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"May God save us from our well-intentioned mistakes."

That delicious irony filled statement coming from ardent Obama supporter and Religious Leftist Jim Wallis:

Two weeks ago, we delivered to the White House an open letter to the president calling on him to lead with a different kind of "surge" -- a surge of strategic and focused international development, diplomacy, and targeted humanitarian assistance (and, yes, the necessary security to support it), rather than again relying on more military escalation. Seventeen thousand people have signed on to that letter. We heard little of that new approach in this announcement of sending more troops to fight terrorism. To undermine, isolate, and roll back the influence, capacity, and power of groups like al Qaeda is a necessary goal, but we still fail to fully comprehend how the presence and consequences of foreign military power serve to strengthen the extremism we seek to weaken.  The plan that the president announced last evening is still the wrong kind of surge, and the emphasis of this policy is still in the wrong place. The history of the troubled country of Afghanistan, the lack of a reliable governance partner, the absolute failure of every other occupation of that nation, and the consistent mistake of leading with military solutions all predict sad outcomes for this old approach. Our nation's growing skepticism about this war is well-founded.

Ultimately, only a whole new approach to Afghanistan will have any chance of success. And many of us will continue to call for that, in the hope that the Obama administration will eventually listen. In the meantime, we will pray for our servicemen and women who will continue to sacrifice for a tragic strategy, for more innocent civilians in Afghanistan who will die from more military escalation, for a president whose deepest instincts we still trust, and for the soul of our own nation. May God save us from our well-intentioned mistakes.

Hey Jim... may God save us from your supposedly well-intentioned mistakes.



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Comments (11)

The real mistake was electi... (Below threshold)

The real mistake was electing this Chauncy Gardener dolt to office, nest pas? Or is he a diabolical assclown? YOU. MAKE. THE CALL.

Hey, I'm all for shipping a... (Below threshold)

Hey, I'm all for shipping all the peaceniks over that want to go and letting them help. Of course, once you make that offer, they'll all find other "more pressing" matters to attend to.

What exactly did Jim Wallis... (Below threshold)

What exactly did Jim Wallis expect?

I am very familiar with Wallis, and his God's Politics blog is a regular read for me. I respect Wallis' understanding of pacifism as an appropriate Christian response to violence (though I do not completely agree with it). But I have to ask, did Wallis completely ignore everything said during the 2008 Campaign?

Obama specifically campaigned on Afghanistan being "the good war," and criticized Bush and McCain/"McSame" for ignoring Afghanistan while wasting resources in Iraq. The obvious inference was that an Obama Administration would draw back resources from Iraq and reassign them to Afghanistan; in other words Obama would redouble our efforts to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan, thus doing the job that Bush should have done. Obama also inferred that he would finish another job that Bush left undone, which was the capture of Osama Bin Laden.

Conservatives have critized Obama for not doing these things quickly and decisively enough, but Obama is doing exactly what he promised with respect to Afghanistan.

There's a lot more here that I could elaborate on, but clearly Jim Wallis is engaging primarily in wishful thinking, rather than paying attention to what is really going on.

I am very familiar... (Below threshold)
I am very familiar with Wallis

Yeah, so am I. The man is a political hack of the worst sort, disguising his far left politics in a cloak of religiosity. He spent most of the 1980s apologizing for tyrannical communist regimes such as Nicaragua, Cuba, North Vietnam, and of course, the USSR. In one unforgettably vile editorial, he excoriated the people who were fleeing the tyrannical Hanoi regime in leaky boats as being "addicted to western lifestyles and...consumerism."

Jim Wallis is odious slime. He has all the moral authority of a divorce lawyer.

"and targeted humanitar... (Below threshold)

"and targeted humanitarian assistance..."

He must have been talking about Bush and his massive and record breaking amount of cash sent to Africa to fight AIDS.

That was the ref right?

Well I guess not.

"and targeted humanitari... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"and targeted humanitarian assistance..."

He must have been talking about Bush and his massive and record breaking amount of cash sent to rebuild the lives and commerce of the great city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

That was the ref right?

Well I guess not.

Would one of those well-int... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Would one of those well-intentioned mistakes have happened on November 4, 2008 by any chance?

Steve "I'm Too Stupid To Us... (Below threshold)

Steve "I'm Too Stupid To Use Google" Green - we've sent $109 billion in Federal aid to Gulf Coast states for rebuilding and recovery in the wake of the 2005 hurricanes.

That is a massive and record-breaking amount of cash.

Unfortunately, the massive and record-breaking amount of Democrat corruption, good-ol'-boy politics, and plain waste and fraud that is imbedded in the political systems of the state of Louisiana and its parishes was more than enough to swallow up that money while producing very little in the way of real results.

One more thing Steve, if la... (Below threshold)

One more thing Steve, if lack of Federal money was the problem in New Orleans, then were was the big line-item for New Orleans recovery in last February's Democrat "Porkulus" bill?

I don't recall seeing one, do you?

Here's what I originally in... (Below threshold)

Here's what I originally intended to post before I was sidetracked by Steve Green's dumb comment -- Jim Wallis and his Sojourners organization also seem to have deep ties to ACORN.

Wallis seems to have a track record of picking losers.

While I don't think Steve G... (Below threshold)

While I don't think Steve Green adds much to any debate, I don't really see the value in deleting him.






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