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Australian Version of Cap and Trade Fails

The Australian version of the cap and trade failed to pass in their parliament today. From Reuters UK:

Australia's parliament rejected laws to set up a sweeping carbon trade scheme on Wednesday, scuttling a key climate change policy of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and providing a trigger for an early 2010 election.
I'm always a little baffled by the (common) system of government where one failed vote can lead to a new election. But it is interesting to think that anger over global warming legislation could be the cause. Being a Reuters article no mention at all about Climategate and whether it played a role or not in the vote.

It does not sound as if Rudd is going to give up easily.

Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the government would re-introduce the carbon trade bills in February to give the opposition Liberal Party one more chance to support the scheme, adding the government was not looking at an early election.


It was the second rejection of the carbon-trade legislation by a hostile Senate. The vote gave Rudd a legal trigger to call an election that could come as early as March or April 2010, and to then ram his laws through a special joint sitting of both houses of parliament if he is returned to power.

I did find this amusing:
The prime minister, who is overseas, had hoped to take his carbon-trade scheme to next week's global talks in Copenhagen, where world leaders will seek to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
First Climategate, then this. I can guarantee you that when these world leaders convene on Copenhagen, they will act as if they have the moral backing from every last person on the planet. I can only hope that a cynical world, perhaps now with its eyes open, will see through the charade.


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One of the biggest wastes o... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

One of the biggest wastes of carbon in recent years has been the jets flying to conferences like Copenhagen. Sheesh, haven't these people ever heard of video-conferencing on the internet?

As the Insta-guy often says, "I'll start believing it's a crisis when the people who say it's a crisis start acting like it's a crisis!"

Even if there is an "agreement" at Copenhagen - highly unlikely, bet on some wishy-washy "statement of principles" at the end - it will be DOA in every signatory country. No one is going to cut their carbon output until an alternative which approximates the same net costs is available. Not going to happen, period. You saw it here first!

In a parliamentary system, ... (Below threshold)
Dilip Balamore:

In a parliamentary system, such as the one that prevails in the UK, only a defeat on a major issue is likely to trigger a re-election. Such a defeat is seen as an indication that the Government has lost the confidence of the people and cannot go on. Minor defeats may occasion calls for a resignation of the Prime Minister, but such calls can be ignored. A government in dire straits will, therefore, avoid controversial issues, and hope to hang on for a while and rebuild its support. In any case, elections have to be held after a specific period of time, say, five years.

"Australian Version of Cap ... (Below threshold)

"Australian Version of Cap and Trade Fails"

How coincidental...About the same time Obama's presidency has failed?

Interesting wording in the ... (Below threshold)

Interesting wording in the article.
As Dan points out:

"The prime minister, who is overseas, had hoped to take his carbon-trade scheme....


Seems right to me.

Dilip, you are partly corre... (Below threshold)

Dilip, you are partly correct.

In most parliamentary systems, failure on any finance bill is considered a vote of no-confidence. Otherwise, a specific no-confidence vote needs to be taken.

I guess we have the global ... (Below threshold)

I guess we have the global economic down turn to thank for bringing focus to the hoax that was to be forced on the world. If the global economy was growing this "economy killer" might have been sneaked through before it was seen for what it is.

Sheesh, haven't th... (Below threshold)
Sheesh, haven't these people ever heard of video-conferencing on the internet?

They don't go to those places to talk, they go over there to party. Where else can you get free booze, drugs and hookers? If the people of the world knew what really occurred at these so-called conferences, they would be appalled at the waste of taxpayers money and demand a halt to them. The lame-stream media are very much involved in these shenanigans and that is why they do not report on them.

I'm not dancing yet (ah hel... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

I'm not dancing yet (ah hell, I can't dance any better than I can sing anyhow). It's just a fact, a wounded animal is more dangerous than it was before being injured.

Obama isn't going to go away. Chicago-style politics will continue. They will be out to settle some scores if they can't have their own way on this and health care reform. Compare the prosecution of their war with Fox News to the way they treat things they don't care about, like say the GWOT. There is a lot of mischief he can inflict just through the use of executive orders and bullying.

Last week 5 Labor MPs (Memb... (Below threshold)

Last week 5 Labor MPs (Members of Parliament) resigned rather than be forced to vote in favor of the Aussie Cap&Trade program.

Seems the worries over the potential damage to the country's electrical grid, which is almost completely fed by Coal Plants, is the primary problem facing the Greenies down there. There are similar problems facing passage of like legislation in New Zealand.

mpr:"If the global economy ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

mpr:"If the global economy was growing this "economy killer" might have been sneaked through before it was seen for what it is."
I ain't dancin' just yet either, but yeah.

Even if we don't get full-blown cap'n trade they will still cause plenty of mischief.

Something I'd like to see:<... (Below threshold)

Something I'd like to see:

1. Exactly how much temperature rise is directly caused by a .1% increase in Carbon Dioxide?

2. Exactly how much money, worldwide, will it cost to permanently reduce CO2 by .1%?

3. Exactly how much money will it cost the US to actually reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 17% as promised. How much will it cost, in TOTAL, to do this? Not some trick sliding window 10 year cost projection, but in TOTAL. How much will it cost China? Or India?

4. Exactly how much will it cost to permanently change solar radiation patterns, prevent major volcanic eruptions, prevent any future changes to our planetary orbit and prevent changes in ocean currents, all of which have the same impact on global temperatures as atmospheric CO2? While we're at it, how much will it cost us to prevent cow farts?

5. How stupid do we have to be to accept the notion that human behavior over the past 100 years, a blink of the eye in geologic time, has any predictive value in forecasting future CO2 levels?

Assuming all of these questions have reasonable answers, which they decidedly do not, how long would we be talking about anthropogenic global warming if monetary jackpots were taken out of the equation? What if public funding of research grants was outlawed and governments were prohibited from assessing new taxes to address the issue?

The answer is about five minutes.

Well we've now got the firs... (Below threshold)

Well we've now got the first government 'to fall' over global warming. Who's next?

"Who's next?"Two w... (Below threshold)
John S:

"Who's next?"

Two words: Republican Congress.






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