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Obama dismisses errors on Recovery.Gov

Jobs created in non-existent Congressional districts are merely a "side issue" :

President Obama brushed off criticism over his administration's inaccurate reporting on job creation Wednesday, telling Fox News the accounting is an "inexact science" and that any errors are a "side issue" when compared with the goal of turning the economy around. He said job growth is his No.1 responsibility.

The president was responding to criticism from Republicans, as well as Democratic Rep. David Obey, who drew attention to embarrassing errors on the Recovery.gov Web site that tracks stimulus funding. The site is under fire for claiming a number of jobs were created from the stimulus in congressional districts that don't exist and accepting unrealistic and inflated jobs data from various sources.

Obama said he understood the "frustration" but said his focus has to be on accelerating job growth.

"I think this is an inexact science. We're talking about a multitrillion-dollar economy that went through the worst economic crisis since 1933. The first measure of success of the economic recovery is, did we pull ourselves back from the brink? We did," Obama said. "The question now is, can we make sure we're accelerating job growth? That's my No. 1 job. Nobody's been more disappointed than I have to see how high the unemployment rate has gotten. And I spend every waking hour, when I'm talking to my economic team, about how we are going to put people back to work."

Meanwhile locally:

Alcoa Howmet is laying off nearly a quarter of its workers at its Hampton manufacturing plant to adjust for an unforeseen sharp drop in orders for industrial gas turbines, the company confirmed Wednesday.

The company, one of Hampton's largest private employers, informed 250 workers this week that they would lose their jobs by the end of the week.

About 90 percent of the workers who will lose their jobs worked in production; the remaining 10 percent were salaried employees, said Jean Moorman, director of communications for Alcoa Power and Propulsion, a business unit of Alcoa Inc.

The layoffs come just five months after the company announced a $25 million expansion of the plant to increase its production capacity for components of industrial gas turbines, which are used primarily by utilities and large industrial complexes to generate power.

And in nearby Franklin, less than a month ago:

International Paper Co. is preparing to close its Franklin paper mill, leaving in its ashes a city that was built on its fortune and 1,100 workers who will lose their jobs.

When the plant produces its final rolls of paper next spring, it will end more than a century of operation at Franklin's hulking, iconic mill and leave the city without its identity.

International Paper's main plant, which sits on about 1,400 acres on the southernmost fringe of Isle of Wight County near the Franklin border, will begin closing portions of its operations within weeks and shutter the entire operation by spring, the company announced Thursday.

The plant's closure will deal a sharp blow to Isle of Wight, which will lose its second-largest employer and more than a quarter of its tax base. The company is by far the county's largest taxpayer, doling out $5.7 million in property and equipment taxes in 2009, more than double the $2.3 million paid by Isle of Wight's second-largest taxpayer, Smithfield Foods Inc., said Commissioner of Revenue Gerald Gwaltney.

Rest easy however my local brethren... Obama spends every waking hour, when he's with his economic team, talking about how to put people back to work.

Would he lie to you?



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Comments (33)

Maybe it's "inexact science... (Below threshold)
Victory is Mao's:

Maybe it's "inexact science" but it's still science. Let all those who disagree with the scientific consensus be henceforth know as "deniers" and shunned by all good union members.

And by shunned I mean punched, kicked and bitten.


WTF...Accounting is an "ine... (Below threshold)

WTF...Accounting is an "inexact science" ??? Only someone who's committing financial fraud would make such a claim.

What it is is a display of the inherent ineptness of government in general and Obama's administration in particular. It highlights the foolishness of thinking that a central government is capable of efficiently executing even the most mundane tasks that private industry does regularly and under the threat of law (Sarbanes-Oxley).

You ain't seen nothing yet.... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

You ain't seen nothing yet. Wait till the health care lies are made evident. I guarantee the real cost of ObamaCare will exceed 4 trillion.

Reports of money going to n... (Below threshold)

Reports of money going to non-existent districts has nothing to do with "accounting."

He said job growth is his No.1 responsibility.

