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CNN: Because Journalism Matters

CNN has an ad running on the Drudge Report (and I am sure elsewhere) that features some of their personalities including Anderson Cooper. Christiane Amanpour's picture appears first with the word "TRUTH" across the bottom. Cooper's picture appears next with the word "NEWS," then some other CNN person's picture comes up with the word "FACTS" at the bottom. Then the following text appears: "More people turn to CNN because journalism matters. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." This is just a continuation of their marketing effort which stresses their news content, which I assume is presented in contrast to Fox and MSNBC's opinion programming. Unfortunately for CNN the very thing they are advertising is what has been the problem. If CNN's "news" didn't include so much opinion masquerading as fact they might not be in the ratings basement right now. At least that is my opinion.


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Exactly,FOX News i... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [retired]:


FOX News is sure to separate the opinion from the news but apparently liberals are too dumb to recognize that. They think that because CNN is THE source and they mix the two, that everyone does.

But really...the libs cut their teeth on CNN before moving on to MSNBC when CNN dared to fall out of lockstep and they are now considered FauxNewsLite.

I'm betting MSNBC will lose most of its current viewers if comcast leans right to gain a larger audience, and suddenly CNN will become THE network once more for the left.

Since when did journalism e... (Below threshold)

Since when did journalism exist at CNN? Not anytime in the last 15 years -- if ever -- that is for sure. Mostly definitely since "Walks On Water appeared on the political scene.

CNN wouldn't know a FACT if... (Below threshold)

CNN wouldn't know a FACT if it walked up and introduced itself. It also wouldn't have any idea what the word TRUTH is. Guess that's why Beck and Carlson went to FOX where they found those two words and the meaning. Is there anyone else at the Congressional Novice Network that is planning on jumping ship?

Actually, instead of Congre... (Below threshold)

Actually, instead of Congressional Novice Network, I think it should be Corrupt National Network.

As usual, Lori, you hit the... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

As usual, Lori, you hit the nail on the head... but somebody needs to "hit" CNN execs on the head - maybe then they'll come to their senses.






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