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Sarah Palin at Ft. Bragg

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[Update: I posted additional pictures in an album on my Facebook page. They are not great quality due to all the people who kept stepping into my shots and considering I don't know how to use my daughter's camera which I took with me, but they should give you some feel for the event.]

Yesterday I drove down to Fayetteville to visit my friend, milblogger Sarah at Trying to Grok, and to attempt to see Sarah Palin on her book tour stop at Ft. Bragg. Sarah and I headed to Ft. Bragg a little after 8:30. When we were going through the gate the security guy asked us if we were going to get a book signed. Then he said something about selling it on eBay. I laughed at the time, but when I got home I checked and evidently there are quite a few people doing just that. It was pretty interesting looking at the stories accompanying some of the books for sale. There was a two book signing limit and most everyone I saw in line had two books so there will likely be more for sale as people sell one book to pay for the one they kept. Capitalism at its finest.

Since my friend Sarah is pregnant and did not think she would be able to stand in line long enough to make it to the signing, and because I was hoping to report the behind the scenes workings, I asked a friend who knows people in the Palin camp if it would be possible to get a quick word with her. I had not heard back from the Palin people by the time we left for Bragg, but as we were waiting in line at the gate I got a call on my cell phone from someone on the Palin advance team. He said he would meet us in the parking lot.

We were taken into the PX "mall" up to the area where the book signing would be taking place and were given a place to sit while we waited for her arrival. From that vantage point we could see the activity of the advance team. We were right next to the section partitioned off for media. Shortly after we arrived we saw the media begin to trickle in. They were not there long before they began interviewing those standing at the front of the line -- people who showed up around 6 p.m. the night before the signing.

Before long you could see the Palin bus pull up right in front of the big glass entrance. That really got people buzzing about. Shortly after that a small group of people came through the doors just in front of Sarah Palin herself. Palin walked in and came directly to me and Sarah and another blogger (from Conservatives for Palin). She shook our hands, waved to the crowd and went to work. She got in place at the signing desk and the line began moving. The advance team had set up a separate table to hold people's bags, coats and umbrellas so that they would have nothing but their books in their hands when they went to the signing table.

It was really interesting, and impressive, how efficiently the staff handled the event. There were thousands of people there. I heard the numbers 1000 and 1200 on the news all day, but there were easily many times that number. Later in the evening I saw one television news reporter say there were 4, 000 in attendance. There had to have been at least that many. The line was insane. It was wrapped up and down the mall area leading up to the front of the PX where the signing took place, and continued out the door and wrapped around the back of the building farther than I could see. In many places, especially outside, the line was five or six people wide as people stood talking to each other while they waited.

Although each person only got a few seconds with Palin, no one appeared to be disappointed. Even those who had waited for many, many hours went away happy. It is no wonder. Palin looked directly at each person, shaking many of their hands (even though they were told Palin would not be doing that), and saying something to each as they went through the line. When there was a brief opening in the line as people were being prepared to go through, we were given a chance to get our books signed. Palin's assistant sitting next to her let her know who we were when we came through. Palin thanked us several times for what we do online and then asked which one of us had the husband currently deployed in Afghanistan. Palin then thanked Sarah for her husband's service.

Sarah Palin is a beautiful woman, but that is not what makes her special. She truly has a charisma about her. It is more than that though. She has an authenticity that allows her to connect. She has been governor of a state, and has been a candidate for the second highest office in the country, as well as now a multi-million dollar author of a best selling book, but everyone in that crowd knew that she had been attacked for many of the things they share in common with her. She has been criticized, and often ridiculed, for her conservative beliefs. Many of those people in line to see her share those same beliefs. Many of them share modest backgrounds like the one that preceded her career in politics.

I will describe the rest of our day at the Ft. Bragg book signing later today, including our chat with Palin's father.

Update: Be sure to read Dan Riehl and Dan Blatt's posts about the Palin-Reagan comparison.

Update II: When I talked about people connecting with Palin, that has nothing to do with money or fame. Obviously Palin now has more money and fame than most of those who would be standing in line to meet her, but I think people can imagine Palin doing the same things they do with their families and friends. They can see her going to sporting events and goofing around with her kids (like I did this weekend). Many of them can also see her being bright and hardworking enough to serve in the highest office in the land. I think that combination is something people crave right now. They don't understand how the politicians in power today can be so out of touch with their view of what their government should be doing. Maybe some of them think that a hockey mom would understand that point of view better than an arugula-eating Harvard Law graduate whose wife wears $540 tennis shoes. Go figure.

