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Martha Stewart: Sarah Palin is boring and dangerous

Someone will have to help me with how anybody can be both dangerous and boring but... whatever:

Based on the back and forth between the Hollywood talking heads in the piece, clearly the only person more hated than Sarah Palin is Martha Stewart.

H/T to the folks at NewsBusters.



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Comments (42)

Martha Stewart calling a mo... (Below threshold)

Martha Stewart calling a moose hunting, commercial fishing, former Governor of the 49th state boring?

Martha is the "color" beige in human form. For her to call any fellow human being boring is laughable.

Dear Martha should be caref... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Dear Martha should be careful about passing judgment on other people.
I guess you are not interesting or good till you have spent time in slammer. She needs to shut up, acting intelligently was never her strong suite.

A liberal saying demeaning ... (Below threshold)

A liberal saying demeaning things about someone he/she doesn't agree with politically?

They're consistantly hateful that's for sure. Their MO doesn't change.

And then they cheer, jeer, smirk, cheerlead and pat themselves on the back cause they're so cool and smarter than those they hate.

Somehow I don't th... (Below threshold)

Somehow I don't think this is a big deal to Sarah anymore.
The left shot there wad in 2008 all that's left is the same old thing she already heard.

Remember, Martha has street cred.
I'm surprised she didn't show off her prison tats.

Maybe Martha needs to just ... (Below threshold)
CH Author Profile Page:

Maybe Martha needs to just focus on her salad!

Martha just had a half-hour... (Below threshold)

Martha just had a half-hour special on how to give your family tattoos in time for the holidays using home-made needles and ball-point ink, using mouthwash as a disinfectant. It was very interesting to watch her do it, especially the ones she did on the little kids. They didn't cry much at all, at least at first.

You must have missed it, which probably means you have a job. Next week, she's planning a show on how to tattoo gang symbols on the Thanksgiving turkey.

Does it really matter what ... (Below threshold)

Does it really matter what a liberal ex-con says?

Palin is hardly dangerous. ... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Palin is hardly dangerous. Juvenile and petty, yes. Dangerous, no.

"Palin is hardly dangerous.... (Below threshold)

"Palin is hardly dangerous. Juvenile and petty, yes. Dangerous, no."

But..but...but...Paul, ALL your lib pals paint her as EVIL INCARNATE. They also call her 'worthless' and 'unimportant'.

WHY then all the attention from the left? Perhaps you can enlighten we mere fallible mortals.

Or could it just be that they have no one else at the moment to point to, in order to distract from the miserable failings of the current Congress, Senate and White House?

Posted by Paul Hooson | Nov... (Below threshold)

Posted by Paul Hooson | November 22, 2009 3:24 PM

The same can be said about the president including the dangerous among other things.

Nothing says excitement lik... (Below threshold)

Nothing says excitement like having to fight off Rosie O'Donnell type prison bitches, who are trying to make you their women.

Hmm.Martha. Sar... (Below threshold)


Martha. Sarah.

I forget. Which scum queen went to jail?

The left hacked into Palin'... (Below threshold)

The left hacked into Palin's email account during the campaign and couldn't find dirt. The left gave themselves a pass on the violation of law.

The left made very crude references to Palin's downs syndrom baby.

The left made fun of Bristol Palin for having sex and a kid.

The left made fun of Palin calling her stupid.

What does the lefty Paul Hooson say: Palin is juvenile and petty. Paul, look in the mirror my friend. Your side has been absolutely, totally juvenile, petty, cruel, vicious, vile and proved yourselves to be reprobate. I am surprised YOU would say such a thing about Palin. ww

"Juvenile and petty, yes. D... (Below threshold)

"Juvenile and petty, yes. Dangerous, no."

Hey kids, how about those postings on Wizbang Pop???

Martha is exactly right, S... (Below threshold)

Martha is exactly right, Sarah is dangerous! Dangerous to the status quo, dangerous to Mr ears chance of re-election, dangerous to environmentalist that refuse to tap into our own oil and natural gas, dangerous to the lefts dream of socializing America. To me she is not dangerous, on the contrary she is a breath of fresh clean air, in a country that needs to move back to it's routes. Sarah you just keep being dangerous we have your back>

fasscinating!! After her in... (Below threshold)

fasscinating!! After her initial conflicted, disjointed response, Martha has the temerity to call Sarah "confused". Really? what is Martha on? I suspect it's just another person who hates Sarah because she came out against hardbody boy pr0n. It's a first amendment thing. Martha believes she has a constitutional right to see lewd pictures of Levi.

Sarah IS dangerous to the s... (Below threshold)

Sarah IS dangerous to the status quo, as jainphx says. She's a REAL person, not a media-crafted image carefully designed from polls to grab the support of a particular demographic. She doesn't change her ideals depending on what's popular or will get her the most votes, she's honest, and she fiercely loves her husband, family and country.

