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The ACORN "Power Plan" for Oklahoma

Last year, on my own blog, I wrote about an office on the south side of Oklahoma City that had been hurriedly vacated by ACORN. In their haste to leave, the ACORN workers left behind a computer and piles of documents. A local reporter, Andrew Griffin, published a story on the abandoned office in the Red Dirt Report. According to Griffin's story, ACORN skipped out on their rent:

The person working at this office, Adam Carter, had reportedly skipped town in June, according to the landlord. and in August, an ACORN representative from Tulsa came down and took more items, leaving behind what was found by Red Dirt Report. ACORN never fulfilled it's year lease for the property and never paid a dime in rent. The landlord told Red Dirt Report that the ACORN workers seemed to attract trouble and that there was something not quite right about what they were doing. The landlord also said that the aforementioned Tulsa ACORN worker, named "Brittany," said ACORN didn't have any money to pay for the rent and that Carter had depleted the South Oklahoma City ACORN account.

Griffin's story also noted:

Red Dirt Report was allowed exclusive entry into the abandoned South Oklahoma City ACORN office which had been trashed and ransacked. Interestingly, flyers left behind called for people in the low-income neighborhood to come to a meeting to talk about the need for more streetlights in crime-ridden neighborhoods. Was this merely a way to get people worked up about an issue so they would come in and then in turn register as a Democrat? Some evidence appears to point to that. In fact, the evidence discovered in the abandoned office on South Robinson revealed maps of Oklahoma City broken down in House districts. Districts where a Republican won, but just barely, were highlighted. Papers related to the 2006 election results for Oklahoma were also noted.

Red Dirt Report contacted ACORN regional offices in Little Rock and New Orleans seeking comment on ACORN's activities in Oklahoma and ACORN activist Adam Carter. However, those calls were not returned.

In September of this year, the major ACORN scandal uncovered by Andrew Breitbart spurred State Rep. Mike Reyolds (R-OKC) to sift through the documents found in the abandoned office. Now writing for OklahomaWatchDog.org, Andrew Griffin once again reported the story:

ACORN, which receives millions in federal dollars for voter registration, cannot legally support one party. However, internal documents show ACORN "targeted" state legislative districts in 2007 and 2008, leading up to the presidential election.

A "Power Plan" document begins: "Oklahoma ACORN has been virtually non-existent since its glory days in Tulsa, over 20 years ago. 2007 is Year Zero."

It continues with a five-year plan to obtain "power":

"Therefore, the route to power is twofold: First, build powerful city organizations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa that can control these municipalities. Second, become an influential organization by shaping a handful of strategic legislative districts that, by themselves, can change who controls the state legislature."

"(W)e will be seen as the force that is making Oklahoma a progressive state in the way that it was 100 years ago."

"By using this power to win significant changes for working people, by the end of our 5 years, we will have legitimized the progressive takeover of the statehouse and head into 2012 with a real possibility of changing what Oklahomans look for and expect out of their Congressional delegation."

Yesterday, Andrew Breitbart's Big Government blog broke the story nationwide. In two posts, Big Government revealed the actual documents outlining ACORN's Oklahoma 'Power Plan' and 'Doorknocking Basics.'

The 'Doorknocking' document is particularly disturbing. It is a training tool that outlines hard-sell techniques for ACORN workers to use while canvassing low income neighborhoods. This document seems to indicate that ACORN's primary activity in low-income neighborhoods is raising money, and that ACORN workers are to use community activism primarily as a fundraising tool.

Liberals are perpetually outraged at televangelists and other con artists who take money from the poor, the sick, and the otherwise powerless. Will this revelation about ACORN finally push conscientious liberals to demand a full investigation of ACORN and its activities?

A lot of things get swept under the rug in the pursuit of political power. Since ACORN channels its resources pretty much exclusively toward the Democrats, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for them to dismantle one of their major sources of money and votes.


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Comments (12)

They keep calling themselve... (Below threshold)

They keep calling themselves 'Progressives' - but it just seems more and more like they're actually old-school thugs trying to grab power in the precincts.

Oh where, or where is our E... (Below threshold)

Oh where, or where is our Eric Holder?
O where oh where can he be?
With his ears cut short and his tail cut long.
Oh where, oh where can he be?

Imagine a criminal communit... (Below threshold)

Imagine a criminal community organization in the pocket of a democratic administration. How ironic. Who woulda thunk it?

Hey..Where's the resident l... (Below threshold)

Hey..Where's the resident little t*rd, Vic? We need some DNC talking points here.

I just spent the last half ... (Below threshold)

I just spent the last half hour at BigGovernment.com, and I suggest you all do the same.

Then spend a few minutes looking up the legal definition of extortion, because that's what ACORN is deliberately using as a tool.

The only difference between the mob and ACORN is that ACORN is trying to steal our entire country one election at a time.

Sunshine is the best disinf... (Below threshold)

Sunshine is the best disinfectant and it appears to me that Oklahoma City dodged a bullet! I'm delighted that has happened because heaven knows, the city and its people have suffered enough.

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless.

Nothing is going to happen ... (Below threshold)

Nothing is going to happen until the MSM covers this, unfortunately.

Latest stories from AP, ABC News and WashPo have this headline:

"Acorn claims theft of Trashed Documents in Ca."

Everytime they report on Acorn, they represent Acorns' point of view. This is going to be an up-hill battle.

I had to laugh about the he... (Below threshold)

I had to laugh about the headline "ACORN claims theft....." Yeah, they'd know all about theft.

Interestingly, fly... (Below threshold)
Interestingly, flyers left behind called for people in the low-income neighborhood to come to a meeting to talk about the need for more streetlights in crime-ridden neighborhoods. Was this merely a way to get people worked up about an issue so they would come in and then in turn register as a Democrat?

Yes. That's the textbook Alinsky/lefty method to gain power: send in "community organizers" to drum up an issue, any issue, to exploit; use it to get as many people as you can in the community upset and agitated, which then allows you to work to "change" local politics, i.e. elect lefty politicians and implement lefty policy prescriptions.

"Community organizers" should really be called "community agitators."

Yep, Barry rode into office... (Below threshold)

Yep, Barry rode into office on corruption and community agitation. He still continues in such a manner as He knows no different. Look for ACORN to be ran under many different names next go round as the Alinsky machine desperately trys to beat back His dismal performance.

ACORN and SEIU are Communi... (Below threshold)

ACORN and SEIU are Communist organizations. See the proof, all the latest news and the deep, deep ties to Obama here:.commieblaster.com/acorn/index.html

Acorn wants to mess with Ok... (Below threshold)

Acorn wants to mess with Oklahoma? Not a very good idea. Not. No. Better not. You have been warned.






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