Update III: Sarah posted her account of our Palin experience at Trying to Grok. Sarah was shocked that we would receive the same treatment the traditional media received. Okay, we got a little better treatment than most of the media there (we were even given chairs and offered Krispy Kreme!). But I think that just goes to show how smart Palin and her team are. They recognize and appreciate the power of new media and know that is one way to offset some of the crap they take from the MSM. I also believe Palin really did appreciate Sarah's husband's service and the fact that she was pregnant while he is in Afghanistan. In fact, that probably was as much to account for our extra special treatment as all the years we have been blogging.


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Authenticity! Som... (Below threshold)


Some have it, like those who support Sarah, those that criticize and condemn her surely don't!

I believe its Palin's son T... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

I believe its Palin's son Track that's deployed, not husband Todd.

Charles Krauthammer, are you watching? Don't be late to this party too.

Good for you Lorie. But boy... (Below threshold)

Good for you Lorie. But boy have you rattled the lefty trolls cage on this one. ww

Gary, I guess I conf... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I guess I confused you with my two Sarahs. Sarah Palin thanked Sarah the milblogger for her husband's service. Sarah the milblogger's husband is in Afghanistan. I'll reread it to see if I need to revise to make more clear.

gary gulrud - Sarah Palin w... (Below threshold)

gary gulrud - Sarah Palin was referring to Lorie's friend Sarah, whose husband is deployed in Afghanistan.

WOW. The Sarah "Tell Them W... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

WOW. The Sarah "Tell Them What They Want to Hear Even if it Isn't the Truth" Palin's tour rolls on.

But do you know that much of it is fiction?

Former McCain campaign senior adviser Nicolle Wallace says Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue" is "based on fabrications," and that the basis for Palin's depictions of her and former McCain campaign director Steve Schmidt as villains "took place entirely in her imagination."

In a statement to The Rachel Maddow Show, the former McCain spokesperson repeatedly used the word "fiction" to describe Palin's narrative and echoed criticisms by other former McCain staffers.

"She probably has a legitimate complaint that things could have been better conceived and executed," Wallace said. "A book about that would have been painful but not entirely unfair," Wallace told an msnbc producer in an off-camera, on-the-record interview.

Fair? No, telling the truth isn't "fair" -- in Sarah Palin's case it's political suicide.

Better to lie and tell the base what they want to hear.


Americans are hungry for so... (Below threshold)

Americans are hungry for someone genuine, who genuinely wants to SAVE this country...not "fundamentally transform it".

Someone who is PROUD of this country...not determined to to apologize to the world for its existence.

Someone whose friends support our country and want it to prosper...instead of preachers who want God to DAMN IT, or terrorists who want to blow it up!

Americans are coming to know Sarah Palin AND Barack Obama more each day...and they know which is which!

What Palin is doing is prom... (Below threshold)

What Palin is doing is promoting what America is all about (freedom). This has never been about party issues or personal issues. The difference is ideology. You would have the freedom for example to have an abortion or the government would decide if you have that freedom. That's the difference. You either want to be responsible for your own life or you want the government to control what you do in your life life. The health care bill in the Senate is about control, not about health care.

Andrew Sullivan says Palin ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Andrew Sullivan says Palin lies in the book too, but since he appears to be pretty close to insane at this point, I don't put much stock in his assessment. Especially after he spent so much of his time and energy during the campaign trying to prove that Palin was not Trigg's mother.

Newsbusters has more on Nicole Wallace's comments.


I wasn't there, obviously, so I don't know who is telling the truth, or the closer version of the truth, Wallace or Palin. I do know that the McCain campaign made some huge mistakes. I think it was pretty obvious that one of those mistakes was trying to "handle" Palin. Palin is much better when left to be herself. I guess McCain's people didn't think that was good enough though.

And isn't it funny how the ... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [reitred]:

And isn't it funny how the Trolls are willing to believe what the McCain Campaign has to say about Sarah Palin? I'm SURE they aren't trying to cover their own arses and JM's. Staffers would never do that...

Sarah Palin is bad for the Establishment GOP Status Quo and she makes people nervous on both sides of the aisle because she can't be bought off and won't shut up when she is told to.

