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British Police Arresting People Just to Get Their DNA

This is far worse than the "Do you have your papers?" and "Round up the usual suspects" that communist dictatorships favored. Police in Britain are arresting people for the purpose of gaining access to their DNA, one of the biggest of big brother tactics. It goes to show that overzealous big government will go to extremes to find you and force its way into your life:

Britain has built the world's biggest DNA database without proper political debate and police routinely arrest people just to get their DNA profiles onto the system, the genetics watchdog said in a report on Tuesday.

The Human Genetics Commission, which advises the government on the social, legal and ethical aspects of genetics, called for a review of the database and said new laws must be passed to govern its use.

In a damning report, the commission said "function creep" had transformed the system from a DNA store for offenders into a database of suspects...

The report quoted an unidentified retired senior police officer as saying that "it is now the norm to arrest offenders for everything" in order to obtain a DNA sample.

A Home Office spokesman said the database was a "vital crime-fighting tool" that had linked more than 410,000 crime scenes with a DNA match and a possible lead to an offender between 1998 and March 2009.

"Research shows no clear link between the level of offence for which an individual is arrested and the seriousness of any subsequent offence with which they may be associated," the spokesman said. No one from the Association of Chief Police Officers could immediately be reached for comment.

Opposition politicians and human rights groups said the report provided further evidence that Britain is becoming a "surveillance society," where people's personal details are stored and their movements constantly monitored.

Conservative Home Office spokesman James Brokenshire said Gordon Brown'sgovernment had allowed the DNA database to grow "for the sake of it, regardless of guilt or innocence."

"Under Labor's surveillance state, everyone is treated as a potential suspect," he said.


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Given the Brit health care ... (Below threshold)

Given the Brit health care system, why not just get a swab at birth? Save a lot of time and trouble.

This is one of the main problems with "a database". It's worthless without DATA. When a lot of local PD's went with the CalID (computerized fingerprint) system, the head honchos there had no problem with pushing agencies to input fingerprints from all suspects. Keep in mind these people had been ARRESTED, they had not yet been found guilty.

The chief did not take kindly to my input when I told my people to use the system for ID purposes when they had no other way to verify someone's identity. Seems I was "undermining the system".

I remember our 2nd grade cl... (Below threshold)

I remember our 2nd grade class getting fingerprinted. I think it was in case we got absucted. However, I do know SOMEBODY has my fingerprints on file. That alone might keep me from even petty crimes, if I wasn't already convinced of the moral necessity of staying on the right side of the law.

Meanwhile, deep within the ... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, deep within the Ninth Circle of Hell, Hitler chuckles, slaps his knee, and guffaws to his cronies, "I knew those British bastards would eventually come around to my way of thinking! Never doubt your Fuehrer! Get Churchill on the phone--he owes me big-time on that bet we made!"

No biggie. They just reesta... (Below threshold)

No biggie. They just reestablished the press gangs like the old days with the RN.


This is a suprise how? Bri... (Below threshold)

This is a suprise how? British subjects have little true rights, only those the crown and it's minions choose to recognize on any given day. Several years ago the British police had been accused of similar actions. When a violent crime happened in a neighborhood, they would go door to door requesting DNA samples. If they were refused, they would arrest the individual as a suspect so they could take the DNA. Theory was only the guilty would refuse to give up that DNA sample.

If we're not careful, Briti... (Below threshold)

If we're not careful, Britian today is what we'll be like in 10 years.






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