And the people are REACTING to that. They LIKE that - which just plain puzzles and enrages the folks on the left. She's not a 'team player', she's a 'rogue' - and not predictable by Washington standards.

No wonder she's so villified.

"boring" to anyone who atte... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

"boring" to anyone who attempts to read her book

"dangerous" to book sales and turning a profit

Her next book can be about who she's blaming for the failure of this book and book tour.

Yep, Asinine Adrian can alw... (Below threshold)

Yep, Asinine Adrian can always be counted on to make a totally worthless point.

What's the matter Adrian? DNC Talking Points didn't cover this today?

hooson "Juvenile and p... (Below threshold)

hooson "Juvenile and petty, yes."

Looking in the mirror again?

Her next book can ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:
Her next book can be about who she's blaming for the failure of this book and book tour.

She should get Bill Ayers to ghost write her next one, "Dreams From My Father - Whom I Actually Knew."

Long Island Democrat Examin... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Long Island Democrat Examiner - "Sarah Palin's book sold 300,000 copies on first day, coming in next only to Bill Clinton's 400,000 copies sold on first day. 1.5 million Copies of her book, "Going Rogue", were requested for first print run. Book stores across the nation are seeing such a huge demand that this first print run request has been increased from 1.5 million to 2.5 million this week."


And by the way, what's with your sudden concern with whether evil, large corporations turning a profit? Or do publishing companies hold some moral high ground no insurance company can attain (in your fantasy world)?

What a B. I. T. C. H. Ma... (Below threshold)

What a B. I. T. C. H. Marsha is!

yo' Adrion,

"boring" to anyone who attempts to read her book

"dangerous" to book sales and turning a profit

Her next book can be about who she's blaming for the failure of this book and book tour."
So according to a horses ass..... Topping the best sellers list dont count unless your a bona fied dumbfuc like Al Gore, Sweegee stick clintanista or Sean Penncil dic penn?

Failure of a book tour?

I wish just once I could fail so miserably before I die.. But than, Ive failed in trying to penetrate the shilac veneer You portend everytime You drool here.

By the way... Say hello to Rocky..~

#8 could not have been Paul... (Below threshold)

#8 could not have been Paul Hooson.
Paul has never posted anything less than a 3 paragraph diatribe in his life.

Reporter: "Why do you think... (Below threshold)

Reporter: "Why do you think she's [Palin's] so polarizing to so many people?"

Martha Stewart: "She's a very boring to me. Very boring. And a very, to me, uhm, kinduva a dangerous person. She's, I mean, to...to...She's dangerous!"

Reporter: "In what way?"

Martha Stewart: "She's...she speaks! She's so confused. And anyone like that in government is a reeeeeeeal problem."

Priceless stupidity from Martha Stewart. Hollywood morons still don't realize how they're helping the cause. Keep up teh awesome, crook.

I'm going through her book ... (Below threshold)

I'm going through her book - and what strikes me is how ORDINARY she is. She's worked hard to get where she is - there was no political machine running interference for her, she had to network with family and friends and then keep her promises in what she was campaigning about that supporting the good old boy networks and keeping business as usual going in Alaska.

And the state senators and representatives really DIDN'T like her upsetting their applecarts, and trying to rein in spending. She's not a 'government should do everything for everyone' sort - there should be safety nets but there should be no incentive to turn them into hammocks.

Haven't gotten to the part where McCain asks her to be on the ticket yet. So far, it's very well spent money...

And AL GORE is so boring hi... (Below threshold)

And AL GORE is so boring his very presents cure insomnia and BARACK OBAMA is such a liar he makes pinnocio look honest

"campaigning about that sup... (Below threshold)

"campaigning about that supporting" should have been "campaigning about THAN supporting"

I'm sure Martha Stewart was... (Below threshold)

I'm sure Martha Stewart was neither dangerous nor boring in the can. Hey, I'm sure she spent all her time giving out tips on flower arranging to the inmates and writing articles titled "You Can Color Coordinate Your Cell Block!"

imagine you had a preschool... (Below threshold)

imagine you had a preschool child and needed to be out of town for a week and needed someone to care for the child. sarah or martha?

lets imagine you had a multimillion dollar fortune. you needed to be away for a couple of years and would be totally out of touch. who would you trust to manage your money, sarah or martha?

imagine you were looking for the most wonderful wife you could find, someone who would be by your side, would affirm you and support you in your decisions. sarah or martha?

on the other hand, martha probably knows how to whip up a great salad and has really neat soap in the bathrooms.

Due eye cents the green ( n... (Below threshold)

Due eye cents the green ( not steve ) I d monster in Marshaa Stugart?? Me thinks so.

