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Chris Matthews: Obama "went to the enemy camp tonight"

Ya... West Point... Enemy camp of the Commander-Chief... what a freakin' butt-munch:

H/T Say Anything.



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The shame. Spread democrac... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

The shame. Spread democracy all over the world. What a travesty. People running their own lives? What manner of fool thinks this would be a good idea. After all the elites like Chris the thrill Mathews knows what is best for us. Didn't he work for Carter? Figures.

Guess the tingle is gone no... (Below threshold)

Guess the tingle is gone now, huh?

Is anyone actually surpris... (Below threshold)
Dr. Carlo Lombardi:

Is anyone actually surprised that a lefty let this slip out?
That's been the left's attitude toward the military for over 40 years.
They are the enemy.

What do I think of this ass... (Below threshold)

What do I think of this asshole?

Words fail. They just fucking fail....

It looks as if Mathews was ... (Below threshold)

It looks as if Mathews was upset that the cadets were not giving the president constant standing ovations and were not worshiping at his feet.

Zelsdorf: "The shame. Sprea... (Below threshold)
Jake McKee:

Zelsdorf: "The shame. Spread democracy all over the world. What a travesty."

Do you honestly believe Afghanistan has or will have a functional democracy? That's absolutely laughable.

And yes, Matthews is an idiot, but he's raising an interesting point about the audience reaction. I wonder if the cadets just had a hard day (West Point is, after all, no picnic), or if they are fearful of their options post-graduation, or if they simply don't like Obama.

I really shouldn't sit arou... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I really shouldn't sit around and wait for the outrage from the left on this one, huh?

/sarcasm tag off

Rope, Tree, Matthews and a ... (Below threshold)

Rope, Tree, Matthews and a Horse. Assembly required.

Matthews needs to be taken ... (Below threshold)

Matthews needs to be taken to task for this. Face to face, man on man. Someone needs to beat the sh*t out of him and teach him a lesson.

"Rope, Tree, Matthews a... (Below threshold)

"Rope, Tree, Matthews and a Horse. Assembly required."

CORRECTION: Rope, Tree, Matthews and a Bradley Fighting Machine. Assembly required, and enjoyed like your first orgasm.

The Cadets may have had to ... (Below threshold)

The Cadets may have had to be there but that doesn't mean they had to like it. Being in the military they will give him the require respect for being POTUS but that doesn't mean they respect the person.

Obama can send any number of troops over there but until he allows them to win, it won't happen. The ROE which were too restrictive under Bush has gotten far worse since March under Obama.

Freudian slip or not, Matth... (Below threshold)

Freudian slip or not, Matthews should be bitch slapped right off the air.

Chris Matthews worked for a... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Chris Matthews worked for a time in Carter's press office, I think, but really cut his teeth working for Speaker Tip O'Neill in the House back in the days when Tip was holding Reagan's agenda hostage and feet to the fire.

Face it, the guy doesn't have a show because he is some objective investigative journalist. He's a partisan Democrat who got his gig to be himself. He used to be more center-left, but moved steadily leftward during the W years. If they didn't let leftist Democrats say stupid things on the air, it require shutting them all out completely.

On this, though, he is right. To Obama, the military is a jolly good photo op and a cool parade where people salute you. He cannot feel comfortable in such a setting, where his lack of qualification is so evident to all - as opposed to his preferred throngs of adoring cultists . . .

Our military, as represented by the Cadets, is loyal and respectful to civilian authority. But ceremonial courtesy doesn't mean there is true respect, which must be earned. A man who has waffled and delayed and agonized over his decision on the troops the way Obama has, a man who has bowed to foreign potentates, a man who flits about the world apologizing for America is not showing the kind of leadership our military needs or can truly respect.

They didn't cheer him beyond the requirements of protocol, but they didn't show disrespect, either. They didn't boo him; this is our officer corps, our future commanders, and they are trained not to pick on sissies.

Gee, let's explain away why... (Below threshold)

Gee, let's explain away why the cadets seemed to not like Obama or what he had to say.

Uhm, maybe West Point is hard.
Uhm, maybe they had a particularly long day.
Uhm, maybe they didn't understand the nuance.
Uhm, maybe they're racists.

How about this: maybe they're smart enough to recognize a political dumbass president who isn't interested in winning in Afghanistan, jeopardizes the lives of American servicemen, and has just dithered for several weeks about sending the troops Gen. McCrystal asked for only to announce he'll send almost as many as requested but add an "exit date." And by "exit date", Obama means "Good Morning, Vietnam 2!"

"Gee, let's explain away... (Below threshold)

"Gee, let's explain away why the cadets seemed to not like Obama or what he had to say."

He kept trying to barge in front of the teleprompter.

Matthews real name is "DICK... (Below threshold)

Matthews real name is "DICK" Liberal. Well that is what I was told. Honest,

Rope, Tree, Matthe... (Below threshold)
Rope, Tree, Matthews and a Horse. Assembly required.

Since Chris Mathews is a supporter of Barack Obama, this statement is an allusion to stringing up a black man's supporter therefore it is obviously racist.


