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Nancy Pelosi, thy name is hypocrite

The woman is despicable... and now we have video evidence:

By way of STACLU.



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Comments (10)

Despicable it is. Too bad t... (Below threshold)

Despicable it is. Too bad the GOP governed in Donkey-lite fashion at the time she made those remarks. Despicable: yes. Predictable: yes. But our side never should have given her the opening to make those remarks. I hope we remember this when we reclaim Congress in Nov. 2010.

Agreed RB, the Republicans ... (Below threshold)

Agreed RB, the Republicans at the time were acting just as childish, and they had better remember that just because we're angry with the way the Democrats are running things doesn't automatically mean they get to win in 2010.

Rick...GREAT video, thx!</p... (Below threshold)

Rick...GREAT video, thx!

one quibble with your statement:
"The woman is despicable... and now we have video evidence"

I already KNEW the woman was "despicable"...she provided LOTS of evidence over time. Still, it was refreshing to see such a nice compiliation.

"The Republicans did it too... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [reitred]:

"The Republicans did it too!" is not a valid defense. Two wrongs do not make a right, however the Progressives are happy to point out that three rights make a Left! Try again.

How old is she anyway, maybe she just has Alzheimers and doesn't remember ever saying any of this stuff.

It just goes to show that the lefties have no morals and will use any and every tool at their disposal to push their agenda. There can be no defense of this womans actions.

Hey Nancy! Any hate crime l... (Below threshold)

Hey Nancy! Any hate crime legislation in the pipeline for Hasan?

Did'nt think so You harlot.

Nan, alas, is losing it in ... (Below threshold)

Nan, alas, is losing it in her dotage...but
I bet she was something in the back seat of
of an Edsel on a balmy night at the drive-in.
Let's ease upon her. She's almost 70. On
second thought, let's NOT ease up on her.

"I bet she was something in... (Below threshold)

"I bet she was something in the back seat of
of an Edsel on a balmy night at the drive-in"


Liar! Liar!Bitch sho... (Below threshold)

Liar! Liar!
Bitch should retire!

Madalyn,I love You... (Below threshold)


I love Your style!


Rotten dispicible liberal d... (Below threshold)

Rotten dispicible liberal demacrats just how low can they get






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