Good. Now we know. And, since unemployment has been skyrocketing since January, we know how well he's handling this responsibility.

And the "endarkenment" cont... (Below threshold)

And the "endarkenment" continues...

"And the "endarkenment" con... (Below threshold)

"And the "endarkenment" continues..."

Racist, racist!

"Obama said he understood the "frustration" but said his focus has to be on accelerating job growth."

Where? In China?

At least Mussolini got the ... (Below threshold)

At least Mussolini got the trains to run on time.

"Obama said he understood t... (Below threshold)

"Obama said he understood the "frustration" but said his focus has to be on accelerating job growth."

Good grief! How disconnected from reality is this president?

Accelerating? There aren't any being created.

"Obama said he und... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:
"Obama said he understood the "frustration" but said his focus has to be on accelerating job growth."
He meant jobs that owe fealty to him and him alone as well as government "jobs". In order to get one you have to swear to be his loyal peon and always "follow orders".

BTW has anyone noted how the purge of Republicans shows that he actually trusts the Republicans not to do the same thing when he is out of power. Perhaps he does not care or expects that the "amnestied American" vote will be sufficient to maintain the Democrats in a permanent fiefdom. Then again, perhaps he does not expect an honest vote in the future.

Look at the current count in NY23 or the results of Minnesota.

Obama on the economy (parap... (Below threshold)

Obama on the economy (paraphrased from above):
"...the accounting is an "inexact science" and that any errors are a "side issue" when compared with the goal of turning the economy around. He said job growth (in the government sector) is his No.1 responsibility.

Obama on the environment:
"...(man made global warming) is an "inexact science" and that any errors (to the contrary)are a "side issue" when compared with the goal of turning the (green) economy around . He said (making the United States less competitive with the growing economies of China and India) is his No.1 responsibility.

I accept that politicians lie, and know they lie, to make themselves look good, but I think this guy is a psycho who actually believes his own lies.

"I think this guy is a p... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

"I think this guy is a psycho who actually believes his own lies."

And some of you actually sound as if you believe the lies you tell about him.

But not quite.

Guess he's a better liar than you are.


Guess he's a bette... (Below threshold)
Guess he's a better liar than you are.

Thanks for admitting that Obama is a liar.

"inexact science" ??... (Below threshold)

"inexact science" ???????!!!!!!!!????????

Only a politician could say that. Send that man to audit an accounting 101 course. I didn't say take the class, that would be like trying to teach a mule to fly an airplane. Just so he could have some vague idea what he is talking about.

. . . he's a bette... (Below threshold)
. . . he's a better liar than you are.

For once I agree with something Vic has said.

Yes, Vic, Obama is one of t... (Below threshold)

Yes, Vic, Obama is one of the best liars I've seen.

What lies are being told ab... (Below threshold)

What lies are being told about Obama Vic? That he is Presiding over ever increasing job loss? That he is trying terrorists in Federal courts? That errors are made in accounting stimulus' jobs saved or created? That polls are showing his policies are not favored by the majorities? That no one yet knows the true cost of his health care proposals? That we are more divided than ever as a Nation? Where are these lies?

accounting is an "inexac... (Below threshold)

accounting is an "inexact science"
Tell that to your IRS auditor!
Translation: "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

Actually I'm with Barry on ... (Below threshold)

Actually I'm with Barry on this one. The real question is:

Does the $6.4 trillion really exist and if it does where is it?

OK. I am being sarcastic.

Obama said he unde... (Below threshold)
Obama said he understood the "frustration" but said his focus has to be on accelerating job growth.

"I think this is an inexact science.

Inexact? No. It's PAINFULLY exact.

2+2=4. It doesn't equal 3. It doesn't equal 5.

You spend $1,000,000,000 and that money HAS to come from somewhere. Money taken from the 'rich' companies by increased taxes to pay the 'poor' unemployed doesn't seem to make the company more prosperous, neither does it make more jobs.

The 'Health Care' that's being proposed wil cost a family of four earning more than $100k $20,500 - $15k for 'coverage' and $5,500 in cost sharing.

