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Suppression of heresy at Copenhagen

The Church of Chicken Little is circling the wagons... can burning at the stake be far behind?

A Stanford Professor has used United Nation security officers to silence a journalist asking him "inconvenient questions"  during a press briefing at the climate change conference in Copenhagen.

Professor Stephen Schneider's assistant requested armed UN security officers who held film maker Phelim McAleer, ordered him to stop filming and prevented further questioning after the press conference where the Stanford academic was launching a book.


He asked Professor Schneider about his opinions on Climategate - where leaked emails have revealed that a senior British professor deleted data and encouraged colleagues to do likewise if it contradicted their belief in Global Warming.


Professor Schneider, who is a senior member of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said he would not comment on emails that may have been incomplete or edited.

During some testy exchanges with McAleer, UN officials and Professor Schneider's assistants twice tried to cut short McAleer's question.

However as the press conference drew to a close Professor Schneider's assistant called armed UN security guards to the room. They held McAleer and aggressively ordered cameraman Ian Foster to stop filming. The guard threatened to take away the camera and expel the film crew from the conference if they did not obey his instructions to stop filming Professor Schneider.

The guard demanded to look at the film crews press credentials and refused to allow them to film until Professor Schneider left the room.

McAleer said he was disappointed by Professor Schneider's behaviour.

"It was a press conference. Climategate is a major story - it goes to the heart of the Global Warming debate by calling into question the scientific data and the integrity of many scientists involved."

"These questions should be answered. The attempts by UN officials and Professor Schneider's assistant to remove my microphone were hamfisted  but events took a more sinister turn when they called an armed UN security officer to silence a journalist."

It's pretty funny really when you come to understand that these are the same people who decry the rigidity, intolerance and narow-mindedness of the so called Christian Right.



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Comments (15)

However as the press con... (Below threshold)

However as the press conference drew to a close Professor Schneider's assistant called armed UN security guards to the room. They held McAleer and aggressively ordered cameraman Ian Foster to stop filming.

Algore: "This was an open process in which the studies that were being argued about actually were fully included and openly discussed and analyzed."

Delete the data and refuse to discuss the matter? Yup, absolutely reeks of sober scientific processes.

Ummm.... they may want to r... (Below threshold)

Ummm.... they may want to rephrase that "not evil just wrong" thing...cause I gotta tell you.... THIS is evil.

What I've described in this... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

What I've described in this post on Wizbang today explains the behavior of Professor Schneider and most of the scientists attending the Copenhagen conference on self-delusion.

Geesh, these film makers th... (Below threshold)

Geesh, these film makers that don't have a NEA grant are getting a little bit uppity aren't they?

CO2 is pollution! It should... (Below threshold)
Victory is Mao's:

CO2 is pollution! It should be against the law! It should be reduced by 100%! When our atmosphere, sacred Gaia's sweet breath, is less than one part per million of CO2 then we will know we liberals are really making progress!

Peace and love for all living creatures, except you, you filthy neocons!

Don't ya just love the 'nua... (Below threshold)

Don't ya just love the 'nuance' of liberals who proclaim the majesty of "diversity of thought"? Perhaps Professor Schneider was upset because he wasn't addressed as Der Fuhrer?

Liberals are fascists.... (Below threshold)

Liberals are fascists.

Michael, I don't know about... (Below threshold)

Michael, I don't know about that. I think libeals have so much self loathing and guilt, they don't know who or what they are. They hate conservative's because we are self assured with a core and belief system. ww

Wonder when the EPA will re... (Below threshold)

Wonder when the EPA will require breathing permits from all citizens. Just think of the revenue stream that could produce.

The chemical compound that ... (Below threshold)

The chemical compound that will destroy the world is Uranium Nitrite. Abbreviated UN. I don't know why the EPA didn't list it.

Big confession: I think tha... (Below threshold)

Big confession: I think that adding CO2 to the atmosphere can increase the surface temperature. I thought it before the CRU thing and I still think it now. The real problem is that the science tells us that CO2, in and of itself, has only raised the temperature about 2 or 3 TENTHS of a degree over the past HUNDRED years. Catastrophic warming requires other feedbacks that are envisioned/speculated/imagined to exist. If we double the CO2 content we really can only expect another 2 or 3 TENTHS rise. With available technology and reasonable licensing requirements for nuclear power plants we could be reducing our reliance on carbon based fuels within 20 or 30 years (with the side benefit of reducing funding of Mideast terrorists!) There will be no catastrophic warming no matter what we do, but we would be better off to build the nuke plants and convert our coal plants to synfuel operations, but I suppose that just makes too much sense for college 'perfessers' and the like.

Catastrophic warming was always a gussied-up excuse to install command control economics and pay reparations to third world countries for our sins of inventing stuff that makes their lives better. The folks pushing this will not be swayed by good arguments. They will only be swayed when they realize massive political pressure will catastrophically warm their collective gooses.

The second-generation trait... (Below threshold)

The second-generation traitor and runner-up to Big Ears in The World's Most Dangerous Dullard stakes, Al-Fredo Gore-leone, is the unelected Pope ... make tha "dope," of the (godless) Church of The Flat-Earth No-Growth Environmental-Whacko Chicken Littles, the nation's ... no, make that the world's "scientists" are under the totalitarian thrall of increasingly fascistic governments, the power of whose dirty money has absolutely corrupted "science."

Yet, rather than holding "scientific research" and "discovery" in respect, as we once could, we must be alert to the fact that public policy has become the captive of an abjectly-corrupt pseudo-scientific-technological elite," that Evil is as Evil does -- and that all that is necessary to see it prevail is that Good Men do nothing!

Professor Schneider: "..... (Below threshold)

Professor Schneider: "...said he would not comment on emails that may have been incomplete or edited."

Hey Egghead, many of them are YOUR emails...care to show that even a single ONE was edited???

Didn't think so. I would call this moron a "lying sack of shit", except that would be unfair to sacks of shit everywhere.

yep. They are starting to s... (Below threshold)

yep. They are starting to scatter like cockroaches (my apologies to the roaches) when you turn on the kitchen light. As more of this scandal reaches the light of day, these buffoons will be exposed and their cause will haunt them to the grave.

The UN is one of the biggis... (Below threshold)

The UN is one of the biggist supporters of terrorists the biggist killer of the inocent and the #1 oppresor of the weak as is demonstarted why terrorists supporting nations and terrorists have gotten standing ovations by these UN thugs






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