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Dick Cheney: Obama advertising weakness

And you know it's true:

Greeting the Japanese emperor at Tokyo's Imperial Palace last weekend, President Barack Obama bowed so low that he was looking straight at the stone floor. The next day, Obama shook hands with the prime minister of repressive Myanmar during a group meeting. The day after that, the president held a "town hall" with Chinese university students who had been selected by the regime.

The images from the president's journey through Asia carried a potent symbolism that has riled critics back home. One conservative website called the episodes "Obamateurism." Former Vice President Dick Cheney told POLITICO that Obama was advertising "weakness."

But White House aides say the approach is deliberate -- part of Obama's determination to deliver on his campaign promise of directly engaging friends and enemies alike, giving America a less belligerent posture abroad.

"I think it's very important for the United States not to assume that what is good for us is automatically good for somebody else," Obama told the students at the town hall, in Shanghai. "And we have to have some modesty about our attitudes towards other countries."


White House senior adviser David Axelrod, who is accompanying the president on his four-nation, nine-day trip, told POLITICO that Obama is "governing in just the way that he said he would" during his campaign.

"He believes in vigorous engagement around the world -- in strong alliances, in confronting our adversaries and standing up for human rights by making these points in a very public way," Axelrod said. "He is confident. He's someone who's leading from strength and a deep belief in who America is and what we stand for. That confidence is reflected in the way he conducts himself on the world stage."

But critics call Obama's outstretched hand a miscalculation. Cheney said: "There is no reason for an American president to bow to anyone. Our friends and allies don't expect it, and our enemies see it as a sign of weakness."

Dick Cheney, speaking truth to weakness.



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Comments (21)

"He believes in vigorous en... (Below threshold)

"He believes in vigorous engagement around the world -- in dissing alliances, in comforting our adversaries..."

There, fixed it.

The Child President sure li... (Below threshold)

The Child President sure likes to bow when he's overseas:


What an embarrassment this guy is. If he would have been learned about the consequences of appeasement, maybe he'd stop all of this obsequious behavior. I wonder if he's ever taken a history class.

"Obama advertising weakness... (Below threshold)

"Obama advertising weakness"???

He's a freaking billboard screaming "Kick me, I'm a pussy and I don't fight back."

I have NEVER witnessed a leader of the United States pander so hard to our adversaries.

Biden did say it would seem... (Below threshold)

Biden did say it would seem like he is not doing the right thing at first. I just keep wondering if it really is a strategy or if Biden was just covering for his complete lack of understanding.

Obama is certainly testing ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Obama is certainly testing a new approach in foreign policy, at least for the United States. Unfortunately, this type of approach was tried by Neville Chamberlain and we all know what a failure that was for England.

Actually, you are insulting... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

Actually, you are insulting Neville Chamberlain by comparing him to Obama. When he Mr. Chamberlain saw what his policy had led to, he resigned and supported the war effort. Obama sees that his policies are failures and says that the cure is to do more of the same.

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree
Obama learned in Indonesia how to a "good" dhimmi is supposed to behave, now he regards himself as leading a nation of dhimmis.
Actually, you are ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Actually, you are insulting Neville Chamberlain by comparing him to Obama.

Actually I didn't compare the man Neville Chamberlain to the man Obama. I compared their approach to foreign policy. Some would call it appeasement.

The odd thing about Axelrod... (Below threshold)

The odd thing about Axelrod's explanation is that Obama is also committing blunders in his dealings with foreign leaders. He sent DVDs that couldn't be played to England's Prime Minister. He bowed to the Japanese Emperor while shaking his hand. He got caught leering at a young woman at a European ceremony.

Why does Axelrod want Obama to appear to be a humble fool? Vic, Steve, jim x, do you know why?

I figured that the AQ trial... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

I figured that the AQ trial move to New York would get old Dick Cheney up on his hind legs and barking.

He smells jail time.


Sarah Palin should be put i... (Below threshold)
Victory is Mao's:

Sarah Palin should be put in jail too. Just because I'm so afraid of her.

"Obama learned in Indonesia... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"Obama learned in Indonesia how to a "good" dhimmi is supposed to behave, now he regards himself as leading a nation of dhimmis."

Listen up Amerikkka!

Yesterday's Ramirez cartoon captured it as well. Dear Leader is flipping you off, flipping our allies off, signalling our enemies of his complicity in a common goal-bringing evil US to our knees.

Obama is an utter buffoon a... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Obama is an utter buffoon and a laughing-stock. It is unbelievable that we are Mirandizing terrorists on the battlefield. His hatred of his own country is palpable.

The right wing fulminated t... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

The right wing fulminated that the president was being subservient to him, which they say is something an American president should never do, and ignored the history of presidents from Eisenhower to Bush doing the same thing to other leaders, including the Pope and French President Charles de Gaulle...who were not one and the same. But what it really was is a simple sign of politeness and respect, and it takes a great deal of cynicism and shallowness to see it as anything but that. When you're in a country that has different traditions, such as bowing, you make an effort to respect their customs, and if you enter a home where it's customary to remove your shoes, you do so. Even in our ever-casual society, people still like it when they are treated with simple respect. Only a bully and a coward would worry that showing someone else honor and respect is a sign of weakness.

Really? Please produce phot... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Really? Please produce photos of past presidents bowing, looking down, with their torsos parallel with the floor. I'm waiting.

I call strawman argument on... (Below threshold)

I call strawman argument on JC Hammer. But thanks for calling me names.

Plus Obama was not following the rules of Japanese culture when he bowed while shaking hands. He is showing disrespect by not knowing or not caring about the rules.

Obama is the new Ugly American.

I just saw <a href="http://... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I just saw this article on the Spectator site. I'm glad to see Cline and I agree on the one's buffoonery. Great minds. He makes the following point:

"Obama cannot even blame the Japan bow on proper protocol. It was anything but proper. It was so inappropriate that it even offended the Japanese."

I believe you hit your thumb with the Hammer, JC. How does it feel?

jc hammer[head] "When ... (Below threshold)

jc hammer[head] "When you're in a country that has different traditions, such as bowing, you make an effort to respect their customs,"

Do you mean like this?

Oh wait, that can't be, that nitwit was kissing the ass of a terrorist enabler and someone who had his hidden atomic facility bombed to hell.

Plus Obama was not follo... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Plus Obama was not following the rules of Japanese culture when he bowed while shaking hands. He is showing disrespect by not knowing or not caring about the rules.

Frankly, after Michelle Obama tried to put her arms around Queen Elizabeth, I think the Protocol Dept. just simply threw their hands up in dispair...

klrtz1 says Obama is an Ugl... (Below threshold)

klrtz1 says Obama is an Ugly American.


Well I guess half right is an indicator of a start in the Right direction.

(For he's darned ugly, that's for sure!)

In my defense I have to say... (Below threshold)

In my defense I have to say that you can be an American even if you weren't born here. Even if you refuse to put your hand over your heart for the National Anthem. Even if you wreck the American Dream for future generations by running up so much government debt they will be crushed by it. Even if you hate the America that is and desperately want to change it into Europe lite.

So, Obama could be an American.

He claims he's less bellige... (Below threshold)

He claims he's less belligerent overseas - is that why he's SO belligerent to those here who disagree with him?






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