"Geez Marsha.. The last time I saw a maw like that it had a hook er somethin in it."

life sucks... (Below threshold)

life sucks

If anyone is boring it is M... (Below threshold)

If anyone is boring it is Martha Stewart, if anyone is dangerous let her not forget that she is a convicted criminal

Jeez what is it with these ... (Below threshold)

Jeez what is it with these people? Is it genetic.heredity,virual? Too much sugar,yeah,thats it.

I was pleasantly surprised ... (Below threshold)
Robin Marie:

I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions of the three CNN commentators. Good job!

Palin's biggest plus was th... (Below threshold)

Palin's biggest plus was that in running for VP in the last election, she had easily as much experience as Obama did in running for President. What she didn't have was a lot of prep work on foreign policy, national defense, the GOP national platform, etc.. I didn't see this as a problem as she was thrust into the national spotlight rather quickly.

If she makes a bid in 2012, she no longer will have an excuse not to have prepped and internalized her policies in these areas. She will also not have the advantage of claiming as much experience as Obama (Obama will claim 4 years presidential experience, though he has little to show for it so far) She may still retain her ability to motivate her conservative base, but she doesn't have any excuse to not do the background work needed. If she runs just on Populism she will lose.

My hopes is for a stronger ... (Below threshold)
Robin Marie:

My hopes is for a stronger candidate than any that have been put forward so far, including Palin. I like Palin, and it is true that she had more experience than Obama. I like her stand on the issues. Still, it just isn't enough. Hmmm... Maybe in 2016 or later? She has the virtue and heart of a leader, but I would hope to see more "readiness." Who knows, a lot could change in three years.

Our country is in such a mess. We need someone strong on EVERY front. We need someone that is hard to ridicule and whose very name and presence demands respect.

We need a president that believes in the people. The democrats obviously do not believe we can run our own lives, making our own decisions, and spend our own money. They think we need the elitists to be nannies, through government intervention in our lives. Making the people dependent on them is not enough for them. They also are making our country as a whole, dependent on foreign intervention in many ways; oil and financing our debt being just two of the ways. Looking for foreign approval on our policies at home and abroad are another. We have weak leaders, who make us look weak. Our enemies, within and without, are being emboldened.

Palin stood up to a lot of criticism, but she does not demand the respect of her enemies. Neither do the other 2008 candidates. Lord help us!

Martha Stewart should endor... (Below threshold)
Vic Senefsky Author Profile Page:

Martha Stewart should endorse Sarah Palin. If Palin becomes President of the United States, she may some day pardon Martha Stewart.
Lets compare Sarah to Martha.
Sarah has been married for over twenty yrs. Martha can't keep a man in the last twenty yrs. Sarah has five nice kids. Martha has a daughter that hates her. Sarah kills animals. Martha loves animals. Sarah commercially fishes. Martha can make a lovely cod wrap sandwich. Sarah rides snow machines. Martha rides a broom.

Let's compare Sarah to Mart... (Below threshold)
Vic Senefsky Author Profile Page:

Let's compare Sarah to Martha.
Sarah has been married for over twenty yrs. Martha hasn't kept a man in twenty yrs. Sarah has five children. Martha has an only child that dislikes her. Sarah kills animals. Martha loves animals. Sarah commercial fishes while wearing rubber boots. Martha makes cod wrap sandwiches while wearing Birkinstocks. Sarah rides snow machines. Martha rides a broom.
Who is boring?

In the sense of Abe Lincoln... (Below threshold)

In the sense of Abe Lincoln's observation to the effect that calling dogs' tails, "legs," has yet to produce the first five-legged dog, that the felon, "Martha Stewart," is calling United States of America's President and Armed-Forces Commander-In-Chief-Elect, Sarah Louise Heath Ronald Reagan Palin, by any other name, won't alter them facts, neither.

Martha Stewart, "Palin is b... (Below threshold)
Sarah B:

Martha Stewart, "Palin is boring, dangerous?" Wow the felon had the nerve to say this!! Well Martha here is where you and I part company. I stuck with you during yur time in the pokey, but to come out and say what you did about another woman who is greater and more savvy than you (you don't have an origianl in your head, they belong to other people) to say nasty things about Sarah Palin is more than I can take about you, first Rachel Ray, now Sarah Palin, who is next on your hit list?????

Hey Martha......how are you... (Below threshold)

Hey Martha......how are your share prices? Hows your ability to leave the country you FELLON? You make me sick. You are OLD your skin is COLD and you are irelivent. watch your rateings drop when we turned you off just like Opras ratings took a big hit when she dissed Sahra Palin. when will you socialist tree hugging baby killing VAG-etarian sodemites learn?






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