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Obama Administration replaces Marine Corp Hymn

Dr. Sanity provides the new lyrics:


(sung to the tune of the "Marine Corps Hymn")

From the Halls of Academia
To the Shores of Hope and Change;
We wont't fight our country's battles
Cause war is so deranged;
But we'll fight for social justice
And to spread the wealth around;
We are proud to claim the title of
An Obama PC Clown.

Our progressive cause is all the rage
From dawn to setting sun;
And the dilly-dally dithering
Hides the barrel of our gun;
In the snow of far-off northern states
And in sunny southern towns;
You will find us always on the job--
Obama's PC Clowns.

Here's a toast to our great CIC
Who we are proud to serve!
And we'd stand up for our way of life
If we only had the nerve;
If Pelosi and the Democrats
Ever doffed their little crowns;
They would find their back are covered by
Obama's PC Clowns.

Be sure to check out her accompanying cartoon... most fitting.



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Comments (6)

That headline spiked my blo... (Below threshold)

That headline spiked my blood pressure till I realized you were making a joke. Sad part is that I could believe it even for a split second.

Although the words are true... (Below threshold)

Although the words are true and fitting it is sacrilegious to use the Marine Corps Hymn to make the point. I understand the founding father's point in the president being the commander in chief but, it galls me to watch the Marines salute him and his wimpy salute as he boards Marine One.

Just wait liberals will wan... (Below threshold)

Just wait liberals will want to replace our national anthem THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER with AGE OF AQUARIUS the drug inspired song from fools drunk on LSD

Sorry to be off topic (only... (Below threshold)

Sorry to be off topic (only a little bit), but it has occurred to me that our 'perfesser' president has a teachable moment in mind for the trial of K.S. Mohamed in New York. KSM will use the trial much like Goering did at Nuremburg: a pulpit to lecture the US on it failures. This trial will in effect be an extension of Obama's world apology tour. From Obama's perspective it will be another way to show America 'the error of its ways'. If a jury can use prosecutorial triflings to let OJ off, then what will they do over what Obama and Holder have called torture?

Nothing good (for America) will come of this trial.

Don't see why people are "s... (Below threshold)

Don't see why people are "surprised" that we don't have a leader. He never was one to begin with.

Kenya has Marines??????... (Below threshold)

Kenya has Marines??????






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