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The Moon

A beautiful clear Oklahoma sky from our back yard tonight, and a beautiful conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter. Here is tonight's Moon, through a 3.5" refracting telescope and 30mm objective (click for full size):


Just thought I'd share this lovely image with everyone ...


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Comments (16)

Thanks, skies a little clou... (Below threshold)

Thanks, skies a little cloudy out here in the NW.

That's my new background. ... (Below threshold)

That's my new background. Terrific pic. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!... (Below threshold)

Thank you!

Thanks for the pic. It's ni... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the pic. It's nice to be mooned by someone without a "D" behind their name for a change!

The wonders of the universe... (Below threshold)

The wonders of the universe. Photos like these never cease to awe.

Beautiful shot! Thanks!</p... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Beautiful shot! Thanks!

Great picture! My new backg... (Below threshold)

Great picture! My new background.

The last time I was mooned, "it" didn't look near as good.

Whoa ! Helluva view out you... (Below threshold)

Whoa ! Helluva view out your backdoor, Michael. Thanks for sharing. Got anything else to show us. That seems to be a pretty darned good telescope.

It's chocolate dipped !... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

It's chocolate dipped !

What are your iso/f-stop/ex... (Below threshold)
John Wehman:

What are your iso/f-stop/exposure settings on this? It's hard taking pictures of the moon that turn out well, and you really nailed it.

John,This photo wa... (Below threshold)


This photo was taken the simplest way possible (and the only way I can take telescope photos, unfortunately) -- holding my digital camera up to the eyepiece, focusing by setting the camera to infinity and adjusting the eyepiece focus until the image is sharp on the camera view screen, and then taking lots of pictures with various combinations of f-stop and exposure settings until the image turns out right. There were about 20 images that you didn't see!

I used a now-ancient Sony DSC-S75, outdoor white balance, F/100, and the camera's shortest focal length to fit the entire image onto the screen (34 mm). The camera auto-adjusts the shutter speed.

The moon is the only object bright enough for this technique to work. I also tried several shots of Jupiter. The planet turned out decently but the Galilean moons were too faint to be detected by the camera. Perhaps some more adjustments to the light sensitivity of the camera would do the trick. If tonight is clear and I get good results for Jupiter, I'll post another image.

Very nice shot. I tried to... (Below threshold)

Very nice shot. I tried to take pictures like that using a holder for Polaroid film. An OK shot of the moon was the best I could do. This is much better.

If you get that shot of Jupiter, please post it.

Thanks! Was watching the M... (Below threshold)

Thanks! Was watching the Moon and Venus from Djibouti, Africa last night as our plane was landing. It was a cresent on the bottom with Venus off to the left side of it.

I always wanted a telescope... (Below threshold)

I always wanted a telescope every Christmas as a kid. I still have'nt got one and Im almost 50.. I think Its time to enjoy the vastness and intrinsic beauty of the creation and buy one.

There's nothing like taking... (Below threshold)

There's nothing like taking your own pictures.

Great job.

This is by far intriguing p... (Below threshold)

This is by far intriguing posts you've added. i disagree on some points however the majority of the sections you added I can understand where you were coming from.






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