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4 police officers ambushed, killed (UPDATED) (AGAIN)

Near Washington State Air Force Base:

Four police officers were shot dead in an ambush at a Washington state coffee house, a sheriff's official said Sunday.

The attack occurred east of McChord Air Force Base in Parkland, Wash.

Authorities said two suspects entered Forza Coffee shop and opened fire on the four police officers who were sitting inside, q13fox.com reported.

The officers were going over paper work before starting their day shift when they were killed, q13fox.com reported.

Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer told The News Tribune in Tacoma that the officers were sitting in the coffee shop with their computers when the shooter came in Sunday morning.

He says investigators believe the officers were targeted, and it was not a robbery.

Troyer tells the newspaper "it was just a flat out ambush."

He could not immediately say what agency the officers were from.

There were other customers in the coffee shop but only the four officers were hit, according to Fox affiliate q13Fox.com.

There are two suspects, one male and one black male, q13Fox.com reported.

Updates forthcoming.


UPDATE: Killer may be wounded:

The man who killed four Lakewood police officers at a Parkland coffee shop may have been wounded by one of the officers.

Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer told reporters at the scene that one of the officers struggled out the door and fired his gun at the attacker.

"There is evidence that a Lakewood Police officer fired off some shots, and we hope that he hit him," said Troyer. "If he's hit, that means that he's injured somewhere with a gunshot wound."

Troyer said local hospitals have been contacted in case the suspect seeks medical attention.

"He's going to have to get that taken care of sometime, someplace," said Troyer.

Troyer said the person may travel a distance and go to a hospital or medical center and claim that he accidentally shot himself.

"What we need is if somebody knows somebody who has a gunshot wound or has a fresh injury and is described as a black male between 25 and 35, rough face and hair, wearing a black coat, jeans, and has an injury, we want to know who that is," said Troyer.

UPDATE II: Victims named; man sought in shooting had sentence commuted by Governor Huckabee in 2000:

Maurice Clemmons - a man with an extensive criminal history in Washington and Arkansas - was named as a person of interest. Investigators believe the shooter targeted the officers; witnesses and coffee shop staff were not injured.

Clemmons - who was still at large as hundreds of people watched a procession taking the slain officers from the scene - was a person of interest because of "past run-ins with law enforcement," Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer.

"This was more of an execution," Troyer said. "As cold-hearted as it is, that's exactly what happened."

Clemmons is 5-foot-8, 235 pounds with black hair, brown eyes and a mole on his left cheek. Police considered him armed and dangerous and were searching a home late Sunday night that he may be connected to.

Troyer said Clemmons has an extensive violent criminal history from Arkansas, including aggravated robbery and theft.

Nine years ago he was serving a 35-year prison term in Arkansas for armed robbery but his sentence was commuted by then-Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Recently he was charged in Pierce County for third-degree assault on a police officer and rape of a child.

One of the slain officers was Sgt. Mark Renninger, who grew up in Bethlehem, Penn., and moved to Washington after his military service, according to WFMZ-TV in Pennsylvania. A Facebook page also was set up in his honor.

"Mark was a professional, dedicated police officer who made the ultimate sacrifice," his brother, Matt Renninger, said in a statement to the TV station. "More importantly, he was a loving and devoted father, husband and family member who will be missed by many."

Renninger is survived by his wife, two daughters and a son. He has four brothers and a sister, his brother told WFMZ.

Lakewood police identified the other officers as Ronald Owen, Tina Griswold and Greg Richards.

Owen, 37, had 12 years of law enforcement experience. He is survived by a former wife and a daughter. Tina Griswold, 40, was a 14-year law enforcement experience and is survived by her husband and two children.

Richards, 42, had eight years of law enforcement experience and is survived by a wife and three children.


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Comments (26)

Don't jump to concluisions ... (Below threshold)

Don't jump to concluisions now. Will they try that line again?

Clearly a few new guns laws... (Below threshold)

Clearly a few new guns laws would have made the difference. Everyone KNOWS how closely criminals follow gun laws.

I pray for the 4 officers k... (Below threshold)

I pray for the 4 officers killed in this cowardly fashion...and hope God will aid and comfort their families.

I also pray for the swift capture...and execution of the mutt (or mutts) who perpetrated this. I'm withholding my suspicions.

The monster wanted for ques... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

The monster wanted for questioning in this atrocity was granted clemency by then-gov. Mike Huckabee:


I hope they find him and fill the son of a bitch with lead--a la Sonny from The Godfather.

That's 5 Puget Sound cops murdered in the last month.

Living in a society that ca... (Below threshold)

Living in a society that can't be bothered to deal effectively with people like the alledged perp makes me wonder why I bother.

The Huckabee clemencies wer... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

The Huckabee clemencies were controversial before this. Now his political coffin is nailed shut. Sadly, deservedly so.

Well if Clemmons turns out ... (Below threshold)

Well if Clemmons turns out to be the shooter, this is just another good plug for letting certain criminals out on bail.

I'm sure the bleeding hearts will say "none of this was foreseeable. It's not like he's ever been violent or anything."

As for Huckabee, he can kiss his political ass goodbye.

Huckafee commutes Him and H... (Below threshold)

Huckafee commutes Him and He rapes a child.. I knew there was something that stunk about Huckafee. Stupid fuck.

Hope Huckabee has these fac... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Hope Huckabee has these faces burned into his memory:


9 kids are going to bed ton... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

9 kids are going to bed tonight without their Dad or Mom.

I swear, I don't believe in the death penalty, but if I'm a cop, I have no problem saving the state millions of dollars and executing this motherfucker on the spot.

Don't get me wrong here -- ... (Below threshold)

Don't get me wrong here -- I'm not defending Huckabee's pardon of Maurice Clemmons in any way.

