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Additional Charges Brought Against Nidal Hasan for Fort Hood Rampage

Thirty-two (32) Charges of Premeditated Murder have been added to the Charges and Specifications pending (13 counts of Premeditated Murder) against Major Nidal Hasan, MC, USA:

Fort Hood suspect charged with attempted murder
By Angela K. Brown

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) - The Army has charged the suspect in the Fort Hood shooting spree with 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder.

The charges are in addition to the 13 premeditated murder charges filed against Maj. Nidal (Nee-DAHL) Hasan (Huh-SAHN') in the Nov. 5 massacre at Fort Hood.

The Army says the attempted murder charges filed Wednesday are related to the 30 soldiers and two civilian police officers injured in the shooting at a soldier processing center on the central Texas post.

Hat Tip: Drudgereport.


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Comments (9)

Hang the bastard!... (Below threshold)

Hang the bastard!

I agree, hang'em high, but ... (Below threshold)

I agree, hang'em high, but will add: On live pay per view.

the mutt proved himself "gu... (Below threshold)

the mutt proved himself "guilty" when he killed all those people...so we really should move right to the penalty phase...and as Marc and GarandFan so succintly put it: HANG THE BASTARD!

I think I'd trade all of th... (Below threshold)

I think I'd trade all of the "attempted" counts for one good count of TREASON.

Better yet, strap him to th... (Below threshold)

Better yet, strap him to the next Hellfire missile being aimed at a Taliban hideout.

A Twofer Win-win.

ooohhh, i bet hasan is quak... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

ooohhh, i bet hasan is quaking in his boots.

Stop charging and start exe... (Below threshold)

Stop charging and start executing!

He will get more support fr... (Below threshold)

He will get more support from our pretender-in-chief and his admin than his victims. What a shame.

This should be a wake up ... (Below threshold)

This should be a wake up call for people and company's. Perhaps being politically correct and not asking questions was taken too far ? ignoring the obvious warning signs






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