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And In This Corner

In the news lately is an interesting Senate primary race that's shaping up in Connecticut. In one corner is Linda McMahon, past CEO of the WWE who reportedly has $30 million to put into the race. In the other corner is Congressman Rob Simmons who is currently leading other primary opponents, as well as Senator Chris Dodd in head-to-head polls.

McMahon recently drew attention for some rather bizarre comments about the KSM trial. She has also recently come under fire from some of the most high profile, successful former members of the organization she led -- an organization she doesn't mention by name in her campaign ads or brochures.

In November, former pro wrestler, Superstar Billy Graham criticized McMahon for several problems in the WWE organization including sexual exploitation of women. Graham said, "She may look like a Sunday school teacher," but he says, "Linda McMahon's hands are as bloody as her husband's because she is aware of every move in the ring."

A week ago, Jesse Ventura spoke out against the WWE calling it "a joke" and "still in the stone age" due to pro wrestlers not having any form of organized union protection.

Last week, in a Miami Herald report about his autobiography, Bruno Sammartino strongly criticized the organization Linda McMahon led on various grounds including the rising use of drugs, vulgarity and scantily clad women.

Recent polls show Simmons opening a double digit lead over Senator Chris Dodd, while McMahon runs just better than even with Dodd. Republicans have an incredible opportunity to defeat a sitting Democrat Senator in the Northeast. It might seem an easy primary decision for Republicans to make considering Simmons numbers against Dodd, but McMahon has a personal fortune she has shown she is not afraid to spend. Keep an eye on the race between McMahon and Simmons. The result of this primary may determine whether or not the GOP is able to unseat the longest serving Senator in Connecticut's history.


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I don't know much about eit... (Below threshold)

I don't know much about either candidate so I am not sure who I would want. However this attitude of voting for a Republican solely on the bases of who is most likely to win needs to go. It leaves us open to manipulation by the MSM which results in candidates like McCain for President. We need representatives that represent our values not just one that we think can win. IMO doing so has cost us more elections than not. Also we end up with the B.S. big spending and intrusive government we have now.

Why does this story fail to... (Below threshold)

Why does this story fail to mention the most qualified candidate in this Senate race... Peter Schiff?

Peter Schiff is an economist who actually predicted the economic crisis years before it happened. It was Peter Schiff who detailed what was happening and why we would see the crisis occur in the face of insults and ridicule.

This story misses the best candidate in the running. Better luck next time!

Peter Schiff... just based ... (Below threshold)

Peter Schiff... just based on Chris' fawning post, I am now predisposed to associate him with Ron Paul






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