It's funny how there is no proof of what the staffers alledge, and nearly a dozen AP couldn't find any "glaring" errors in their fact checking, only pittily things that nobody cares about but the left.

Tell me again Vic that Sarah Palin doesn't matter to you and poses no threat to your beliefs. Then shut up forever about her and laugh quietly at those who appreciate her for being Sarah.

I still say she does much more good for Conservatism on the outside of Politics than she would running for President and I hope she finds and sticks to that niche. I would vote for her but I don't think she could win today. In another year or so I may change my mind.

You should have seen the reactions to my facebook post yesterday when I said I would rather have 6 years of Joe Biden than another 3 of Barack Obama. If it is at all indicative then a Sarah Palin might be able to beat Obama even IF she isnt ready.

Sarah speak with the people... (Below threshold)

Sarah speak with the people.

The puppet in chief always talks down to people, like he is the smartest one in the room, the only one who knows anything. Fact is, Fauxbama, while a great campaigner, has been an atrocious chief executive. Think he'd last much longer if he was running a corporation like he is this nation? HELL NO.

Keep trying to change the subject Dic, err, Vic. That way you dont have to pay attention to all of the LIES and broken promises of your boy.

Geez Louise. The Cut and Pa... (Below threshold)

Geez Louise. The Cut and Paste Kid has returned to show us how he/she has mastered that tricky art. Wow! Some insight you got there little Vickers. LOL

Authenticity!"A... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:


"Andrew Sullivan says Palin lies in the book too, but since he appears to be pretty close to insane at this point, I don't put much stock in his assessment."

Nicolle Wallace isn't some third-party journalist. Nicolle Wallace was there. She knows Palin lies in her book - she's not guessing.

Google it. There are 80,000 google hits on "Palin lied"

And she's not the only McCain staffer who says Palin lied.

There are almost 25 million... (Below threshold)

There are almost 25 million hits on Obama Mulsim.

Based on your twisted infantile logic, that must mean the eggplant hates pork?

"I guess I confused you wit... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"I guess I confused you with my two Sarahs."

Lorie, I believe the fault lies with my scanning. Drive by commenting.

Judging from the conduct of... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Judging from the conduct of the McCain campaign, when they used leaks to attack Palin, blame her for McCain's loss, and hang her out to dry, I'll side with Palin in the truth-telling department every time. Unfortunately, the presence of boorish, elitist assholes is not confined to the Democratic party.

Steve Green - nice use of R... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Steve Green - nice use of Rosie O'Donnell logic - it suits you perfectly. Google it, people!

Victory [is Ours] was yours... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Victory [is Ours] was yours and it was p*ssed away in 10 months.

A WaPo flack has a post up offering Palin "helpful" advice like don't be too visible and "Reagan is dead".

The Wallace, Schmidt, Davis, MacKinnon moles of yours are deader still.

I love the "Driving the Lef... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I love the "Driving the Left Nuts Tour," brought to you by Sarah Palin.
Today, she is only about two points behind Chairman Zero in the approval ratings.
You had enough of that "Hope and Change" yet?
You Betcha, darn it, yes you have.

Funny how the trolls find i... (Below threshold)

Funny how the trolls find it so easy to believe McCain campaign staffers when those staffers speak negatively about Palin, but deny anything negative the McCain campaign had to say about Obama.

All of the 'mishandling' of... (Below threshold)

All of the 'mishandling' of Palin by the McCain campaign was due to the simple and undeniable fact that Palin was out-shining McCain as a candidate.

McCain should thank God for... (Below threshold)

McCain should thank God for Dole or he would be known as running the worst campaign ever.

McCain did prove the GOP cannot win a national election with a moderate/liberal.

Vic and Steve, these same people you seem to have faith in also said Obama is inexperienced, would prove to be incompetent, not ready for prime time so I guess that is true. Goggle it, that is your truth meter. LOL ww

Authenticity!Steve... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:


Steve Schmidt was the principal staffer who promoted Palin as a the VP candidate. here's someone who outright believed in Sarah Palin - and now Steve Schmidt says she's a liar also.

He has told the Huffington Post that Palin's allegations against the McCain campaign are "total fiction."