Serves 'em right for earning that much, doesn't it?

Link here...

A family of four earning 425% of the FPL -- $102,100 per year - could expect to pay $15,000 per year for coverage and take responsibility for an average of $5,500 per year in cost-sharing, the CBO estimates.

But House leaders contend that the full, unsubsidized cost of the coverage is lower than it would be if the country fails to implement a health reform bill.

The $15,000 annual premium bill for a family of four "is well below the $24,000 family premium expected if Congress fails to act and premiums grow as projected under current law," House leaders say.
Get two earners, each reasonably competent in their jobs, and they'll eventually work their way up to $50-60k/year each. At that point, the pain would set in. Earn $100k, pay 35% (approx) to the government for income taxes and FICA. Now add on an additional 20% tax for health care.

Our current insurer covers a family of 3 for $300 a month, but the copays are painfully high. That's $3600 a year - we're expected to pay 5 times that? And this is on top of the state and federal income taxes already existing. And user fees, gasoline taxes, state and city sales taxes, alcohol taxes, taxes for cell phones and land-lines...

It all adds up. Each tax, each fee, each 'premium' HAS to come OUT of the take-home pay, OR from the person taking on more debt that MUST be repaid or repercussions follow.

The folks in Washington are practicing the economic equivalent of bleeding a sick man. Do any of them bother to actually add up all their 'modest taxes' to see how much of a bite the total is? Or do they figure they can just handwave it all off, since it sure seems like most of them aren't paying taxes in the first place?

EVERY database software pac... (Below threshold)

EVERY database software package and EVERY image scanning software package comes with idiot simple data checking.

Whether hand-entered or mass scanned, you simply tell the software to check for data ranges in certain fields. This type or error-checking comes FREE with these packages. In ~15 minutes a typical clerk could enter the 435 legitimate Congressional Districts...and the software would reject data outside those bounds.

the U.S. Taxpayers forked over $18 MILLION to build the Stimulus Reporting "system".

$6.4 (so far) BILLION went to bogus "Districts". But to Lord Obama, that is "inconsequential"

I am chagrined to discover ... (Below threshold)

I am chagrined to discover I am not as good a liar as President Obama. Henceforth I will always tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Just like Vic.

We seem to have lost VIC so... (Below threshold)

We seem to have lost VIC somewhere along the line. Go figure.

VIC, I for one am willing t... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

VIC, I for one am willing to accept your premise that the current President of the United States is not lying to us on this matter. Further, I'll accept that he is not or will he lie to us on any other matter.

Of course, that leaves me no other option but to consider the man a complete idiot. But, since he no track record of ever running anything other than his mouth successfully, I'm ok with that.

Jobs created in non-existen... (Below threshold)

Jobs created in non-existent Congressional districts are merely a "side issue" ... Yeah. Parked in an alley, along with respect for the truth.

Awhile back I made a presen... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

Awhile back I made a presentation to the board of the company I was employed with. Business was tough (imagine that!) and our EBIT was less than we'd projected.

I wish I'd have thought to point out the EBIT line on the income statement in my presentation and said "Gentlemen, running this business is an inexact science. These P&L numbers are merely a side show compared to the goal of increasing operating and financial performance".

They'd have been impressed and maybe even wowed.

They'd have been i... (Below threshold)
They'd have been impressed and maybe even wowed.

Heh. And you'd probably be "funemployed" shortly thereafter.

In my "day job" I deal with... (Below threshold)

In my "day job" I deal with terrabytes of data that ensure that:
1) Electricity is generated when and where it it needed
2) Gets to the areas of the grid it should be
3) Is billed to the consumers properly
4) Everyone that owns or maintains the portions of the grid that the power moves through is paid for the wear on their systems

If we can do this, and stay in compliance with SOX, FERC and a host of other acronymed agencies and laws Washington has saddled us with, then Recovery.gov bloddy well should be able to handle a simple set of SQL calls to show where the money went.

So does this really inspi... (Below threshold)

So does this really inspire our confidence in the coming US 2010 Census???

