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Let's Play Rewrite the Headline

It's a fun game, and everyone can participate. First assignment: "Six Charged in connection with August town hall protest".

Some may remember that this was the altercation in which SEIU thugs beat up Kenneth Gladney for being conservative while black. Details from the day of the event at HotAir.

Put your rewritten headline in the comments.


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Comments (16)

"St. Louis County counselor... (Below threshold)

"St. Louis County counselor's office ruins Thanksgiving holiday"

"The Horror; Six Brave Memb... (Below threshold)

"The Horror; Six Brave Members of the Opressed Proletariate are Wrongfully Charged After Defending Themselves From Evil Capitalist."

This is the MSM we are talking about.

6 SEIU Chicago style thugz ... (Below threshold)

6 SEIU Chicago style thugz beat Man for being black while conservative.

"Sarah Palin coming book to... (Below threshold)

"Sarah Palin coming book tour instigates racial violence across country"


"Bush policies still divide Country"

How about :Six Not... (Below threshold)

How about :

Six Not Republicans Arrested in Teabagger Affair.

You see its in the style book, you never mention Democrat Party in the Headline let alone the story, but if you can smear Republicans, ITS ON.

How about a truthful Headli... (Below threshold)

How about a truthful Headline for once

Union Thugs Attacks Black Conservative


Union Thugs Try To Intimidate Opposition to Big Government Spending

6 Fake but Accurate Comrade... (Below threshold)

6 Fake but Accurate Comrades Oppressed by Rightwing Attack Machine; Face Kangaroo Court.

Six Freedom fighters face A... (Below threshold)

Six Freedom fighters face American injustice

Charges are finally made in... (Below threshold)

Charges are finally made in August attack at Town Hall
"I'm surprised. ... And right before Thanksgiving, real nice." responds charged SEIU member

"Black neocon separatist hu... (Below threshold)

"Black neocon separatist hurls self at 6 peaceful African American demonstrators..... Sustains bruising,, to attend anger management classes"

Sorry to sugarcoat it so mu... (Below threshold)

Sorry to sugarcoat it so much...But Im planning on becoming a journalist!!

6 patriots confronted a rac... (Below threshold)
retired military:

6 patriots confronted a racist, hate mongering, religous fanatic who dared to question "THE ONE"

6 men wrongfully oppressed ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

6 men wrongfully oppressed due to helping republican neocon to his feet. Politics not a factor says expert witness who is friend of President Obama

ATTY GEN HOLDERER: Republi... (Below threshold)
retired military:

ATTY GEN HOLDERER: Republican neocon littering, men cleaning street wrongfully pursued by republican attack machine.

Geez Retired.... And I thou... (Below threshold)

Geez Retired.... And I thought I was laying on too much Sugah.

Six good Samaritans face ch... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:

Six good Samaritans face charges for restraining epileptic at St. Louis townhall meeting.






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