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What's Missing?

Can anyone figure out what pertinent information is missing from this completely unbiased New York Times article?

Verdict Elusive in Baltimore Mayor's Trial

WASHINGTON -- Six days into their deliberations, jurors in the trial of Mayor Sheila Dixon of Baltimore sent a note to the judge on Monday saying they had reached an impasse.


"We cannot come to a unanimous decision on all counts," the jurors wrote to Judge Dennis M. Sweeney.

In response, the judge asked the jurors if they had reached a decision on any of the counts. Without answering that question, the jurors said they would continue deliberations on Tuesday because of "new things brought to light."

Ms. Dixon is accused of stealing $1,500 in gift cards meant for needy families. The cards were left over from a charity event and had been donated by a developer, Ronald H. Lipscomb, whom Ms. Dixon dated in 2003 and 2004.

Ms. Dixon was accused of using the cards to buy items at Target, Toys "R" Us, Old Navy and Best Buy -- including, according to court documents, a PlayStation video game console, a digital camcorder, DVDs and CDs. During the trial, in Baltimore City Circuit Court, two charges were thrown out for lack of evidence.

Ms. Dixon's lawyers have argued that she believed some of the cards were personal gifts from an anonymous admirer.

Monday's note from the jury was the most recent indication of contentious deliberations. In the first days of deliberations, jurors requested early release because discussions were getting "out of order" and "heated," according to juror notes.

In response to the note Monday, Ms. Dixon's lawyer, Arnold Weiner, asked for a mistrial, but Judge Sweeney denied it.

Ms. Dixon took office in January 2007 and has generally been viewed as an effective city leader.*

Throughout the trial, which began Nov. 9, public reaction has tended toward two extremes. Some residents have voiced a sense of outrage that the mayor would steal from children and the needy. Others have accused the prosecutor's office of wasting time and money on minor offenses.

Ms. Dixon faces another trial in the spring on two perjury counts. Those charges stem from an accusation that she failed to report on city ethics forms gifts from Mr. Lipscomb, including money, travel and clothes. Mr. Lipscomb's company received millions of dollars' worth of city tax credits for its development projects in 2003 and 2004, the years he dated the mayor.

Hint: Believe it or not, she endorsed Barack Obama.

*(Footnote: Apparently, Ms. Dixon's credentials for being an "effective city leader" do not include successfully controlling crime, specifically homicides.)

From Ezra Klein via The Washington Post:

Baltimore is, statistically, the second-deadliest city in the USA; only in Detroit are you more likely to be murdered. Last year there were 234 homicides in the city, which has a population of 650,000. It was a 20-year-low, but still meant that one in every 2,700 people was murdered.


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Comments (24)

It's pretty shameful just h... (Below threshold)

It's pretty shameful just how corrupt the lamestream media is.

Integrity just doesnt matter to them, or libs for that matter.

"Ms. Dixon is accused of... (Below threshold)

"Ms. Dixon is accused of stealing $1,500 in gift cards meant for needy families"

Did they check Her freezer? Liberals like to keep other peoples goods on ice while they plan their next take.

See Jefferson LA, Obama, D.C. Etc.

(D)... (Below threshold)


We have a winner! ^... (Below threshold)

We have a winner! ^

If this person had been a R... (Below threshold)

If this person had been a Republican, The New York Slimes would have damn sure mentioned the party affiliation. Being that a Democrat is the crook, no mention of the party affiliation. Of course the Obama connection would have been hidden too. As where, if the shoe was one the other foot, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, and last but not least, George W Bush would have been inserted into the narrative of the thread of the story.

The jury found her guilty (... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

The jury found her guilty (noon news report) on one count and acquitted her on others because they could not come to an agreement and did not want to risk a mistrial being declared.

The old "name that party" g... (Below threshold)

The old "name that party" game.

By design. And it works.

Which is probably why a lot of folks associate the republican party to corruption. After all, they rarely hear of democrats being caught, tried, or convicted. And how could they.
The MSM leaves that out.