Schmidt now joins a host of former McCain staffers, including Mark Salter and Nicolle Wallace, who have challenged the veracity of Palin's book even before it hits the streets on Tuesday. One McCain aide who worked closely with Palin and who "liked her personally" described Palin's account of the campaign as "blatantly and absolutely inaccurate."

McCain aides are shocked-- though not entirely surprised--by Palin's allegations. They caught enough of her act during the 60-plus days of her campaign sojourn to know that she plays "fast and loose with the truth."

Steverino..How many of thos... (Below threshold)

Steverino..How many of those 80,000 hits were yours?
P.S. You and little Vicks seem to have that cut and paste thing going on..Hmmm

Ever notice how so few cons... (Below threshold)

Ever notice how so few conservatives troll on libs sites?

Ever notice how so few conservatives spend many of their waking hours worrying, about, say, Cynthia McKinney?

Libs claim to not be worried about Sarah, yet, the moonbats just cant go very long w/o getting their panties in a bunch over them.

If she is irrelevant, why dont you clowns go back to watching Springer?

Google it. There are 80,000... (Below threshold)

Google it. There are 80,000 google hits on "Palin lied".

Wow. I also Googled "moon landing fake" and there were 4,380,000 hits.

It MUST be true!

Google Michelle Obama Tran... (Below threshold)

Google Michelle Obama Tranny

223,000 hits, this too is true, if your use lib logic.

"Nicolle Wallace ... (Below threshold)

"Nicolle Wallace isn't some third-party journalist. Nicolle Wallace was there. She knows Palin lies in her book - she's not guessing.

Google it. There are 80,000 google hits on "Palin lied"

And she's not the only McCain staffer who says Palin lied"

So there are approximately 79,999 other idiots like You that google and goggle and salivate at the oppurtunity to savage a beautiful Person like Sarah.

Obama lies to Your face and Your too stupid to see it! So You project hatred at the one You know will dethrone Barry.

Live with it!

Well, of course the senior ... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

Well, of course the senior McCain staffers we're talking about are going to say she lied. None of those guys is going to admit voluntarily "yeah, we were crap, it wasn't her, it was us". No matter how glaringly obvious it is.

Ah, just listen to the wail... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Ah, just listen to the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the lefty trolls! Like weasels caught in traps . . . what sweet music they make, as they gnaw off their own heads in a vain attempt to escape their fate . . .

Someone please pass the popcorn - and bring these lefties a change of underwear, please!

Jim Addison writes:"... (Below threshold)

Jim Addison writes:
"Like weasels caught in traps'

Come on Steve Green, chew your leg off, I dare you!!! Free yourself from the jaws of Palin!

[insert random anti-capital... (Below threshold)
Victory is Mao's:

[insert random anti-capitalist hate speech here]

"[insert random anti-capita... (Below threshold)

"[insert random anti-capitalist hate speech here]"

[ Obama is a Kenyan ]


"Steve Schmidt was the prin... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"Steve Schmidt was the principal staffer who promoted Palin as a the VP candidate."

Even if this were true, master Stevie, why does it make sense other than a cynical ploy to get the knuckledragging, inbred, guntottin' wing behind the ticket?

McCain went from flat-lining 14 pts. down to within the margin of error overnight. That's not an ideological choice but a doggie treat tossed in their direction.

The triangulation backfired, big time. Wallace, for one, was a Mittens supporter, MacKinnon an Obot, Schmidt a mercenary.

"McCain went from flat-l... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"McCain went from flat-lining 14 pts. down to within the margin of error overnight."

And once Palin's 'qualifications' and intellect became known it dropped again.

Currently only 14% of Americans polled believe Palin is qualified to be President - and yet Palin blames everyone but herself for the GOP loss in 2008.

Too funny to see libidiot(t... (Below threshold)

Too funny to see libidiot(taking a break from Springer obviously) challenge Palin's intelligence.

Ever hear Fauxbama speak w/o a teleprompter? That idiot is better suited to reading the news, than to running a nation. Hell, I question if he could even run a lemonade stand.

Proof he is a fricken IDIOT! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-l2f7TWZjs&feature=related

Sarah Palin scares me so mu... (Below threshold)
Victory is Mao's:

Sarah Palin scares me so much I made poopie in my nightie. And 914 doesn't realize I'm satirizing Victory is Ours.

Oh well.

"Currently only 14% of Amer... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"Currently only 14% of Americans polled believe Palin is qualified to be President"

You are accidently on target with the qualification concern. The less qualified Obama has royally booted his presidency.

