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Polar Bears Falling From the Sky

Here is a video that a global warming awareness site made. It features, you guessed it, polar bears falling to their death from great heights. Why? Because, by flying, people cause hundreds of pounds of pollutants.

WARNING: This stuff is pretty graphic:

Are they kidding with this stuff?

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Funny they should include s... (Below threshold)

Funny they should include snow in the picture? If the wackjobs really wanted to make the point stronger. Da Bears would be wearing bikini's. By the way, I thought the Polar bear population was increasing?? Are they building up a tolerance for Man?

You know, the other day I h... (Below threshold)

You know, the other day I had Albert Gore, Leo and Sheryl Crow in my Limo as we were going to jet to Cozumel for a weekend there, and after passing around some free trade, shade grown espresso with organic non-fat milk for everyone except Leo, who had two lines of Columbian marching powder, I asked them, "What can we do to make people think we are doing something for the environment?"

We spent a good thirty minutes talking about it on the flight there. But I don't remember dropping polar bears on people being an option. Course, I don't remember much about that weekend...with the yachting, parasailing, drugs and drinking...

It sure is convenient that ... (Below threshold)

It sure is convenient that they can ignore the FACT that there are more polar bears today than in recorded history. Move along don't look at the reality just our narrative. I wonder if any of the people in the campaign fly to meetings and on vacations, oh wait you can't ask that question because the rules are for thee not me. mpw

With everything that is out... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

With everything that is out and about concerning the revelations about scientists genning up fake and junk scientific reports to support their baloney science of climate change, people should take pause.
You knew we were in trouble when Algore and his fake stooge scientists talked "consensus" rather than "proven scientific fact."
I take this as the stooge scientists had a political ideology that overrode their integrity as a professional. They did it for their leftist ideology, which controls their lives and prevents them from being reputable scientists. A shameful display of professional ethics.
Why abandon proven scientific techniques for a left wing ideology is beyond me. To call them dishonest and liars is not harsh enough.
They are cheap left wing political charlatans masquerading as someone with character.
If this happened in the "global warming" arena, think about what these fools can do for gubment Health Care debate.
I sense similar things have already happened.

1) Any body falling from th... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [reitred]:

1) Any body falling from that height would not simply hit the pavement, it would flatten on impact and likely rupture the dermus leading to liquified internal organs being sprayed from the body. (Doesn't anybody watch Bones?)

2) Anybody else want a coke now?

" Why? Because, by flying, ... (Below threshold)

" Why? Because, by flying, people cause hundreds of pounds of pollutants."

Why dont We just die and leave everybody alone!

How do they get on the plan... (Below threshold)
The Whistler:

How do they get on the plane? Wouldn't they stop the polar bears at the security checkpoint?

I'm assuming that the peopl... (Below threshold)

I'm assuming that the people who made this video have sworn off ever flying again or using any items requiring energy. Surely, they want to lead by example.

It's obvious nonsense. Tha... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It's obvious nonsense. That said, it has some value if it tarnishes the self-image of elitists who fly all over the world telling ordinary people they need to adopt the lifestyle of medieval peasants to save the planet.

The hacked emails show how establishment scientists propagate the theocracy of AGW, not by open debate and scientific research, but by threats, intimidation, fraud, obstruction and obfuscation. The same is likely true for other branches of science and evolution in particular.

Dunno why... but after watc... (Below threshold)

Dunno why... but after watching that, I think their sight name is rather apt.

@ExSubNuke: I was thinking ... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

@ExSubNuke: I was thinking that as well.

I'd be more impressed if it... (Below threshold)

I'd be more impressed if it were environmentalists and GW zealots falling from the sky. Perhaps The Goracle will set the example and go first?

That is, without doubt, the... (Below threshold)

That is, without doubt, the stupidest commercial I have ever seen in all my 67 years on this planet - which is COOLING incidentally, not getting warmer! What a bunch of money grubbing liars these leftwing global warming dopes truly are!

Step right up folks, no nee... (Below threshold)

Step right up folks, no need to push there's plenty of product for everyone.

I am here to save the world friend and that's just what I aim to do neighbor. Will you help me friend? Do your small part for your world and your children. For the low price of $1 friend. Yes! let me repeat, only $1, you can save the world with Al Gore's Anti-Global Warming Oil. Buy it now good people before it's too late. The snakes are drying out fast friend and do you know why? It's Global Warming neighbor. Rub my Anti- Global Warming Oil on any dried up snake you happen see and bring him back to life friend. Remember we are all stewards of the land friend. We must help the creatures that can't help themselves. Can't find a dried up snake you say. Then just drink this miracle elixir and get stewed yourself friend, so you'll be able to look at and live with your wife friend. Remember neighbor, I have here in my possession, a testimonial from Bill Clinton himself, on how my miracle elixir has help him live with Hillary all these years. Step right up folks. No need to push friends.

I wonder how many Polar Bea... (Below threshold)

I wonder how many Polar Bears died due to the engergy required to make that commercial.

I also like how far off the... (Below threshold)

I also like how far off they are on the 400 kg of greenhouse gasses emitted per passenger statistic. They're only off by a factor of 6.5 times the maximum, for a fully loaded and extreme distance flight. Lies, lies and more lies, straight out of the Joseph Goebbels playbook.

Why dont We just die and... (Below threshold)

Why dont We just die and leave everybody alone!

Not everyone...just the flyover country folks.

And a couple billion Chinese and Indians.

That should leave enough carbon credits for the left.

Good vid, but one things mi... (Below threshold)

Good vid, but one things missing. One of the bears should have dropped on fat ass al gore.

AS God as my witness, I tho... (Below threshold)

AS God as my witness, I thought Polar Bears could Fly

I question the claim that "... (Below threshold)

I question the claim that "No Cadillacs were injured in the making of this commercial."

Anyone else notice that thi... (Below threshold)

Anyone else notice that this is more 9/11 imagery used to promote the AGW hoax?

Suppose the Pro Life people... (Below threshold)

Suppose the Pro Life people show the 4000 babies a day falling on NYC.

Does this remind anyone of the poor victims jumping from the World Trade Center?

I think it would be better to have Al Gore being dropped but then I thought of having more than one of him and that in itself was even more frightening.

Gotta love the irony; this ... (Below threshold)

Gotta love the irony; this vid is from planestupid.com, and they produced a video that's just plain stupid.

I liked it... but I am kind... (Below threshold)

I liked it... but I am kinda twisted... it needs a better soundtrack though, maybe the background theme from DOOM.

"AS God as my witness, I thought Polar Bears could Fly"

I heard Les Nessman, "Oh the humanity!"

"Let the bodies hit the flo... (Below threshold)

"Let the bodies hit the floor...
Let the bodies hit the floor...
Let the bodies hit the floor..."


Hey, why's there a big sale on polar bear fur coats in NYC this weekend?


Just plain sick...who think... (Below threshold)
K in RI:

Just plain sick...who thinks of this stuff???

Greta: Interesting... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:


Interesting. I was thinking the exact same thing.

Notice, however, that THAT is too disturbing for most TV execs, hence they don't show that anymore.

Mustn't rile folks up against the wrong Goldsteins!






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