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He just couldn't help himself


By way of NeverYetMelted.



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He is just bowing to his mi... (Below threshold)

He is just bowing to his mini me.

LOL!!... (Below threshold)


Let me guess, dropped a con... (Below threshold)

Let me guess, dropped a contact?

I think the kid wanted to k... (Below threshold)

I think the kid wanted to know if the messiah really has a halo.

If you look closely, you ca... (Below threshold)

If you look closely, you can see Keith Olby's shoes sliding out the back... I always wondered what product he used in his hair.

Poor kid probably went back... (Below threshold)

Poor kid probably went back to school and told his class "Doesn't that bozo know he doesn't bow to ANYONE?" Even I know that and I'm only 9.

The real story... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

The real story

The young boy was marveled that his new haircut looked just like Obama's haircut.

Just before the picture was taken the boy was rubbing his head and asked if he could touch Obama's head. It was the most adorable thing you could imagine.

Whatchu bowin bout Willis!<... (Below threshold)

Whatchu bowin bout Willis!

Hang on to Your wallet kid.... (Below threshold)

Hang on to Your wallet kid...

Moments after the photo was... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Moments after the photo was taken the little boy can be seen doing the most adorable thing.


"Sorry din't mean ta kickya... (Below threshold)

"Sorry din't mean ta kickya in da balls, Pres'ent 'Bama."






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