"The jury found her guil... (Below threshold)

"The jury found her guilty (noon news report) on one count and acquitted her on others because they could not come to an agreement and did not want to risk a mistrial being declared"

Or being called "RACISTS", by the likes of Jerk$on and $hopton!

Detroit and Baltimore, two ... (Below threshold)

Detroit and Baltimore, two excellent examples of "a worker's paradise". Sorry, can't get upset when stupid fucking people vote the same lame assholes back into office year after year.

Favorite bumper sticker... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

Favorite bumper sticker

"Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy"

I'm as interested in a rous... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I'm as interested in a rousing game of "Name that party!" as the next guy, but there comes a point where I must admit: "black Democratic mayor on trial for corruption" just isn't news any more.

If there were a black Democratic mayor somewhere who was NOT on trial, accused, convicted, or suspected of corruption, it would be different.

Anyone know if ACORN was in... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Anyone know if ACORN was involved in her election? (By 'if', I mean 'how much').

Jim A., I think you are painting with too broad a brush there. Many, yes; but not all.

We Smay be #2 in murders bu... (Below threshold)
Bill in Baltimore:

We Smay be #2 in murders but, we're #1 in syphillis.

Shiela Dixon's been in trouble here many times before when she was head of the city council. Gave her sister a multi-million dollar computer contract for city work and when the press investigated they found a small rented office space with 1 computer terminal was the corporate office. (No employees present.) (ever)

Something else missing from... (Below threshold)

Something else missing from the report that I would have liked to know.....what the racial makeup of the jury was, and what percentage of the jury wanting to acquit are black.

Racism actually exists in all colors.

I know you're thinking they... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:

I know you're thinking they should have included her party in the story, but I think that would have been redundant. She's an elected official, she's in the state of Maryland and the city of Baltimore. Of course she's a Democrat. That's the only party we have here in the city (pretty much goes for the state as well). I've often wondered how bad the city would have to get before a Republican could be elected. I have the answer now: It can't get bad enough to elect a Republican.

I used to laugh about the m... (Below threshold)

I used to laugh about the media bias, but now it's just criminal what the main stream media chooses to report (print) and what they cover-up. Clearly, liberals profit from their bias and it's unlawful.

If you pay taxes and vote Democrat you are an idiot or very wealthy. Finally the very wealthy are leaving the cities because they have been abused for sooo long. Only the idiots (and people on welfare) will be left behind in the cities.

I guess I missed where you ... (Below threshold)

I guess I missed where you stated the cash value of this prize. Just send me a signed blank check drawn on the WIZBANG slush fund and I will fill it in for you.

Brett, I think the prize up... (Below threshold)

Brett, I think the prize upi'll be getting is one year of Wizbang blog content absolutely free of charge.


Also, when I tried to deter... (Below threshold)

Also, when I tried to determine what east coast city is the most corrupt, crime-ridden sh*thole, it came down to Philadelphia or Detroit; I had forgotten all about Baltimore, though, so now I've got to reconsider.

Don't forget Newark, or DC.... (Below threshold)

Don't forget Newark, or DC.

Dems are now doing to the nation what they have done to many cities and states. Dems say they do a better job of leading. Anyone have any substantial proof of that?

The mayor's body is missing... (Below threshold)

The mayor's body is missing from the photo. If this were an article about Sarah Palin, they would show some cheesecake.

So, what do I win, really?

The article also doesn't me... (Below threshold)
jim x:

The article also doesn't mention her favorite college football team. This clearly proves the media's bias against the SE Conference.

"I guess I missed where you... (Below threshold)

"I guess I missed where you stated the cash value of this prize. Just send me a signed blank check drawn on the WIZBANG slush fund and I will fill it in for you." -Brett

We're a little short on funds right now, Brett, so my sincere respect will have to suffice.

However, if you're ever at the Jersey Shore, I can treat you to coffee and a buttered roll.


Gift cards worth some few h... (Below threshold)

Gift cards worth some few hundred dollars, over a political career??!! Unbelievable!






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