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Let's Play Rewrite the Headline #2

Today's installment comes from a post at Tigerhawk. The NY Times headline read:China Jails Environmentalist Wanted in U.S.

Riddle: When is an arson suspect not an arson suspect?

Answer: When the New York Times decides to call him an "environmentalist."

The headline reveals a certain way of thinking at the Times -- that arson might be a sort-of respectable tactic in pursuit of a higher cause. You know, in the tradition of Howard Roarke, perhaps. But does this conflation of criminality and environmental "activism" really help the cause of the environment in the long run? Perhaps it does among the readers of the New York Times, but I suspect not among Americans with less clouded moral vision.


To understand who this guy is, you can read paragraph two of the Times article:

After serving his time, Mr. Solondz, 30, who is on the F.B.I.'s wanted list, will be deported to the United States, where he faces charges stemming from what the authorities say was his role in an arson rampage that destroyed buildings in three western states as a member of a group related to the environmental extremist organization Earth Liberation Front. He was indicted in absentia in 2006.

If it were your newspaper, how would you write the headline for the Times editors?


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Comments (28)

"Noted Chemist jailed by Co... (Below threshold)

"Noted Chemist jailed by Communists"

How about: Radical Environm... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

How about: Radical Environmental Terrorist Jailed in China.

Sounds good to me.

Man-made Global Warming Ent... (Below threshold)

Man-made Global Warming Enthusiast and Vegetarian housed and fed by Chinese.

I'd write it honestly, NYT ... (Below threshold)

I'd write it honestly, NYT honestly:"

"Move along, nothing to see here."

China Gives Sanctuary To No... (Below threshold)

China Gives Sanctuary To Noted Environmentalist Hounded By Bush Administration

nice beard!... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

nice beard!

Friend of Earth jailed for ... (Below threshold)

Friend of Earth jailed for AGW cause.

Acolyte of Gaia faces punis... (Below threshold)

Acolyte of Gaia faces punishment in US

Chinese Reds Nab Green who ... (Below threshold)

Chinese Reds Nab Green who Blackened Three States

Schick wields power in Chin... (Below threshold)

Schick wields power in China!

Charles Manson in China?</p... (Below threshold)

Charles Manson in China?

Arsonist Asshole is caught ... (Below threshold)

Arsonist Asshole is caught in China and jailed.

Dedicated Environmentalist ... (Below threshold)

Dedicated Environmentalist Held by Chinese in Miscarriage of Justice

"Obama gets elected"... (Below threshold)

"Obama gets elected"

FYI...I opened my Bangko... (Below threshold)

FYI...I opened my Bangkok Post this morning and found that the headline here reads: China arrests US 'eco-terrorist' suspect on drug charges. Seems as though Chinese authorities caught Solondz with drugs and fake Canadian identification in the Yunan province. During his trial last month Mr. Solondz pleaded guilty to manufacturing drugs and asked to be deported to the U.S. I guess he has enough brain cells left to deduce that an American prison will be much more conducive to his survival than the Chinese counterpart.

The headline reveals a c... (Below threshold)

The headline reveals a certain way of thinking at the Times -- that arson might be a sort-of respectable tactic in pursuit of a higher cause.

Charlie Quidnunc,

Your article is so idiotic I won't even comment on it.

The NYT headline should hav... (Below threshold)
Victory is Mao's:

The NYT headline should have been:

"Innocent Man to Return Home and Receive Stimulus Funds to Continue Good Work"

Come on Tina, tell us what you really think.

Bet you can trace his radic... (Below threshold)

Bet you can trace his radicalism back to some College.

If I owned a newspaper, I'd... (Below threshold)

If I owned a newspaper, I'd want a headline like

"Fugitive Eco-Terrorist Jailed, Finally!"

Me too, Tina. I want to hear what you really think, too.

"...that arson might be a s... (Below threshold)

"...that arson might be a sort-of respectable tactic in pursuit of a higher cause."

In other words, 'the end justifies the means'.

On another note, I'm curious why Solondz wasn't continuing his Earth Liberation activities in China. Could it be that 'the death penalty' does have a deterrent affect?

Tina S."You... (Below threshold)

Tina S.

"Your article is so idiotic I won't even comment on it"

Thanx for reassuring us that liberals are so stuck on stupid!

He looks kinda like saint N... (Below threshold)

He looks kinda like saint Nick.

Elf Terrorist Finally Jaile... (Below threshold)

Elf Terrorist Finally Jailed in China Faces Extradition Back To US

tinaS "Your article is... (Below threshold)

tinaS "Your article is so idiotic I won't even comment on it."

But you did not only did comment on it but in doing so made an editorial type comment.

What does that make you?

A liar?

A buffoon?

A Nitwit?

Well, what are you?

"Uninsured Youth's Imprison... (Below threshold)

"Uninsured Youth's Imprisonment A Victory for Big Pharma"

Bush's Fault!

He looks kinda guilty... (Below threshold)

He looks kinda guilty

OK, I will quit beatin arou... (Below threshold)

OK, I will quit beatin around the Booshh!!

He looks kinda like My redneck neighbor?

Cept He has a swazy stika affixed to His frontal lobe.

Weirdly Bearded EcoWorshipp... (Below threshold)

Weirdly Bearded EcoWorshipper Volunteers For Chinese Work Assignment






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