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Just Wait A Minaret

The Swiss just held a referendum seeking a constitutional ban on the building of minarets, a small, slender tower which is usually attached to a mosque, in many cases, several at a time.

The referendum passed, which now makes it illegal for these structures to be built.

Many Muslims and non-Muslims have called this "religious discrimination."

A hyperventilating LA Times editorial claims, "It would be just as accurate to say that the Christian cross is a symbol of the Spanish Inquisition or the violence committed by Crusaders against Muslims."


Holding the Christian cross up in some sort of connection with events which happened centuries ago, and comparing it to modern-day Islam, in which its members perpetrate mass acts of violence as some sort of holy quest is just ignorant.

The Swiss banned the construction of an architectural structure, not a religious symbol. No one is restricting Swiss Muslims from practicing their religion.

"The Swiss ban, by contrast, targets only one religion and suppresses religious expression not in government schools but at places of worship. Saying that Muslims may construct a mosque but not advertise its purpose with a minaret is the equivalent of forcing Christians to construct churches without crosses. The comparison won't be lost on Muslim governments that stifle the expression of Christianity. Why should Saudi Arabia allow Christians to worship openly if a supposed paragon of pluralism such as Switzerland requires Muslims to efface their identity?"

Who wrote this, Farrakhan?

How does this suppress religious expression? In order for a mosque to function as a house of worship, it needs a minaret?

The comparison between a minaret and a Cross is fundamentally wrong. The correct comparison would between the Cross and the Islamic star and crescent. No such ban concerning the star/crescent has been suggested.

To equivocate how Saudi Arabia treats Christians with Switzerland's treatment of Muslims is astonishingly disgusting.

Christians in Saudi Arabia are tortured, raped and killed. They are subjected to forced conversions to Islam. The subject of building a Christan church does not even exist in this part of the world. This type of real discrimination occurs throughout the Arab/Islamic world, often ignored by politicians who visit these countries to exchange politically correct pleasantries with corrupt dictators and brutal regimes.

The problems which have plagued Europe for years regarding radical Islam has created an atmosphere where those governments have been forced into weakend positions of defending or at least not offending immigrated Muslims. This despite riots by angry, young Islamists over cartoons they didn't like, hatred of multi-culturalism, bombing of London buses, and destruction of Spanish trains.

There is a certain type of style in a place like Switzerland. The country has its own culture. Despite that, they have become the epitome of multi-culturalism, rarely having a problem in dealing with those who migrate to their country.

For Muslims to complain about restrictions regarding issues which amount to "building codes" goes to show just how much they are unwilling to assimilate to the various cultures which they attempt to change.

The majority of the Swiss people have rejected this kind of forced architectural assimilation into there society.

This should be praised by the rest of the world, including Muslims. Islamists should, for once, respect the culture of the society to which they have willingly decided to adapt themselves.


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Comments (17)

Evidently the ruling politi... (Below threshold)

Evidently the ruling political class has a problem with "the people". There is a way to correct that: Throw their fucking asses out of office!

At least the Swiss have the right idea. You don't like how our country operates, then get the hell out. Simple. Direct. Uncomplicated.

As for the asshats at the LA Times. Does anyone read that rag anymore? I'm sure the Swiss will be all a-twitter now that they know they are in the sights of the lofty LA Times.

"Christians in Saudi Arabia... (Below threshold)

"Christians in Saudi Arabia are tortured, raped and killed. They are subjected to forced conversions to Islam"

It could be worse... They could be forced to watch reruns of the Won making lude gestures at the teleprompter on a nightly basis..

Oh, sorry.. Ha ha ha ah..th... (Below threshold)

Oh, sorry.. Ha ha ha ah..thats lewd to weirdos in rio linda.

In the name of religious fr... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

In the name of religious freedom, governments should strive to put as few constraints on religious practice as possible.

Interestingly, I sometimes attended a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall which was built entirely by the church members over a two week period, although all of the construction permits took government bureaucrats far more than two weeks to approve. Jehovah's Witnesses always built their own houses of worship, and even volunteer their construction skills to areas hit by natural disasters to rebuild damaged homes.