Let's face it - no presiden... (Below threshold)

Let's face it - no president that has been considered great or even just good has had the military as an "enemy".

The only reason a good president should consider West Point the "enemy camp" is if he went to the Naval or Air Force Academy.

Obama just doesn't know what he's doing, and his indecision and indifference is what is making the military's sacrifices to be all in vain, as he has no plans for winning. He seems to be sacrificing our finest for political considerations, rather than in America's interests.

Cadets aren't stupid. They know bad leadership when they see it. They saw it.

BTW Matthews is a true douchebag.

I can't believe he hasn't a... (Below threshold)

I can't believe he hasn't apologized for this yet...

Who is Chris Mathews?... (Below threshold)

Who is Chris Mathews?

Obama could do a lot for hi... (Below threshold)

Obama could do a lot for himself by just telling the military and the country he would take victory as his only option. His tough talk on the campaign trail was cheap, reality is smacking him in the face and he realizes he can't serve 2 masters. Trying to have it both ways shows more weakness than picking a path and staying the course. The cadets realize Obama will lead them into a ditch and then leave them there and save his own hide first.
Is it or is it not a threat to the world? Obama knows the play is for Pahkeestohns nukes. He's playing chicken with the new world order.
He is setting himself up to be KIng of the World, if he loses his gambit who has a better chance to end up on top? If he wins? He is already on top.
Didn't Obama also say he would choose Islam if he had to make a choice in the end?

6 months of dithering,...an... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

6 months of dithering,...and THIS is the best Brocko could come up with?
Not very confidence inspiring, which I'm sure the cadets noticed very keenly.

Les -For all the l... (Below threshold)

Les -

For all the left tries to paint the military as being stupid bullet-stops, the folks at the Academies have to go through both a VERY tough education AND rigorous training in the miltiary arts. You don't get stupid people INTO the Academies, and you don't get substandard ones OUT of them. They know how leadership is supposed to work. You set a goal, evaluate your resources, make decisions on how to reach that goal with the resources you've got... and you don't constantly make excuses.

They've had plenty of time to learn how leadership is supposed to work. And I'd say they didn't see any of it last night.

who cares what this guy mat... (Below threshold)

who cares what this guy matthews thinks. i come to the blogs so i won't have to watch idiots like this guy and all i see on the blogs is this guys face. quit giving him relevence. who cares what he says.

Rick's video did not includ... (Below threshold)

Rick's video did not include Mr.Tingle's most astute observation. Just after the speech, Matthews described Obama's battle thesis as a "Rube Goldberg" strategy, i.e. to occupy Afghanistan as a way to pressure Pakistan.

Now, let's never mind that it is Pakistani/ISI policy to send armed Jihadis to reinforce their own Pak strength in the Kashmiri sector of the ongoing India-Pakistan conflict right now, today. Let's all pretend that these ardent irregulars found attacking US troops from out of the Himalayan hills have merely found themselves lost by inadvertantly turning right instead of left at Hamid's Head Shop and Shooting Supply. It's not impossible. Perhaps an extra-astrophysical event made the sun change course as viewed from SW Asia.

It will be instructive anyway, to see which erstwhile "anti-war" Democrats are found in flagrante with the political corpse of RFK viz the Six Day War and the rise of Eugene McCarthy. I include Obama, who I hope loses to anyone in 2012. As he spoke last night I felt a yin for Uncle Ben's Converted Rice.

Request: Wizbang online recruitment royale. Regulars feign illness.

Occasionally one of these M... (Below threshold)
Dark Eden:

Occasionally one of these MSMers accidentally tells the truth.

I've got the tree. Someone... (Below threshold)

I've got the tree. Someone else will have to provide the rope and Matthews. I've got a big enough box for him to stand on, so we don't need the horse.

Frankly, hanging Matthews wouldn't do any good. There are plenty of far-left nutjobs that would jump at the chance to be his replacement. What needs to happen is for some of the far-left nutjobs in CONGRESS to swing from a lamp post in DC. "President" O'Bumble is just the rubber-stamp man - Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer, Leahy, and the rest are leading the charge. The Dumbocrats continue to get "super-smart" Presidents elected (Carter, Clinton, Obama) that don't have a clue how to actually lead a nation.

Here's a thought. MAYBE TH... (Below threshold)


After all, Barry's got his own fucking office. Why not use it?

I found it refreshing the M... (Below threshold)

I found it refreshing the Matthews voiced what we conservatives knew for years, the left hates the military and considers them enemies. I know he didn't mean to show his cards, but he did. ww

butt munch?? i prefer calli... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

butt munch?? i prefer calling him a fart knocker.

Little Chrissy and his "par... (Below threshold)
middle of nine:

Little Chrissy and his "partner" Obama, have more in common with all our enemies, including illegal immigrants, than they do with Americans. No one should be surprised that little Chrissy, like his "partner Obama" loath our American military.

Believe me, the general thinking out there of regular, hard working, educated Americans is; that they hope coward Chrissy Matthews and his "partner Obama" just disappear.






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