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Random Thoughts.

  • While the Newsweek photo of Sarah Palin does not scream political professionalism (it was intended for Runner's World, after all), it is, by itself, actually quite flattering. She looks like the All-American Girl: Pretty, confident, with a twinkle of "I know this will piss off the left" in her eyes. Did I mention she's pretty?
  • The elation oozing from the left about the Obama Administration's decision to try Khalid Sheik Mohammad in a civilian court, where he will not be tried as a war criminal but will be given constitutional rights, is in stark contrast to the rabid liberal lynch mob that demanded George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove should have been "frogmarched" to the gallows and hung for war crimes. Simply a bottomless pit of hypocrisy.
  • It seems "Bumbling Joe Biden Syndrome" is contagious. Over the past two weeks, members of his motorcade have been involved in three accidents, including one, in which, unfortunately, a pedestrian was killed. I can't help thinking what kind of garbage would bubble up from the sewers of the left had Dick Cheney's motorcade been involved in something like this. His hunting accident was talked about for months, and provided endless comedic fodder for late-night talk shows.
  • The AP has assigned 11 people to fact-check Sarah Palin's book, and have supposedly found 6 minor discrepancies. If they had only devoted that kind of scrutiny to the two Obama memoirs, his ties to Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, Hillary's books, or perhaps to the stimulus and health care bills, they might not be looked at as liberal toadies, and we all may have been better off.
  • It has been reported that Israel is planning to build new settlements within its borders of East Jerusalem. This has brought a storm of criticism from the Obama Administration, Europe, and Russia. Funny how Israel, a nation the size of New Jersey, gets beaten up for providing homes for its cramped citizens, yet, just last week there was a rocket attack launched from Gaza into Sderot, Israel, and nary a peep was heard from these same people.
  • More "Plugs" Biden: Vice President Joe stopped off to serve food at a Washington homeless shelter last week. As head of the Middle Class Task Force, he must be preparing us for what to expect in the future. Next up: How to grate government cheese.


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Comments (7)

In testimony before a senat... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

In testimony before a senate committee it was reviled that in the event Khalid Sheik Mohammad were acquitted the government would still hold him as an enemy combatant.

My reaction was wait a second, the administration claims KSM is entitled to the same rights as any American citizen and yet if he's acquitted they still intend to hold him. How can he be an enemy combatant if he's acquitted of the vary charges that define that designation? If there's no chance KSM will go free regardless of what happens in court then it really does stink of being no different than a Nazi show trial. What kind of message does that send to the world about American justice and the rule of law?

If the administration wants to be sure to convict KSM then try him in a military court, but if they give him the same rights as every American citizen then the administration had better damn well let him go free if he's acquitted. Better for KSM to go free than to subvert the rights of every American citizen.

I looked through your list,... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I looked through your list, and no offense to you, but I have had it up to my blow hole with politics for a day or two.
The kitty cat was nice, watched it a couple times. I guess every man should have a little pussy trying to crawl upon him.
Here kitty, kitty.

I just hope he didn't have ... (Below threshold)

I just hope he didn't have a K-9 back in the squad car.

Perhaps Biden will drop the... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Biden will drop the schmaltz photo ops and drag his fucking ass back to his job as "Sheriff" for the Stimulus funds. Or was that too damned tough a job for Joey?

Vote for Justrand for Arizo... (Below threshold)

Vote for Justrand for Arizona-15: "The Best Damn Congressional District Imaginable!"

I'm having a slight problem with my laser printer, but as soon as it's fixed I'll be printing out "official" pre-filled Absentee Ballots, and then as soon as the ink dries on them I'm off to Washington D.C.!! Stay tuned...

"Vote for Justrand for Ariz... (Below threshold)

"Vote for Justrand for Arizona-15: "The Best Damn Congressional District Imaginable!"

That would be a district where the People actually get represented before the lobbyists...By the way, may I be Your first official lobbyist? Im in the Healthcare industry..

Fergetabout it 914.... Just... (Below threshold)

Fergetabout it 914.... Justrand. Pick me, pick ME.

I represent the shysters uhm... er, I represent the "company" that took obama for 18 million dollar to "redesign" the recovery.gov website.

Just think of what I can do for you Justrand.






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