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Now it's Patty Murray playing the "I'm an idiot" card


Not be outdone, our state's Senator, Patty Murray (D-WA), also has objections to Senator Nelson's amendment to ban federal funding of abortion. She commented on the floor of the Senate yesterday:
This amendement that is now before us would be an unprecidented restriction on womens health choices and coverage.
That is not true and the senator knows it. A woman can still choose to have an abortion under the proposed legislation. She just has to pay for it instead of forcing taxpayers to fund her choice. It could more rightly be said that the amendment from Senator Nelson would prevent a woman from choosing to have a free abortion at taxpayer expense. There's a big difference between prohibiting abortion altogether, and objecting to being forced to pay for killing unborn babies, just for the convenience of a woman whose choices were her own up until now. For that, I hereby give Senator Murray my official "I'm an idiot" card.

And another for Frank Lautenbach, (D-NJ), for following up Murray with this quote:

Lautenbach: Make your own choices about your own family. Make your decisions as to what you would recommend to your own daughter to a wife. But for God's sake let the woman chose what's best for her.

And if what's best for her is an abortion, I say let her pay for it, not you and me.


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Comments (14)

There is no restriction dim... (Below threshold)

There is no restriction dimwit.. Clean a few houses, wash a few cars, walk a few corners and pay for it Yourself.

Somebody educate me here wi... (Below threshold)

Somebody educate me here with the right answer. Aren't Dems proposing that elective cosmetic surgeries NOT be covered, and rather have them taxed at a 5% to help meet the Senate bill's cost?

If so....

Abortion should be banned. ... (Below threshold)

Abortion should be banned. Then no one would have to pay for it.

Frank Raleigh Lautenberg (b... (Below threshold)
Rich Moore:

Frank Raleigh Lautenberg (born January 23, 1924) is the senior United States Senator from New Jersey. Unfortunately I live in New Jersey.
Great blog! Totally agree! Keep them coming.
Rich Moore

"But for God's sake let the... (Below threshold)

"But for God's sake let the woman chose what's best for her."

Sure, just as long as she keeps her damned hand OUT OF MY POCKET!

I'm sure birth control pill... (Below threshold)

I'm sure birth control pills are already paid for or can be purchased at a reduced rate. Why do I have to pay to kill babies as well? You choose, I have chosen not to pay for your choice.

Wow - three Wizbang (male) ... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

Wow - three Wizbang (male) posters post 3 attack pieces in a row, all attacking women.

But if a liberal calls Sarah Palin a barbie doll they are labeled a misogynist.

Go figure.


Hey Vic,We're not at... (Below threshold)

Hey Vic,
We're not attacking women. 50% of those aborted are female, you know. And it's not an attack to ask them to pay for their choices.

"Abortion should be banned.... (Below threshold)

"Abortion should be banned. Then no one would have to pay for it."

Accept for those unlucky enough to be aborted.

Vik-"Wow - thre... (Below threshold)


"Wow - three Wizbang (male) posters post 3 attack pieces in a row, all attacking women."

Those were not attacks and those three are certainly not Women.

Yikes. All this time... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

All this time wasted debating whether or not taxes will be used for abortions under Obamacare.

If we get govt controlled healthcare, abortions WILL be paid for by taxes. Period. End of story.
They may or may not pretend to take it out of the proposed legislation today, but tomorrow it will be slipped back in somewhere.

It's a rope-a-dope tactic to change the subject and distract from the main issue: govt taking over healthcare.

If you are against abortions or just against taxpayer funded abortions, use your energy to defeat Obamacare. If you think you can get socialized med without abortion, you are fooling yourself.

Vic:How you can yo... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [retired]:


How you can you seriously take attacks on publicly funded abortion as attacks on women? We didn't say a woman doesn't have the right to choose, we say we have the right to NOT pay for the frivelous taking of life.

I still say life threatening condition can qualify for D&C. But not abortion on demand.

Hey Vic, I agree with these... (Below threshold)

Hey Vic, I agree with these guys and I'm a woman. Kathie said the same thing. Why didn't you accuse her of attacking women? Is mine an attack on women?

Vic -I don't like ... (Below threshold)

Vic -

I don't like the idea of abortions - haven't been able to see it as a 'good' thing since I held my infant son.

But I can't see prohibiting it. I want people to be able to CHOOSE - and that choice is something that can go either way.

But I don't see it as being MY responsibility to pay for it, and resent like anything your idea that it's something you have a right to force me to do.






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