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"According to what the science is telling us"

I find the following interview with Naomi Klein fascinating... for a variety of reasons... chief amongst them is that our go-to Religious Leftist is pushing the interview... that Ms. Klein is on record as a seriously anti-capitalist and that she dares to state that we should be kowtowing to what "science is telling us"...

I'm having the most difficult of times taking these people seriously... but we have to... and we have to understand the alliances here... there is no coincidence that Religious Leftists are teaming with anti-capitalists who are teaming with pseudo-scientists all to further an agenda that will dramatically alter Western society.

No coincidence whatsoever:



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"The Red movement", how fit... (Below threshold)

"The Red movement", how fitting Naomi.

Let's all be POOR, together... (Below threshold)

Let's all be POOR, together.

I have said forever, and no... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

I have said forever, and now I heard Rush allude to it, that these people need to be confronted with one simple question (which they will never never ever EVER truly answer):

And that is, "IF, just as a hypothetical, but IF.... it began to be accepted that the cooling trend of the last decade (the very "decline" that was spoken in terms of "hiding") meant that possibly a severe cooling was in the works, that might devastate agriculture and food sources and cause huge human problems, etc etc..... IF, just IF, that were hypothetically the case....

Would you then advocate desperately trying to increase CO-2 emissions so as to warm the planet and head off disaster? Fire up the Hummers, build more factories, swap all those light bulbs back?

Because someone who genuinely believes in AGW as it has been sold to us, could only answer 'Yes' to that question. After all, they know that carbon causes warming, they know that we can thus change climate by such actions, they know that completely changing our behavior based on such "knowledge" is not just moral, but mandatory... they know all this, so such a scenario can only be aswered with a 'Yes' to that question.

Now, try to get just one AGW advocate to acknowledge that, and say they would be willing to increase "pollutants" under any circumstance, any place, any time, any where. But if they are not so willing, the entire foundation of AGW collapses, in that either carbon does not play the role they say it does, or else that responding to the problem by "adjusting the dial" on our carbon production is not necessarily the answer, or a right thing to do.

It has been noted: Beware the advocates of a "crisis", who tell you the solution is for you to do exactly what the advocates have been insisting you do since long before the "crisis" arrived.

So-called scientists are th... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

So-called scientists are the new high priests. Those who do not hold to religious orthodoxy are excommunicated.

Every man, wherever he goes... (Below threshold)

Every man, wherever he goes, is encompassed by a cloud of comforting convictions, which move with him like flies on a summer day.
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A big gathering of water me... (Below threshold)

A big gathering of water mellons in copenhegan planning the NEW WORLD ORDER like the pigs in ANIMAL FARM and OBAMA is the head pig NAPOLIAN there to oink to his fellow pigs






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