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Baird Retires!

Sorry for the focus on the State of Washington, but that's where I live. Great news from the Weekly Standard today. Congressman Baird of southwestern Washington is retiring from service. He's a democrat who voted against the health care reform monstrocity. Le't hope that this guy takes his place. This is from a You Tube video of one of Baird's town halls. I guess he couldn't take the heat. Expect more blue dog retirements. Or pray for them anyway.


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Wait, you're glad that some... (Below threshold)

Wait, you're glad that someone that voted against it is leaving?

He can read the writing on ... (Below threshold)

He can read the writing on the wall a bit better than the others.

Getting out before the tar ... (Below threshold)

Getting out before the tar and feather brigade come knocking, eh?

I cannot get the streaming ... (Below threshold)

I cannot get the streaming video on the computer that I use to read Wizbang. Are you saying that a Republican will replace him or do you expect a (shudder) supporter of the Reid/Pelosi/Obama monster?

Charlie, Dave Hedrick made ... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Charlie, Dave Hedrick made a complete ass out of himself at that town hall meeting. I was there and saw it. He would be lucky to get enough votes to make it to dog turd pickup position if they had one.

Baird had his faults, no doubt about it, but he did help the people in SW Washington. I just hope the person elected will help the people, instead of filling their pockets with corporate cash.

JC- "I just hop... (Below threshold)


"I just hope the person elected will help the people, instead of filling their pockets with corporate cash."

Said replacement would be the opposite of Barry, right?






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