pregnant?You don't... (Below threshold)


You don't really think Obama would punish his wife with another child, do you?

All the statements about ho... (Below threshold)

All the statements about how horrible this outfit looks are true, but the whole thing is made infinitely worse when you realize that the occasion for her fashion statement was the wreath-laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Obamas - all us, all the time.

In case you've never notice... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

In case you've never noticed, women all over the USA wear boots during this time of year, especially during rainy weather. Black is a common choice of color because black goes with any outfit.

Reagrding the shape of Mrs. Obama's abdomen, there are plenty of medical conditions that cause abdominal swelling.

Please be kind to her. It i... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

Please be kind to her. It is difficult to find transitional maternity wear that is not completely obvious. The Empire style was actually created when Josephine (Napolean's wife) wanted something to wear when she was pregnant.

She looks like an "extra" i... (Below threshold)

She looks like an "extra" in an Austin Powers movie, from one of the 60's scenes. Viva la 1969!!

So if she had a huge chunk of spinach in her teeth, would anyone tell her that, either?

I think this may have been... (Below threshold)

I think this may have been during yesterdays Veteran's Day laying of the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. If so then this outfit is inappropriate and not just a lack of fashion sense.

I know whenever I go to a m... (Below threshold)

I know whenever I go to a memorial service, I wear bright colors and smile alot....

She has no fashion sense. W... (Below threshold)

She has no fashion sense. When she went to Ted Kennedy's funeral, she wore the God-awful "widow's weeds" and looked totally ridiculous. She looked like she was back in the 1700's and walking the widow's walk waiting for her husband to come back from the sea. She is a nightmare that never ends. Kind of like her hubby. I would fire anyone who is giving her fashion advice. As far as being pregnant, I don't think so. Her hubby is too eager for abortions to allow another child to "disrupt" the perfect scene of domesticity. God help us all.

First, I admit I have only ... (Below threshold)

First, I admit I have only a small amount of fashion sense, but why does that coat even need a belt? I also think it would be a lovely Easter outfit.

Actually I think it's a lov... (Below threshold)

Actually I think it's a lovely outfit. The bright blue accents her beautiful skin tones and the belt and boots go together perfectly.

The problem with Michelle is that she's put on a lot of weight lately and is still trying to wear the same styles she wore when she was thinner; thus the awkward look of the big belt cinching in an expanding waistline, instead of flattering an already thin one.

I would feel more sorry for her if she hadn't set herself up as a little Queen in her White House kingdom, surrounding herself with subordinates who are afraid to speak to her. Contrast this with Laura Bush, who surrounded herself with strong equals. I predict more fashion faux pas.

If this was at the wreath-l... (Below threshold)

If this was at the wreath-laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier then I would say the most unpleasing aspect of her appearence is that snotty smirk on her face.

Has no one noticed that Aun... (Below threshold)

Has no one noticed that Aunt Esther has gotten so big, she need a much larger umbrella?

As she grows into her new 'position', maybe we can use some of the material left over from that Jiffy Pop balloon from a month ago. That 'might' be large enough to keep her dry.

While I'm no fan, I think M... (Below threshold)

While I'm no fan, I think Mobama at least looks a lot more stylish than the woman standing next to her. I'd say she is preggers, but Mo just has a balloony bottom half...that was evident in that really horrid black spider outfit she wore for O's acceptance speech. All her outfits are designed, with some success, to hide her shape flaws - large derriere and protruding stomach.

It is disgusting she is wea... (Below threshold)

It is disgusting she is wearing bright blue on such a special day for our fallen soldiers and those who are sacrificing for a totally incompetent Criminal-in-Chief.


Someone is believing the MS... (Below threshold)

Someone is believing the MSM when they swoon about her sense of style.
Coat doesn't need a black belt. If it did not come with it's own, then it probably doesn't need one. Just sayin'.

What's the problem? Isn't t... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

What's the problem? Isn't that the accepted traditional costume of a Fek'Ihr?

I agree that this "ensemble... (Below threshold)

I agree that this "ensemble" isn't appropriate if it is worn on a day of mourning and remembrance. However, we all know that the Os think everything is about them, all Obamas all the time. Therefore it only makes sense that she would wear something that pleases herself instead
of dressing for the occasion. I do have to ask...why didn't she just button the coat instead of wearing it open and belted with that atrocity? If she cannot dress herself, why not hire someone to do it for her? Isn't there
room in her 20 or person entourage for one more?

Correction...in her 20 or s... (Below threshold)

Correction...in her 20 or so person...

Everyone remember that Sota... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [reitred]:

Everyone remember that Sotamayor mad to bring multiple sets of clothing for a consultant to choose from before her confirmation.

Me thinks somebody needs to stop picking at specks when they have a log in their eye.

JT, you pick on WalMart gre... (Below threshold)

JT, you pick on WalMart greeters.
We aim a little bit higher.

It all serves the same purpose and I am in no way in the world EVER going to be noticed by Obama or her handler, its strictly for my own personal snark.

That said...

She really does need to move that belt up a bit higher and have a leash attached to it.

GianiD: don't like Adam's a... (Below threshold)

GianiD: don't like Adam's apples on women? What about pairing one with a nice set of man-hands? Mmmm, that's good high-profile far-right tranny!

