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Nidal Malik Hasan Charged with 13 Counts of Premeditated Murder

A Fourteenth Murder Charge and Additional Lesser Charges Likely

One of the things to appreciate about the Military Justice System under the UCMJ and MCM is that it is speedy (at least compared with state and federal criminal prosecutions).

Army: Fort Hood suspect charged with murder

FORT HOOD, TEXAS (AP) - The Army psychiatrist accused in the Fort Hood shootings was charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder in the military's legal system, making him eligible for the death penalty if convicted, officials said Thursday.


Officials told The Associated Press before the news conference that it had not been decided whether to charge Hasan with a 14th count of murder related to the death of the unborn child of a pregnant shooting victim. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about the case publicly.

Hasan was read the charges against him and advised of his rights in his hospital room.

As previously mentioned, I expect the trial to be over and Hasan to be under a death sentence before the first anniversary of his infamy.


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Comments (24)

I am a legal secretary and ... (Below threshold)

I am a legal secretary and fully cognizant of and in agreement with the fact that everyone is entitled to the best defense, but the sleazoid who has been hired by his family . . . I don't respect him so much just from hearing one interview. Also, no death penalties have been imposed or carried out in nearly 100 years. so what are the odds? Is this case heinous enough?

I say have a firing squad o... (Below threshold)

I say have a firing squad of all women, who use bullets dipped in pigs blood.

Why wait?

gayle miller "but the ... (Below threshold)

gayle miller "but the sleazoid who has been hired by his family . . . I don't respect him so much just from hearing one interview."

Never one to defend lawyers, who I prefer to call shysters, but geesh nothing like discounting the integrity of a 30 year military vet just because he's been hired to defend someone who does have the right to not only legal representation but a fair trial.

And BTW, your grasp of facts and military history is somewhat lacking:

"Also, no death penalties have been imposed or carried out in nearly 100 years"

Date of last military execution was On April 13, 1961, U.S. Army Private John A. Bennett was hanged after being convicted of rape and attempted murder.

Currently there are 9 on military death row, as of 1/1/2009.

1. Kenneth Parker (B)
2. [Wade L. Walker] (B)
3. [Jessie Quintanilla] (A)
4. [James T. Murphy] (B)
5. Ronald Gray (B)
6. Dwight J. Loving (B)
7. [William Kreutzer] (W)
8. Asan Akbar (B)
9. Andrew Witt (W)


Black - 6
White - 2
Asian - 1


Male - 9

I'd like to see his trial/e... (Below threshold)

I'd like to see his trial/execution fast-tracked. Would make a nice Christmas present to his victims....... If he's paralyzed, as I've heard, then nail him to a cross for the firing squad. It would be a nice touch.....

Screw the firing squad. HA... (Below threshold)

Screw the firing squad. HANG HIM! Then bury him with the shit still in his pants.

This is going to be a Court... (Below threshold)

This is going to be a Court Marshal and the sentence for killing fellow soldiers especially in time of war is hangable. UCMJ is very clear on this. But I am sure the liberals will look at this islamofacist being tried per constitutional standards. Two completely different things. ww

making him eligible for ... (Below threshold)

making him eligible for the death penalty if convicted,

...with presidential approval.

MjM is of course correct ..... (Below threshold)

MjM is of course correct ... under the UCMJ the President is required to sign execution orders.

Our Ditherer In Chief won't be able to vote "present" on that one. What do you think he will do?

By the way, good old Colonel ABSCAM, John "In Cold Blood" Murtha, has been awfully quiet in the wake of the Fort Hood shooting, hasn't he?

I'm in agreement that the e... (Below threshold)

I'm in agreement that the end of his life, once proven guilty, is at the end of a rope. A firing squad seems a bit too officially military for a murderer. I would really like to see some charge of treason added as well. The administration will try hard to make this simply a crazed murderer case and try to ignore the connections to foreign jihadis.

The MSM is behind Barry on ... (Below threshold)

The MSM is behind Barry on this one. According to their drivel, this was a "tragedy". Can't mention a "TERRORISM" connection. That would make this the first terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11. Can't have that. It would mean that Barry's policies have made us LESS SAFE. But The One commits no error, makes no mistake.
Unfortunately for the MSM, 85% of citizens think the MSM is full of shit. When will they realize they no longer have credibility?

