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The inebriated 12 days of Christmas

If you're trying to keep up, that's Fay McKay, and she's singing about 12 dry Martinis,11 Bloody Marys, 10 dry Manhattans, 9 Margaritas, 8 sweet Old Fashioneds, 7 Johnnie Walkers, 6 Cuba Libres, 5 dry Rob Roys, 4 Old Fitzgeralds, 3 Old Crows, 2 Cutty Sarks...

Brought our way by, of all people, The Anchoress, who also has a related tequila cookie recipe worth your time... trust me.



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:-/... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:


What an inspiring way to ge... (Below threshold)

What an inspiring way to get started before the morning commute.

This doesn't hold a candle ... (Below threshold)

This doesn't hold a candle to Frankie Ford...

Great post! Chirstmas time ... (Below threshold)

Great post! Chirstmas time means holidays and celebration time. It is really a month of long extravaganza.






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