But I think liberals will be on shaky ground if they try to pin this thing on Huckabee. The standard MSM narrative is that Republicans are evil, heartless, etc. when they don't grant clemency or pardons - see G. W. Bush vs. Karla Faye Tucker, for example.

Further, liberal organs like the NYT and Boston Globe routinely praised governors like Mario Cuomo (NY) for his opposition to the death penalty, and Mike Dukakis (MA) for extending weekend furlough programs for inmates sentenced to long prison terms.

In fact, liberals accused Republicans of RAAAAAAACISM!! for daring to bring up the case of Willie Horton during the 1988 presidential campaign. Horton, a black man who had been convicted of murder and sentenced to life without parole, had been granted a weekend furlough by Democrat presidential nominee Mike Dukakis.

Maurice Clemmons is also black ... who should be the first to accuse liberals of racism if they try to insinuate that Huckabee "should have known" that Clemmons would commit violent crime again? And if that happens, who should be the first to scold liberals for "jumping to conclusions" about Huckabee's responsibility in this incident?

"but if I'm a cop,... (Below threshold)

"but if I'm a cop, I have no problem saving the state millions of dollars and executing this motherfucker on the spot"

Yeah, with a 2x4

"if they try to insinuate t... (Below threshold)

"if they try to insinuate that Huckabee "should have known" that Clemmons would commit violent crime again"

Huckabee in 2000:

Maurice Clemmons - a man with an extensive criminal history in Washington and Arkansas

Oh gee... If He cant figure that out, how the hell does He govern with any reasonable judgement or even a smidgen of wisdom?

Ohh, thats right..He cannot.

An outrageous crime. ... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

An outrageous crime.

If you're talking about cle... (Below threshold)

If you're talking about clemency, how do you compare with America's first black president, Bill Clinton? Who was it that vetted all those pardon candidates? Some guy named Holder, your Attorney General and mine.

That's the rub. Democrats are merciful and thoughtful. Republicans can "kiss their political asses goodbye".

Mmmm-mmm-mmm. Warm up Old Sparky.

"Who was it that vetted all... (Below threshold)

"Who was it that vetted all those pardon candidates? Some guy named Holder, your Attorney General and mine."

Isnt it about time He visits the underbelly of a greyhound?

This bitch needs to be elec... (Below threshold)

This bitch needs to be electrocuted until Hes charcoal black!

# 11 - Michael Laprarie ...... (Below threshold)

# 11 - Michael Laprarie ....

Says that (il)liberals accused Republicans of RAAAAAAACISM!! for daring, during the 1988 presidential campaign, to bring up the case of Willie Horton. (A convicted murderer, in prison for life without parole, who'd been furloughed by Gore's fellow "Democrat," Dukakis)

This contention notwithstanding that "Republicans," did no such thing.

Al(Fredo) Gore(leone) brought up Horton. Republicans but rubbed salt into the dawk, Dukakis's, well-deserved wounds.

Michael Laprarie,Y... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Michael Laprarie,

Your analysis of liberals is sound, but it is also true that if a leftist did the same as Huckabee (take a look at this graphic), Republicans would rightly be attacking him as soft on crime and a coddler of hardened criminals. Integrity demands holding Huckabee accountable in-house, irrespective of any Democrat critique.

And this is Huckabee's faul... (Below threshold)

And this is Huckabee's fault because...?

"And this is Huckabee's fau... (Below threshold)

"And this is Huckabee's fault because...?"

Hes an idiot! thats why.

Or how should I rephrase th... (Below threshold)

Or how should I rephrase that? He's culpable.. He commuted the sentence.

bobdog,How is it n... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:


How is it not Huckabee's fault? If I go to the zoo and release some lions, and those lions subsequently maul and kill several people (because that is the character of lions), is it my fault? It seems pretty frickin' axiomatic.

Jeff - you're right. This ... (Below threshold)

Jeff - you're right. This is a fight that Republicans can bring on against Huckabee, because as you said, Republicans have been consistent with respect to attacks on "soft on crime" candidates. But as I said, liberals really don't have a way to justify any attacks they might launch on Huckabee, since their record is one of praising/defending "soft on crime" candidates.

From an Arkie...This is not... (Below threshold)

From an Arkie...This is not the only criminal Huckabee let go. And his record on enforcing the laws on illegals speaks for itself. It took the next governor (a democrat) to enforce the immigration laws in the state.

Huckabee is a nice enough guy. He did well with the State budget (he left office with a surplus) and improved our roads, but he doesn't have any backbone when it comes to a sob story.

I guess I was a little too ... (Below threshold)

I guess I was a little too quick on the trigger. My point was our tendency to race to find a scapegoat every time one of these creeps goes off the deep end and murders a bunch of people. Sure, Huckabee signed off on clemency, recommended by a clemency board. He was released and immediately committed another crime, for which his clemency was revoked and he served his full original term, if I understand it right. He subsequently committed other crimes and was given kid gloves treatment again and again by others.

I remember reading a story about gangs in the Chicago Tribune years ago. It said that by the time a gang member actually goes to prison, he's been arrested 17 times and let go. It's the way things are. I don't like it either.

But the point was, is this ALL Huckabee's fault?

This creep has recently gotten weirder and weirder of late, and if the stories are true, he was quite obviously insane. (Including forcing his family stand naked together for five minutes every Sunday for some damned reason. I guess that qualifies.)

Huckabee had nothing to do with his behavior after he put the guy back in prison. If he's to blame, he's got a lot of company. But since he's a possible Republican presidential candidate, you can bet your butt that this is going to be a major focus of the media and the usual politico trolls.

And just for the record, I'm not one of Huckabee's supporters.






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