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Ever felt like giving up?


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That was pretty awesome. I ... (Below threshold)

That was pretty awesome. I just had this image of a guy who was raising a finger to the fates beating the wheelchair twice in a lifetime.

God bless Him.. And get wel... (Below threshold)

God bless Him.. And get well Brother.

Holy Cow!! YAYYYYYY for thi... (Below threshold)

Holy Cow!! YAYYYYYY for this man, a true inspiration! Wow, just wow! Thank you so much for posting something that didn't depress the hell out of me.

Full blown tears rolling do... (Below threshold)

Full blown tears rolling down my cheeks. Mark Stephen is the type of person that makes me humbled to be human, a species able to push mind and body beyond the possible. This is a story that truly deserves the overused word: AWESOME!

Many doctors don't know jac... (Below threshold)

Many doctors don't know jack.

If you have the time, watch... (Below threshold)

If you have the time, watch the film "Life. Support. Music."


Love, support and the human spirit can overcome almost anything. The family of this man was also told he would remain in a perpetual vegetative state. It's unbelievable what this guy overcame to return to his life.






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