Chicago, my girlfriend is an image consultant and takes courses still. Her instructor--who dresses professional athletes and high-profile politicians--rates Michelle's overall sense of style as a B. I think this particular outfit would probably get a D-, not because it's tourquoise but (as someone pointed out) because it doesn't suit her body type. She looks great in a trench of more subdued colour with accents here and there, but she tends to stray off of the reservation with pieces like this coat that appears to have been made out of cake frosting.

To everyone who has a problem with her smiling, it's a day of gratitude towards veterans--you know, the ones who survived the wars? Veterans aren't tragic. They make me feel proud of my country and what it accomplished during the two most gruesome wars in human histry, and I feel happy for the ones who made it home. You might think it's only mattress sales and barbecues, but Memorial Day is actually the day for mourning the fallen in the United States.

"Chicago, my girlf... (Below threshold)

"Chicago, my girlfriend is an image consultant and takes courses still. Her instructor--who dresses professional athletes and high-profile politicians--rates Michelle's overall sense of style as a B."

Well I rate it a Strong F- , so tell Your fashion guru advisor Nazi freedom stomping footwear belongs in 1939 gulags. Not on public display and certainly not on a Woman with feet the size of a U-boat.

Hyper,It is a solem ... (Below threshold)

It is a solem moment and ceremony, leaving a wreath at Arlington.
If they were at Walter Reed or a veterans home, I might agree with you. But they weren't.

You're from Canukistan, so I can see why maybe you don't understand this.

I used to know a tad about ... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I used to know a tad about women's fashion and how to dress for the occasion. It's a long story and it came from my ex wife's side of the family.

I was absolutely excoriated for for making a comment similar to this at a liberal to moderate blog.There's nothing personal in it, just my humble opinion about considerations Ms. Obama or any person that designs clothing for her should keep in mind.

First of all, a classic beauty she is not. Is she good looking, you make the call, it is the beholder's call.

She makes this mistake often, remember the black widow dress,the frumphy look she had in Colorado when taking the girls hiking. She makes a lot of mistakes from casual to dressy on a consistent basis.

She should always consider the occasion, which in this case she neglected. No one is expecting a fashion model, but people expect an appropriate image for the First Lady. Sometimes she goes so far over board that she actually looks common at the event. Bad attire is more common than being highly presentable.

Ms. Obama has some unique physical characteristics which must be taken in to account when the design of a wardrobe and the actual selection of the total package of clothing is made.(shoes, purse, blouse, etc)
Ms Obama's physical Characteristics:
She is slightly bow-legged.
She has knobby knees.
Her legs aren't that pretty.(long - yes)
She has large feet.
She has an ample butt and wide girth.
She has a protruding belly.
She has small breasts.
She has a jutting jutting jaw.

Anyone designing clothes for her and helping her maintain a wardrobe and helping pick clothes for certain occasions should keep these things in mind. I don't think they have been doing an acceptance job on any of these fronts.

I don't want a First lady who dresses so poorly that she looks rather common. She needs some full length mirrors and a good dose of common sense.

Not that I worry a lot abou... (Below threshold)

Not that I worry a lot about it, but Michelle is our first lady and sets a certain tone (even when it's a bit off).

I just hope that we don't start seeing this style on the runways and in the stores next season, because it sure wouldn't look any better on me than it does on her!

Fuck off, SCSI. Remembrance... (Below threshold)

Fuck off, SCSI. Remembrance Day in Canada is a lot more solemn than Veteran's Day and also we don't debase our veterans and those who died defending the freedom of other nations by having sales at Wal-Mart and Chrysler dealerships.

You have no idea what she was smiling about. She could have been making eye contact with a veteran who was smiling back at her. There is absolutely no reason to criticize this woman--except perhaps the ugly coat.

Eneils: what's an example of a "classically beautiful" black woman, for the sake of comparison? Black women and white women look elegant wearing different things. (Don't get me wrong: her outfit here is not elegant at all. But she often looks gorgeous.)

The color of the ensemble i... (Below threshold)

The color of the ensemble is inappropriate for this time of year. She then further junks it up with boots and black tights. This is the sort of person you wonder if they have a mirror that only shows them from the shoulders up.

The very least she could do is make an effort - what a mess!

Hypo,I will not play... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I will not play your game as to who is beautiful. As I said, it is in the eyes of the beholder.
I have listed the reasons above as to why I do not think she is beautiful. I think it is a fair evaluation of her physical attributes. I have also factored in her attitude and presence, to me a part of beauty. She does not make the grade there, either.
Thank you for your concern.

My problem with that photo ... (Below threshold)

My problem with that photo is that the civilians are not worthy of having the distinguished enlisted me hold their umbrellas for them. It should be the reverse.

...and that belt, or whatev... (Below threshold)

...and that belt, or whatever the thunder it is, is bleeping UGLY. It just makes her a** look wider.

Hyper, thanks for showing y... (Below threshold)

Hyper, thanks for showing your true, uncouth, colors.
Arlington was my point, as in maybe you don't understand what it means to Americans. Also notice it was her coat, totally inapprop at any memorial, that I criticized. The smirk just completes the picture and impression that she lacks respect.

Would you go to Beechwood in a jaunty ensemble of bright jacket and jack boots?






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