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Iran Government Represses Popular Uprising; Where's Obama and the Main Stream Media?

The post-election turmoil in Iran continues as thousands of students gather in the streets of Tehran to demand freedom. Their free speech and right to assemble is being mercilessly crushed by the Iranian military on the orders of the government itself. Yet the televisions and the teleprompters remain silent in the greatest beacon of democracy on the planet: our United States.

You may remember months ago that an incredibly fraudulent election took place in Iran, with incumbent President Mahmud Ahmadinejad "winning" reelection over challenger Mir Hossein Musavi. The "votes" were counted and showed irrefutable proof that much of the election was faked, including cases where votes "cast" were actually more than the number of registered voters in many regions.

Eventually the Main Stream Media picked up on the story and it was headline news for a few days. After that, as the President saw that popular American support was behind the protesters in Iran, Mr. Obama made a wishy-washy speech about Iran, talks, and voting. He stated that he supported the "right" of Iranians, but did not mention the election results or the fraud within.

But soon, both the President and the MSM fell silent. Lured by more shiny topics, the media and Administration left Iranian students' rights behind. Six months later, the protests in Iran continue. The people of Iran still call out for freedom. The people of Iran call out for the very hope that our President campaigned on.

Where is President Obama? Sir, you promised hope and change and a new world when you were seeking election. Now, as the beleaguered yet resilient people of Iran call out for the things you promised, they are greeted by your silence. How can you stand idley by and not defend the burgeoning rights of Iranian students? Not a speech, not a paragraph, not a sentence, not a word.

The same goes for our Main Stream Media. Where is the support for democracy and free speech? Apparently, the MSM and our President seem to take these rights for so granted that they ignore the rights of others.

I stand with the people of Iran.

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Comments (30)

No more nation building. </... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

No more nation building.


If America won't stand up f... (Below threshold)

If America won't stand up for those who demand freedom from dictators, who will? This President is silent.......it is beyond pathetic that he has lost his voice in support of the Iranian people, but insists on threatening the Israelis.

Right, supporting those who... (Below threshold)

Right, supporting those who are oppressed by murdurous dictators is "nation building".

That must be why Obama doesn't have the cajones to speak out against the Iranian regime./scarcasm

One thing the left shows over and over again is that they are only supportive of the "little people" if the left gets something out of it..money...votes....power. Otherwise their eyes are closed and if it is pointed out to them they have some excuse for why they shouldn't have to and won't do anything about it.

You kind of wonder sometime... (Below threshold)

You kind of wonder sometimes if Obama and his advisors look at what's going on in Iran and think about whether it could happen to them...

Does he feel solidarity with dictators, because he believed that when he became President everyone in the country would leap to do his bidding? That he'd never have to worry about such pesky things as disagreement? That even the Constitution would be changed, so he could be President for the next 20 years? And then REALITY interrupted unpleasantly?

It would explain his silence. Then again - he could simply be staying quiet so nobody on either side will get their Persian noses out of joint about the US supporting the OTHER side. Being non-committal. Voting 'Present!'.

Sue: Bingo. You hit it solidly.

The left love the poor - until they try to get out from being poor. The left love the poor, as long as they know their place, stay on the dole and vote the right way.

They are too busy suppressi... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

They are too busy suppressing a popular uprising here, where protesters numbered in the hundreds of thousands. What do we get from our leaders? YAWN. Did you hear something?

Obami and his fascist minio... (Below threshold)

Obami and his fascist minions would rather suppress freedom in Honduras than promote freedom in Iran.

Vic: "No more nation bui... (Below threshold)

Vic: "No more nation building."

Tranlsation: "F**k 'em...my microwave cheeseburger is ready, and a re-run of 'Seinfeld' is on"

Note that Michael Avitablile's post doesn't call for sending in the 82nd Airborne...just asking why Obama can't even say: "We'd like freedom to prevail in Iran"???

Obama had NO problem interfering non-stop in Honduras...DESPITE that country actually working to DEFEND its freedom!

Obama is a dickwad...and he's Vic's dickwad!

Because the most important ... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

Because the most important issue facing our Republic is the Tiger Woods bimbo-palooza.

America is a powerful count... (Below threshold)

America is a powerful country and Obama would rather suppress freedom.

"No more nation building.</... (Below threshold)

"No more nation building.


No more dumb trolling.

"it is beyond path... (Below threshold)
"it is beyond pathetic that he has lost his voice in support of the Iranian people, but insists on threatening the Israelis." kathie

kathie has overlooked the immediate threat---right here on our shores and in the halls of Washington. Has anyone noticed that every time the current "leadership" has to pass something that further rapes the American citizen of individual rights, (cap n trade, government healthcare take-over), it's proceeded by a "crisis mode"? There IS NO HEALTHCARE CRISIS, and yet Obama and his liberal party have whipped their media minions into a frenzy claiming they're making history. It's all about government control folks, and your government is about to take over control of your healt choices. They've already tipped their hand by claiming mammograms were no longer necessary, a perfect example of what's to come, (while everyone scoffed at Palin's warning of death panels).

If it wasn't for these now appearent Climate-gate files exposing this global warming hoax, Al Gore and Obama would be triumphantly roaring into Copenhagen with an agenda that would devastate our energy policies, further crippling this nation's fragile economy.