This issue will figure strongly in IA and NH.

Once again, however, you betray no favorite, no skin in the contest. For Mittens? A flaccid Donk warmed over. For TPaw? An uninspiring technocrat, more Chief of Staff material, or Secretary of Commerce. Daniels says he won't serve. What?

We're sick of detractors with no evident cojones, Steve. And, yes that is a problem.

I Googled Steve Green is an... (Below threshold)

I Googled Steve Green is an idiot and got 73 million hits.

re: "McCain went from flat-... (Below threshold)

re: "McCain went from flat-lining 14 pts. down to within the margin of error overnight."

"And once Palin's 'qualifications' and intellect became known it dropped again."

Wrong again Steve.
Remember what happened Monday September 15, 2008?

My son, SGT FastLaneFlash, ... (Below threshold)

My son, SGT FastLaneFlash, is at Ft. Bragg. He said he doubted he'd get to see Sarah Palin today. Jumping out of airplanes or something.

Sister Sarah is a battery for dead engines, and I pray she keeps American's motors running. Sarah can count on a bunch of books bought by our clan, and votes, too, if she runs in 2012.

Sarah Palin is made great by the ferocity and savagery of her enemies. Iheir hatred calls to God and good men on her behalf. Who can consider Letterman, Stewart, Couric, Olberman and their like on Palin without being slimed with their sneering condescending bitterness toward her? A righteous rage is building in America. Congress and Obama disregard it at the risk of their privilege. Sarah's voice is my voice, and she speaks of my contempt for this government, this Congress, this President. Hope and Change-I-want-to-believe-in, thy name is Sarah, not Barry.

I love it when the libs and... (Below threshold)

I love it when the libs and their media minions spend hours of air time and hours and thousands of column inches telling us that Palin is unpopular and unelectable.

Let's review:

Going Rogue is the #1 bestseller, fast approaching 1 million copies sold.

Thousands turnout at every book signing event, with many having spent the entire night in cold weather just for the chance of seeing her.

0prah's viewership went from under 7 million to 14 million when Palin was on.

Hannity's viewership went from 1.5 million to 4.5 million when Palin was on.

Millions more have listened to her radio interviews.

There have been hundreds of very positive accounts of her book signing events appearing in the local media outlets.

During the month of October 2009, Palin the private citizen was mentioned in or was the subject of over 13,000 news stories, almost double the number about Biden, the VP.

Palin endorses a little known candidate in upstate NY, and within 2 weeks he goes from a distance 3rd place to with 2 points of winning the election.

Palin has received over 1,000 invitations to appear at events around the country, and in foreign countries.

A recent CNN poll got these responses regarding Palin:

'not a typical politican' by 65 percent (65-34)
'a good role model for women' by 64 percent (64-35)
'caring about the needs of people like you' by 56 percent (56-43)
'honest and trustworthy' by 55 percent (55-43)
'shares your values' (49/49)
agrees with you on issues you care about' (48-50)
'is a strong and decisive leader' (47-51)

#37lol</p... (Below threshold)



Steve Green wrote:... (Below threshold)

Steve Green wrote:

"McCain went from flat-lining 14 pts. down to within the margin of error overnight."

And once Palin's 'qualifications' and intellect became known it dropped again.

looks to me like he is trolling himself. the election ended up at +/- 2.5 which is within the margin of error for any poll. So again, Steve is wrong and/or lying.

iwogisdead: ... (Below threshold)


"I Googled Steve Green is an idiot and got 73 million hits"

Thats all?

Ha ha ha ha

"Ha ha ha ha"<... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"Ha ha ha ha"

Boy, you guys sure taught me a lesson.

The facts remain that Sarah Palin has developed quite a reputation as someone who lies. It's understandable given that she does have low IQ and probably suffers from low esteem as a result. Lying is just a natural extension of her trying to be someone she's not.

When she lets her guard down - that's when you get results like the Couric interviews.

Sarah "going rogue" translates into Sarah "Quitting her job and trying to make money selling a book".


s green "Boy, you guys... (Below threshold)

s green "Boy, you guys sure taught me a lesson."

Think so? Really, there was no teaching going on.

Just a butt load of mocking of yet another dumb assed troll.

"Quitting her job ... (Below threshold)
"Quitting her job and trying to make money selling a book".
You meant "quitting her job and making a boatload of money selling a book."