So does this reall... (Below threshold)
So does this really inspire our confidence in the coming US 2010 Census???

I don't know about you, but my confidence is high.

Why is not someone screamin... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Why is not someone screaming for a full accounting of where this money has gone? Chicago crooks might be running off with it. Obama might be enriching himself at our expense. I am looking for some information that will enable him to be impeached.

Zel -Isn't it clea... (Below threshold)

Zel -

Isn't it clear by now? The (D) at the end of the name absolves you of any need for fiscal responsibility.

He 'understands frus... (Below threshold)

He 'understands frustration" - who's kidding who? Yes he is a good MC for this show of shows. Hillary would have never done/ they needed a Messiah - Renaissance guy/ somebody global.

Obama fit the bill. He has never held a 'real' job. I am one of the RARE people who took the TIME to check out (fully)all his claims while campaigning trying desperately to identify with regular folks --welfare folks etc. PLEASE. No he was not raised (per Michele) by a SINGLE mom like most welfare kids!! Barry had an idyllic life on the beaches of Hawaii (high rise on beach living) the best private school.

His MOTHER - duh, was a PhD working for USAID/Ford for decades (best endurance - no she wasn't begging or on food stamps!). His mom remarried before Barry was four --and stayed married to an Indonesian OIL executive till Barry was well grown!/ in his first of colleges.

NO he didn't work for 'free' in the so called organizing (nothing more than resume building - NOT real grassroots blah blah). He earned 10,000 for his 3 months probationary - then an approx $38,000 (pretty good for early 80s -Unlike expereince)- he lived in an upscale condo MILES from the decaying tenements.Doing the homework you'd find out that Black folks there were pretty upset how Barry took ALL the credit for fighting asbetoes in these hovels when it wasn't him at all but a Mrs. Johnson who fought for YEARS.

They (Obama family) hit the BIG time AFTER he was 'selected' to speak at the 2004 Convention. They went out (deeply in debt - knowing the future was set!!) and bought a $1.6mill mansion (Hyde Park - private police force)...Michele got a 263% RAISE to $317,000 which saw to it that Medicaid/ those not insured were shipped out to distant clinics/hospitals rather than saddle Chicago University Hosp with costs.

Axelrod was the PR person/ he's Obama's speech writer (campaign and now Washington/ dreamed up Hopey Changey thing). When you think about it --It was like most thought they were voting for American Idol not a President. God - I can't imagine taking on a position like this having NO experience / nothing but a great toothy smile - two darling kiddies, great reader of telepromter speeches/ but financial acumen / knowledge of working class/ foreign affairs/ protocol ---Bush was awful, and I suspect that people would have voted for a mannequin they were so desperate. Take note - President Obama is terrible when it comes to spontaneous remarks/ NO he was NOT a professor (he gave some lectures) it takes YEARS to become tenured/ NO he did not visit his dying mother (only son) once during the entire YEAR that she was first at Sloan Kettering (best of care) and then Hawaii (best of hospice care). He was too busy on his book tour (95) and running for state senate.

As a 'woman' this was ONE of the major reasons why I didn't vote for him. Huh - if he couldn't find any time to be with his DYING mother I KNEW he wasn't going to care Jack ----! About Me. PS It looks like the whole Chicago gang is now in Washington- Michele has 26 AIDS including a full time make up artist/ all top donors are being given Ambassadorships / others are being hired on as CZARS more than Russia ever had. SuperBowl Sunday had the 'boys' (select friends) invited to White House --for $150 per lb KOBE steaks/ etc. It's kind of like they've won the LOTTERY (big time) and haven't a clue as to millions out of work / kids living in garages (while their kids go river rafting - off to Paris shopping). You would think in a Depression that you'd want to low ball your $$$$$ vacations / entertainment at White House /16,000 playground set? $540 sneakers worn to Soup Kitchen etc. Maybe not???

VIC plays Judas to His Mess... (Below threshold)

VIC plays Judas to His Messiah and than runs away and hides in shame..







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