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PBS Shill-man Moyers Calls It Quits

It's bad enough we're going to lose Oprah in 2012, but now, Bill Moyers, too!!

Woe unto us! From where shall we get our unbiased, objective analysis?

Yes. Bill Moyers, that bastion of journalistic integrity, has decided to retire from his tax-payer funder ivory tower over at PBS, in April of 2010.

A man whose last 8 years of his career was sustained by perpetuating weekly displays of Bush Derangement Syndrome, it is estimated he has amassed a personal fortune of $20 million from the American tax-payer and generous viewer donations.

Speaking softly with a slight, thoughtful southern drawl, his public life is that of a fiercely outspoken liberal hatchet man.

Though he is best known as the propaganda minister for PBS, he got his first big break in Vietnam-era politics.

A close confidant of Lyndon B. Johnson, Moyers rose quickly through the political ranks to become Johnson's "special assistant," eventually becoming supervisor and point man for the welfare expansion program known as "The Great Society." He helped forge many social engineering experiments which cost trillions of dollars, much of which we are still paying for today.

Not surprisingly, creation of and funding for public broadcasting became part of this massive government project, which eventually became Moyer's personal bully pulpit.

Aside from his liberal fortress at PBS, Moyers also had stints working for Newsday, NBC, and CBS, where he became a commentator for the Evening News with Dan Rather.

He has anchored and produced many projects for PBS, going through several reincarnations, including NOW with Bill Moyers, Bill Moyer's Journal, Bill Moyers in America, and Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason. His main contribution through these various episodes has been to utilize his position as a leftist mouthpiece, denigrating all things conservative, while ignoring or legitimizing liberal hypocrisy.

One of his more famous quotes, most notable for its detachment from reality, states:

"I'm going out telling the story that I think is the biggest story of our time: How the right-wing media has become a partisan propaganda arm of the Republican party."

Sweet Moses.

Outside the world of PBS, Moyers has been a partner in some of the left's most radical organizations.

He has served as President of the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy, a $90 million enterprise which grants money to left-wing media outlets, radical environmental groups, ACORN, the Tides Foundation, and, (surprise!) PBS and National Pubic Radio.

Conflict of interest? Dare you say!

As if to add an exclamation point to his already far-left resume, he is a former trustee for George Soros' Open Society Institute: A dangerous, well funded organization which financially supports hundreds of leftist fringe groups, from the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Amnesty International, to the SEIU, the Center for American Progress, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

What all of this leaves one with is an impression of a man who feels he knows what's best for everyone, and that he has somehow been appointed as the nation's foremost authority on everything.

He once claimed, "I own and operate a ferocious ego."

That's the first reasonable thing he's ever said.


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Comments (23)

Moyers, like Al Gore, found... (Below threshold)

Moyers, like Al Gore, found his taxpayer funded niche and milked it to it's fullest.

Guess he's decided to take his and his wife's PBS paychecks and walk off into the sunset. Barry's tax hike on 'the wealthy' may put a dent in their retirement checks.

Good riddence!... (Below threshold)

Good riddence!

Don't forget he was also th... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

Don't forget he was also the architect and strategist of the most legendary and notorious political ad ever:The famous 'little girl picking daisies in front of Goldwater's nuclear bomb' ad.

Praise the Lord, child of G... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

Praise the Lord, child of God! If the news gets any better, I may just die of sheer delight.

Bill Moyers, I thought that... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Bill Moyers, I thought that piece of old, embittered, lying, liberal crap was off the air and near death.
He is like Oprah for me, never watched either one of them.

"He has anchored and pro... (Below threshold)

"He has anchored and produced many projects for PBS, going through several reincarnations, including NOW with Bill Moyers, Bill Moyer's Journal, Bill Moyers in America, and Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason."

Hey! Just like Barry' it's all about Him..

You can bet he'll still be ... (Below threshold)

You can bet he'll still be doing special appearences and projects.

Like Carter, he won't be gone until he's dead.

So, Moyers is finally pryin... (Below threshold)

So, Moyers is finally prying himself off the public teat? None too soon!

A close confidant ... (Below threshold)
A close confidant of Lyndon B. Johnson, Moyers rose quickly through the political ranks to become Johnson's "special assistant,

That's putting it mildly. Moyers was one of LBJ's hired goons whose job it was to destroy his boss's enemies by any means necessary. He was hip deep in the kind of gutterball, smash-mouth politics that they later crucified the Nixon administration for. Listening to this smug, sanctimonious douchebag pontificating about ethics in politics, was, given his sordid history, an exercise in wonderment and incredulity.

MoyersHow could one ... (Below threshold)

How could one such as this come from Texas?

Bill who??? The man who lie... (Below threshold)

Bill who??? The man who lied to americans about the Vietnam war??? The man who wanted to out homosexuals who were against the Johnson adminstration? Him? ww

"Bill who??? The man who li... (Below threshold)

"Bill who??? The man who lied to americans about the Vietnam war???"

Yeah.....That jacass!

'MoyersHow could one... (Below threshold)

How could one such as this come from Texas?"

Even Texas needs to take a large dump once in a while.

Mister Moyers, while turnin... (Below threshold)

Mister Moyers, while turning a blind eye to his boss's (and his "administration's" and crony's) war-profiteering corruption (which saw a failed wrong-side-of-the-tracks two-bit school teacher who never picked up a non-government-issued or bigger than an Eighty Five Hundred Dollar check leave an estate of around One nad a Half Billion 2009 Dollars!) also ran the Johnson "plumbers" on whose operation the hapless Nixon crew patterned their operatives of Watergate infamy.

Mister Moyers, that is, is just another corrupt "Democratic" potty opportunist/hypocrite.

And,Don't forget he'... (Below threshold)

Don't forget he's retiring very, very wealthy from our tax dollars.

The American people should ... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

The American people should sue Moyers and his family for breach of contract. I'd say he owes us about a billion dollars in damages.

We could certianly do witho... (Below threshold)

We could certianly do without PBS its becoming a waste

He really is an evil, terri... (Below threshold)

He really is an evil, terrible excuse for a man and he won't be missed.

"We could certianly do w... (Below threshold)

"We could certianly do without PBS its becoming a waste"

I hear You!! And,

We could certainly do without PBS too? It much to wasteful.

I quit watching PBS becuase... (Below threshold)
300 lbs Parakeet:

I quit watching PBS becuase of those stupid pledge breaks and one episode of NATURE was pushing this GAIA crap

That Old Queen...he always ... (Below threshold)

That Old Queen...he always reminded me of some hard shell sexually frustrated Baptist preacher who didn't get enough sex and actually liked little boys, and lived his entire life as a liar and hater. I am soooo glad that piece of detritus is gone.

In about 20 years, when history begins to get a clear vision of what happened in the last 40 years of liberal lies...Bill Moyers' name will be right up there with all the other Liberal Liars who put this country into debt "redistributing" money to people who don't deserve it, don't work, and now have more rights than people who work.

Anyone who votes for any "tax and spend" politician in the coming elections...should be ashamed of themselves. Bill Moyers sold this country a line of crap...that will haunt us for centuries.

Moyers has done more for jo... (Below threshold)

Moyers has done more for journalism during his career than almost any other working reporter. As an interviewer he is second to none. We'll miss you Bill, spend your money wisely.

Thank God & Greyhound He's ... (Below threshold)
Common Sense:

Thank God & Greyhound He's Gone!






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