This in the WSJ: <... (Below threshold)

This in the WSJ:

"Muslim leaders, who have taken a low-key approach to the controversy, are nonetheless worried."

""This initiative gives a message that Muslims are not welcome here," says Elham Manea, a lecturer in political science at the University of Zurich. "If it passes, it raises the possibility of radicalization of some young people. It would be a big disappointment.""

Got that? A "low key approach" is to suggest that if this ban passes, they're opening themselves up to jihadism. Just more of the, "Be careful not to offend them. They may want to kill you."

The LA Times, of course, engaged in a whopping game of hyperbole there. It really does amount to nothing more than a building code. These structures often tower over everything else and are imposing. The purpose is for them to be seen far and wide and to be a constant reminder. The next step will be wanting to sound the horns for prayer time.

However, it seems they've gone a bit too far with it, in my opinion, by banning minarets altogether. A more common sense approach would be to put a height limit on them. City codes do that with Christian churches too.

"Interestingly", Hooson jus... (Below threshold)

"Interestingly", Hooson just described the behavior of many Christians after Katrina and just about every disaster around the world. It has nothing to do with minarets and everytjing to do with compassion.

Q: Minaret is to Islam as _... (Below threshold)

Q: Minaret is to Islam as ________ is to Christianity

A: Steeple

"This initiative gives a me... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

"This initiative gives a message that Muslims are not welcome here,"

A quick glance north to France and Denmark by the Swiss might just have soured the welcome wagon a bit.

As an old geezer, born and ... (Below threshold)

As an old geezer, born and raised in a small town with two Catholic Churches - one Roman and one Irish (I think) - that couldn't get along, not to mention those nasty Lutherans (just kidding), this story doesn't surprise me a bit.

However, I am getting tired of being told how Islam is a religion of peace. Maybe amongst themselves but not when it comes to other religions or ways of life.


Religion of Peace, as long ... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [retired]:

Religion of Peace, as long as you are willing to convert.

When churches and Temples a... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

When churches and Temples are allowed to be built in Arab/Islamic nations, (or even allow crosses & bibles in the country!!!) they will have a legitimate point to belly-ache about. Until then, they can pound sand.

""This initiative ... (Below threshold)
""This initiative gives a message that Muslims are not welcome here," says Elham Manea, a lecturer in political science at the University of Zurich.

Aw, poor baby. It would be fun to ask Messr. Manea how many Christian churches can be built in Mecca or Riyadh.

What a pious hypocrite.

I personally love the quote... (Below threshold)

I personally love the quote "...it raises the possibility of radicalization of some young people." in that WSJ article.

I would really like to know what does NOT radicalize the young people?

As long as this "religion of peace" teaches its followers that ALL must be converted (or die), there really is no way to live peaceably alongside the "true believers" in their midst.

I do not for a minute think that all practicing muslims believe this message, but enough do to have caused havoc in the world for centuries.

Interesting post... (Below threshold)

Interesting post

"Christians in Saudi Arabia... (Below threshold)

"Christians in Saudi Arabia are tortured, raped and killed. They are subjected to forced conversions to Islam"

Show me evidence of that because I'm a Saudi and in Saudi Arabia we have Christians, Jews , and Gentile they all live in peace with us however they can't practice their religion in public temples. That's it !! just like the Vatican. it's a single dominant religion over their and a sacred place for Muslims around the world too.

Mo,The Vatican is af... (Below threshold)

The Vatican is afforded the rights of a Soverign nation, much like the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.
It is less than half a square km, smaller than most golf courses. It has no permanent citizens. Those employed by the Vatican are citizens until their employment ends. There is only one employer, the Church. Oddly enough, all employees of the Church are Catholic...
Given these facts, where and why would anyone place a mosque or a temple in the Vatican?

Google Brian Savio O'Connor

The Swiss seem to be differ... (Below threshold)
Avinash Machado:

The Swiss seem to be different than the French or British who seem to be appeasing Muslims a lot.






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