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So apt




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This so aptly sums up the l... (Below threshold)

This so aptly sums up the likes of little Stevie Green, Adrian, hyperbolist, etc...

Clueless liberal is clueles... (Below threshold)

Clueless liberal is clueless.

Like the old antidrug ad us... (Below threshold)

Like the old antidrug ad used to go THIS IS YOUR BRAIN(EGG)THIS IS LIBERALS(FRYINGPAN)THIS IS YOUR BRAINS ON LIBERALS(BREAK EGG INTO PAN)ANY QUESTIONS? In other words liberals brains are fried

Robert Gibbs looks right at... (Below threshold)

Robert Gibbs looks right at home in the funnies.

Not to worry, they'll becom... (Below threshold)

Not to worry, they'll become believers when they suddenly find a gun screwed into their ear.






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