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Jumping To Conclusions

When I first heard about the police shooting out in Washington state yesterday, I did my standard unfounded guessing on what might be the story behind it.

I have a fairly decent record of this. When a nutcase took a Hillary Clinton campaign office hostage with a bomb threat, I went out on a limb and said that it would end up a fake bomb and end peacefully -- and it did. I also said up front that the Fort Hood shooting was likely an Islamist.

On the other hand, I completely botched the London subway shooting. My first reaction was that the London police had been justified. I based that on actually believing the London police -- when it turned out they were lying, I ate a bit of crow.

Anyway, my first thought was that this was, in all likelihood, not another case of Sudden Jihadi Syndrome. The Mighty Warriors of Allah, when they carry out their brave operations, most often target civilians or other unarmed people. Shooting four on-duty, armed cops? Not as likely. Those cowardly shits almost never go after those who they think might fight back.

The second thought was that it was one of those hateful, racist, violent Tea Party people acting on super-secret subliminal orders from Glenn Beck or something. But then it came out that the guy was black, and we all know that no black people (especially "real" black people) don't cotton to that whole movement, so that was right out.

My thoughts were leaning in two directions. My first thought was gang-related. We've all heard the urban legends about gang initiations involving killing people, and some of the gangs around are dumb enough that they might try to "show the cops who's boss" by ambushing and killing several of them. So that was one possibility.

The second one I had was some sort of personal grudge. Not some guy with a beef with the government, but someone who had a problem with at least one of the cops and finally snapped.

I briefly thought about the notion that it might have been some nut, but for some reason that theory just didn't "stick" for me. And the possibility that it would possibly a nut who had crossed the path of a former (and, potentially, future) presidential candidate and would drive a stake through Mike Huckabee's ambitions... that caught me completely flat-footed.

I feel pretty confident, though, in saying that if the suspect were white, liberals across the nation would be doing all they could to hang him around the right's necks.


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Comments (13)

Standing on the dead bodies... (Below threshold)
Alfonso Paulista:

Standing on the dead bodies of four police officers to score cheap political points. You should be ashamed of yourself, J.T.

"I feel pretty confident, t... (Below threshold)

"I feel pretty confident, though, in saying that if the suspect were white, liberals across the nation would be doing all they could to hang him around the right's necks."

Yes they would. So Im hanging the Albatross around Huckabees liberal neck.

Bad people do bad things. T... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Bad people do bad things. The Constitution recognizes this and provides for society to protect itself. States also. Liberals don't believe people are bad, except conservatives, they just are victims of bad circumstances. Whenever horrific crimes like this happen it can usually be traced to a liberal view of law enforcement somewhere in the chain of events. Let's stop using the word "senseless" to describe this murder. When does a murder make sense?

I'm with 914. The uneasine... (Below threshold)

I'm with 914. The uneasiness I felt at Huckabee's campaign for President was based on Michelle Malkin's fine detective work. Huckabee let criminals out of jail on multiple occasions, infuriating the prosecutors and police that had secured convictions. Them's the facts, and they're plenty damning even before the Washington state massacre.

My prayers are with those law enforcement officers and the families they left behind. And Huckabee can forget about any political career that doesn't start with the "Democrat" label next to his name.

Nice excuse on Huckabee's p... (Below threshold)

Nice excuse on Huckabee's part, "the legal system failed". No you dumb shit, fucking idiots like you FAILED the people. That jerkoff Clemmons is a poster child for a "3 strikes law".

What the hell is wrong with... (Below threshold)
Alfonso Paulista:

What the hell is wrong with you people? Four people murdered - police officers, no less - and all I'm reading is attempts to make pathetic political points.

I'm used to the childish grandstanding and head-in-the-sand groupthink that so often happens round here and it's usually amusing - frustrating at worst. But when it's the bodies of dead police and soldiers that are being used to impotently rage against some imagined liberal bogeyman, it really makes my blood boil.

You all need to take a long, hard look at yourselves.

"What the hell is wrong wit... (Below threshold)

"What the hell is wrong with you people? Four people murdered - police officers, no less - and all I'm reading is attempts to make pathetic political points."

Im not trying to make any points. Especially anything political. The whole thing stinks. All Im sayin is Hukabee fucked up..Is that so hard to understand?

Alfonso,I think your... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

I think your indignation is somewhat misplaced. I will personalize. If I had been the governor, in this case Arkansas, knowing this man tried to take the gun from the bailiff in court during his trial for rape and attempted murder. He'd still be in jail.

I think a lot of you are mi... (Below threshold)

I think a lot of you are missing the forest on account of the trees; certainly Huckabee's pardoning of this maggot is newsworthy, and has far-reaching political implications. However, Huckabee has only lost a possible bid to be a presidential candidate. The families of these slain officers have lost a lot more. Given the choice, I believe the families of these officers would rather see Huckabee run for president and have their husbands, wife, fathers and mother back, rather than the opposite.

Alfonso,Good lord ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:


Good lord liberals are stupid. It has nothing to do with 'pathetic political points.' Actions have consequences. If violent criminals are let out of prison, they will commit violent crimes. This did not have to happen. I know saying this to a leftist is like throwing a pail of water on the Wicked Witch of the West: People should be held accountable for their actions. This includes Mike Huckabee. In preacher-speak, he reaps what he has sown. When he let those men out of prison he planted the seeds of this weekend's horror. Nothing is ever going to change that. Grow up.

The real story is that a Go... (Below threshold)

The real story is that a Governor...ANY Governor...turned loose a wild animal to ravage society! THAT is the story. Other politicians will now watch what happens to Huckabee. Thus the only positive thing that can come out of this story now is that OTHER politicians may now reject the soft-headed & soft-hearted approach to dealing with criminals and LOCK THEM UP...or TERMINATE THEM! Or lock them up UNTIL you terminate them!

Yes, by all means, weep for... (Below threshold)

Yes, by all means, weep for the victims and pray for their families - please! BUT, for Christ's sake stop this madness of being so soft on obviously hardened criminals. Huckabee needs to be chastised as a lesson to other politician: not only should Huckabee's name be dropped from any consideration for the nomination (either party!), but FXN should cancel that stupid program of his.

Huckabee screwed up. That i... (Below threshold)
jim x:

Huckabee screwed up. That is neither liberals' fault, nor is it conservatives.

When I first heard of this, it sounded like a targeted organized crime hit to me. Now it sounds quite a bit more like a loony who was about to go away for a while and decided to go with suicide by cop.

It is nothing else but a damn shame he didn't just do himself first.






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