We are on the brink of losing our democracy right here in the U.S. I do not fear for Israel's sovereignty or even the fate of Iran, as much as I fear the stupidity of our own youth, who marched to the voting booths to elect a party that insist on shackling them with eternal debt---all under the guise of "free health care" and saving the planet.

Pathetic? Yes kathie, he's lost his voice in supporting the Iranian people. Let's all hope he's also lost his voice right here, or as Rush puts it, "let's hope his policies fail".

Progressives circa 1961, "L... (Below threshold)

Progressives circa 1961, "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty."

Progressives circa 2009, "No more nation building."

Eric -"Progressive... (Below threshold)

Eric -

"Progressives" today are more like Luddites. They're enamored of their 'freedoms', so much so they'll gladly smash the infrastructure that gave them the leisure to have such. And they'll villify those who try to ensure they HAVE such freedom to destroy.

Building is hard work. It takes time, and money, and sweat. Thoughtless destruction is easy and amusing and quick. Sometimes you've got to destroy in order to build, but the left doesn't bother to plan on rebuilding - apparently thinking that some wonderous creation will magically appear to suit their needs and desires. All you have to do is believe, and it'll happen.

One more thing. Vic's right... (Below threshold)

One more thing. Vic's right about his proclamation, and it should be passed on to Obama and this current government that is attempting to convert this nation into a socialist/marxist autocracy---NO NATION BUILDING or NATIONAL GENOCIDE!

Damn, I sure miss the Wizbang of years past. Where's all the trolls? What do you good conservatives feed on today? Certainly not one-liners like vic's rhetorical reps. Like the trolls said in the hobbit, "perhaps there's more about, and we might make a pie"

Just the thought of feasting on liberals in 2010 makes me hungry. Burp.

Where is the media? Thats a... (Below threshold)

Where is the media? Thats an easy one. There are no US troops in Iran to protect our valiant reporters and ensure they have enough time to search out the perfect latte.

The MSM and current adminis... (Below threshold)

The MSM and current administration are basically silent, because they fundamentally don't see anything wrong with Iran repressing protesters. The people are protesting the "legally" appointed government and are wrong. They should accept the administration forced on them by the establishment and go home. That is the same reasoning that gets the MSM panties all wadded up over conservatives protesting here in the U.S. They will always support a repressive regime/dictator because they wish they could do that here in the U.S.

The "votes" were c... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:
The "votes" were counted and showed irrefutable proof that much of the election was faked, including cases where votes "cast" were actually more than the number of registered voters in many regions.
Now we see shy the Obama administration is not saying anything. If they objected to what was done in Iran, they migh have to do something about ACORN and places like Minnesota.
I look forward to Obama spe... (Below threshold)

I look forward to Obama speaking about the 'current legitimate government in Iran'. After all, he had no problem condemning the 'illegitimate government of Honduras'.

The Democrat Party in gener... (Below threshold)

The Democrat Party in general has been automatically and fiercely opposed to anything Republicans or conservatives support or promote for many years now, regardless of the substance of the matters.

Except for spending.

The same might be said of the Republican Party's stance toward the Democrats and conservatives.

"Iran Government Repress... (Below threshold)

"Iran Government Represses Popular Uprising; Where's Obama and the Main Stream Media?"

Busy trying to do the same thing in this Country!

The Kenyan is Pro Muslim. ... (Below threshold)

The Kenyan is Pro Muslim. If anybody out there has not figured that out by now you must be way stupid or very pro-Kenyan.

The Kenyan does not listen ... (Below threshold)

The Kenyan does not listen to plain simple Americans. Do you really expect him to care about the those poor Iranians. Come on now.

"The Kenyan is Pro Musli... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"The Kenyan is Pro Muslim. If anybody out there has not figured that out by now you must be way stupid or very pro-Kenyan."

Nice to see that right wing racists are allowed a free forum on Wizbang.

Hey Steve, don't forget Wiz... (Below threshold)
liberal troll:

Hey Steve, don't forget Wizbangs love of Obama assassination fantasies.


I believe it was troll fece... (Below threshold)

I believe it was troll feces like #23 & 24 that paid at the box office to see the "Assasination of George Bush."

10 bucks says that poptoy, ... (Below threshold)

10 bucks says that poptoy, whom I've never heard of before, shares the same IP address as one of our resident trolls.

It would not be very helpfu... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

It would not be very helpful to the Iranian pro-democracy elements to be viewed as part of any U.S. effort. They need to be viewed as a homegrown reform movement.

vic "No more nation bu... (Below threshold)

vic "No more nation building."

Hey "nitest" of all "wits," I'd suggest you send a letter of complaint to obama, nation building is exactly what he's doing in Afghanistan.

Guess that fact escaped you, as many facts do.

s green "Nice to see that right wing racists are allowed a free forum on Wizbang."

You've become a parody of yourself, no.... you've become a one trick pony who sees any and everything as racism.

"Where's Obama and the Main... (Below threshold)
Extreme Centrist:

"Where's Obama and the Main Stream Media?"
They are in Honduras repressing Popular Uprising.

From Bsproof.net. Tell me t... (Below threshold)
jaques ular:

From Bsproof.net. Tell me this doesn't fit.

"A scene I can't get out of my head is Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod in an office deep inside the White House, feverishly pouring over a copy of...'The Presidency for Dummies' while press secretary Robert Gibbs, munching on a jelly donut, mumbles into the phone...."hang on, we're checking it now". It would be hysterically funny if there weren't so much at stake."






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