Someone who lies?? rofl, l... (Below threshold)

Someone who lies?? rofl, look at a all of the eggplants campaign promises last year. Did he keep ANY of them?

Simple question there Stevie, if Sarah is so irrelevant, how come you are so worried about her, and comment so much?

Yay Sarah! From Lake Simcoe... (Below threshold)

Yay Sarah! From Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.

Silence about politics speaks loud... and volumes. America knows where she stands... if not all... the majority does... or will via the Internet, not mainstream media. Maybe they realize her clout and will be fairly decent.

Palin has some Reagan, Thatcher, even Churchill in her...onwardjames.blogspot.com/2009/11/sarah-has-some-reagan-thatcher-even.html

Authenticity!"S... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:


"Simple question there Stevie, if Sarah is so irrelevant, how come you are so worried about her, and comment so much?"

Lots of people tell me that the more the left disses Palin, the more strongly her base pushes to have her on the 2012 ticket.

Palin in 2012! Yes!

I'm not worried about Sarah - I'm promoting her chances to get on the 2012 ticket. If Obama decides to run for re-election I will change my registration to Republican and vote for Palin in the 2012 primaries - and I will strongly suggest that to other Dems.

I really, really want Palin on the ticket.

"she does have low IQ and p... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"she does have low IQ and probably suffers from low esteem as a result."

Projection Steve.

No need to offer and defend your candidate, it is none other than Pants Afire, Lenin wannabe.

s green "I'm not worri... (Below threshold)

s green "I'm not worried about Sarah - I'm promoting her chances to get on the 2012 ticket. If Obama decides to run for re-election I will change my registration to Republican and vote for Palin in the 2012 primaries - and I will strongly suggest that to other Dems."

First of all I suspect you're full of more dung than the elephant exhibit at the zoo. The chances of you voting for Palin anytime is about on par with obama realizing the recovery.gov website is pure unadulterated bullshit.

Secondly if anyone thinks she's running for any office prior to 2016 is nuttier than a Snicker Bar.

I think one of the big reas... (Below threshold)

I think one of the big reasons the establishment and socialist leaning politicos are so scared of Palin is she is the first non Ivy-League educated idiot, not tied to the good ole boy network, to come along since a grand fella by the name of Ronald Wilson Reagan. She is very popular in fly-over country simply b/c of the fact she is "real" and many, including myself, find our frustrations reflected in her attitude and deameanor.

For almost 30 years now we've allowed the Harvard/Yale elititsts, with their allies in the Large urban areas and main stream media, to dictate to us what is smart, cool, intelligent and worthy of praise. Sarah is a direct confrontation to that power and they HATE her for it.


"If Obama decides to run fo... (Below threshold)

"If Obama decides to run for re-election"


Bite your tongue! Are you giving up on your Obamassiah? Why the change, Stevie? The One not living up to your hopes, aspirations, wants and desires? Have you suddenly become RACIST?
"IF" Stevie? "IF"?

Please elaborate!

Let's see . . .Une... (Below threshold)

Let's see . . .

Unemployment and the national debt skyrocketing, the dollar tanking, unpopular healthcare deform and cap and trade legislation, dithering on Afghanistan . . . it doesn't matter who the GOP runs. The Child President is gonna get his butt kicked in 2012.

I have to say, this discuss... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

I have to say, this discussion thread has disappointed me. Only VIC and Steve Greene (perhaps I should call him the "ever present Steve Greene") have dropped by to chat.

So where the Hell are the rest of our 27%ers. Home sulking? Hiding under the bed?

You know, I knew this day was coming, just surprised it came so soon. And that number will continue to slide. Paybacks a bitch, ain't it guys?

"Bite your tongue! Are y... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"Bite your tongue! Are you giving up on your Obamassiah? Why the change, Stevie? The One not living up to your hopes, aspirations, wants and desires? Have you suddenly become RACIST? Please elaborate! "

What part of "If Obama decides to run for re-election" isn't clear?

It has nothing to do with how I feel Obama - he'll either run for re-election or decide not to. If he doesn't the primary becomes less critical and Dems are freed up to help Sarah get on the ticket by switching party registration and voting for Sarah

Palin Haters, other wise ca... (Below threshold)

Palin Haters, other wise called DISTRACTERS.