Would the death penalty mak... (Below threshold)

Would the death penalty make hasan the martyr he wants to be?

Would the death penalty ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Would the death penalty make hasan the martyr he wants to be?


Would the death penalty ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Would the death penalty make hasan the martyr he wants to be?

Maybe, maybe not. Did it make Saddam a big-time martyr? I don't hear about many jisplodies raptured about him.

Plus, Hasan (chop) doesn't get to control his destiny now.

I'd like to see him swing by the end of a rope, but I'll take a firing squad if necessary.

I just thank God that it's out of the citizen courts and in the UMCJ where this belongs.

As far as Teh Won approving the execution? Well, unless he want to be seen as a sympathizer to a murderer, he best let it happen.

"Hasan was read the charges... (Below threshold)

"Hasan was read the charges against him and advised of his rights in his hospital room."

He has the right to fucking die! Period!

I have dreams of bamboo sho... (Below threshold)

I have dreams of bamboo shoots stuck under his fingernails. Then I see a pair of tweezers squeezing really tight on his privates. Next, can't think of anything better than an old fat naked woman sitting on his face. Isn't there some story about if a muslim man sees a naked woman they have to commit suicide? And, can we decide what form of suicide he gets to commit? How about arsenic? I heard it is slow and very painful. Let him linger. Let him suffer.
I think something like this is too good for this TERRORIST!!
God bless America

Madalyn, do you really thin... (Below threshold)

Madalyn, do you really think God would bless a nation that tortures people for revenge?

That's messed up, lady.

He's probably going to be executed as per the military code of a civilized country. Don't debase that country's integrity by suggesting that criminals be treated without civility, only to satisfy your wanton bloodlust.

Oh, I'm sure he'll be treat... (Below threshold)

Oh, I'm sure he'll be treated well in prison. Fried eggs and bacon for breakfast (eggs fried in bacon grease, of course) with grilled sausage and cheese sandwiches for lunch, and roast pork for dinner...

After all, we're told that his actions aren't indicative of an Islamic mindset, therefore he's not a Muslim - so the dietary restrictions don't need to be observed. Bring on the pork!

Hanging or shooting whateve... (Below threshold)

Hanging or shooting whatever...get it done. If he is indeed paralyzed it will cost a fortune to take care of him for the rest of his life.
I can not see spending American tax payers money on this creep for killing Americans.

Hopefully we can get him al... (Below threshold)

Hopefully we can get him all healed up from his bullet wounds just in time for the firing squad.

Damn you for making me laug... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [reitred]:

Damn you for making me laugh while reading through this thread. it shouldn't be funny!


Are people too old/young to know where that joke is from or am I just the only one to be tickled enough to congratulate the poster on sneaking that in?

914, given that your commen... (Below threshold)

914, given that your comment was posted at 4:30 in the morning, I'll assume you were so drunk or looped on meth that you actually forgot the proper spelling of the word 'fuck'.

Sleep it off, big guy. Live to fight another day.

Yes I was drunk Hyper..Im a... (Below threshold)

Yes I was drunk Hyper..Im a little guy. Only 6'3". and Yes I live to fight another day. Thank You!

Hyper - My heart aches for ... (Below threshold)

Hyper - My heart aches for the victims at Ft. Hood. I can't begin to imagine the pain they are going thru. All I am saying is that this POS who caused all the pain should not get away with less pain than he has caused. If that is callous, so be it. I think revenge is justified in some instances.

Under the Uniform Code of M... (Below threshold)

Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, once the charges are preferred and read to the defendant, i.e., an indictment in civilian terms, the Government has 120 days to bring the matter to trial. The defendant can delay the trial beyond that time if he so requests of the judge, however, unlike the civlian courts, delays of many months aren't caused by clogged up court dockets. As for Hasan's defense, I expect that he'll have an Army defense counsel assigned plus his civilian attorney. So, he won't be able to claim lack of adequate counsel. Also, if he doesn't plead guilty, the trial will be before a jury made up of Army officers unless he chooses a judge only trial.






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