From this:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 27% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President.

Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15. This is the lowest Approval Index rating yet measured for President Obama.

Among those not affiliated with either major political party, just 16% Strongly Approve and 51% Strongly Disapprove. ... Overall, 45% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance.

Damn trolls, always changin... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Damn trolls, always changing the subject... lol.

Hi, Lorie!Say, I s... (Below threshold)

Hi, Lorie!

Say, I surmise that the Palin supporters you met were just as smart as those featured here:


Alas, therein lies the problem: far too many conservative IDIOTS in the world.

What is striking is that the millions of Palin fans are actually pleased to be supporting a (former) politician even dumber than they are. Some sort of strange Republican phenomenon going on here.

s green "Damn trolls, ... (Below threshold)

s green "Damn trolls, always changing the subject... lol."

You mean you posting some BS about obama running or not running in 2012?

You're right, for once, damn trolls.

Yeah, Highlander. Sort of ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Highlander. Sort of like those fucking idiots in Detroit lining up for "free Obama money". Guess they were all Republicans as well.

"It has nothing to do with ... (Below threshold)

"It has nothing to do with how I feel Obama - he'll either run for re-election or decide not to."

Not buying it Stevie. You protect Obama at every turn with "Look what Bush did". Now it's "IF Obama decides to run for re-election". Hey, you progressive clowns ACCLAIMED Him. You clowns ANNOINTED Him.

Now it's, "yeah, maybe he'll run, maybe he won't; no big deal".

What's "Changed" Stevie?

I have noticed on this blog... (Below threshold)

I have noticed on this blog, in the local papers op ed section, on other news shows that the usual shrill lefty loons are even more shrill and incoherant. The reason has to be the guy they adore is tanking. In less then one year, Obama's approval rating is dismal. Yet he will send thousands of troops over to the "good war" to kill thousands of civilians (lefty speak) and Obama has to go on national television to try a kiss up to the loony left. If we took shots of whiskey everytime Obama will say Bush or "I" we would die from poisoning. That is how utterly predictable this one trick pony is. Palin rocks. A clean cut, uncomplicated woman has the left in terror. They cannot let it go. I bet Steve Green has Palin's poster on his bedroom wall and performs all manner of wierd and vile things. I truly love Sarah Palin. She not only has much more experience and depth then "the empty suit" but she doesn't need a teleprompter to speak. ww

Oh no, people that CRITICIZ... (Below threshold)

Oh no, people that CRITICIZE Scarah surely are NOT AUTHENTIC! What a bunch of coneheads...

Sarah Palin/Fabio 2012!

Oh, I believe they're authe... (Below threshold)

Oh, I believe they're authentic, Deo - I also believe they've got a real problem when it comes to reality, because they've been marinating in 'reality-based' crap so long they wouldn't know actual reality if it came up and bit 'em on the yarbles.

I think Stevie is trying to... (Below threshold)

I think Stevie is trying to pass on some sage wisdom. He wants to show us how he has learned that old lesson of "Careful what you wish for". He and his ilk wanted Obama and look what he has done for them.

Ombie's Gallup approval rat... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Ombie's Gallup approval rating 48%. No standing President has ever won with less than 47%.

Legislation has just about ground to a halt, there to remain until 2013 thru the worst years of this multi-dip recession.

Lame duck after 10 months, let the litigation roll: IG, Acorn, SEIU, CIA, KSM, Census, ....

"Currently only 14% of A... (Below threshold)

"Currently only 14% of Americans polled believe Palin is qualified to be President - and yet Palin blames everyone but herself for the GOP loss in 2008."

Really? Care to tell us what poll that was? Or did you bring that one up just for the sneer factor like everything else you do here?

I spent a few minutes looking this morning and found a Nov. 16 CNN Poll which says that 28% deem her qualified and a WaPo/ABC poll taken the same day is at 38%.

There were many factors that were responsible for the GOP loss. Sarah Palin wasn't one of them. The GOP was set to lose even worse before she came along. McCain is the one likely to blame everyone but himself. He was a weak candidate. This is merely anecdotal, but in fact everyone I spoke to that voted for McCain said they felt better about their vote because of Palin.

Palin represents a threat t... (Below threshold)

Palin represents a threat to both the Democratic and Republican good old boy networks. You look at her history, she's pissed off entrenched interests on both sides.

I like that.






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