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"I believe in the Climate Change, the holy Goric church"

Gerard has penned the New Apostles Creed:


He's got more... it's all globaliciously warming.



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Comments (10)

He is Algorax... he speaks ... (Below threshold)

He is Algorax... he speaks for the trees. (...and probably has muttered to a lot of trees as well)

I have nothing good to say ... (Below threshold)

I have nothing good to say about a man that is building a criminal enterprise to rival that of Bernard Madoff in size and scope with the blessings of the federal government.

Oh they even got the font r... (Below threshold)

Oh they even got the font right. Love it!

Hey Vic, SAUD, stevesP&G an... (Below threshold)

Hey Vic, SAUD, stevesP&G and such and so forth',

How much does Your Gores'es mouth union of fidelity cost You assclowns in worship dues/fees each month? C'mon dont be shy.. ? We wont laugh all too hard.

The Church of alGore is sup... (Below threshold)

The Church of alGore is suppressing scientific method and objective analysis in a manner not seen since the Catholic Church declared Galileo a hertetic!

Maybe Monty Python can refresh this skit...alGore would look good in red:

Y'all are gong to hell spea... (Below threshold)

Y'all are gong to hell speaking such blasphemy. Gore have mercy.

Al Gore, Pope of the Church... (Below threshold)

Al Gore, Pope of the Church of Makin' Shit Up, and please drop your cash in the offering plate on the way out so he can pay his electrical and heating bills.

If AL GORE THE BORE kept hi... (Below threshold)

If AL GORE THE BORE kept his mouth shut for a whole day the HOT AIR would be cut by 100%

Looks like the <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

Looks like the DOE is out looking for the data that comprises the basis of the EPA CO2 finding, the "Jones and Wigley" record, which the DOE funded the CRU to do. Without the "Jones and Wigley", the EPA has to start all over again. No wonder the Met office started their 3 year long effort to recreate the "raw data" over the complaints of PM Gordon Brown.

To deny EITHER glob... (Below threshold)

To deny EITHER global warming or cooling (climate change, if you like) is foolish, enough evidence exists to support both as natural phenomonons.

To posit that an individual species can have a material effect on warming, except in an extremely localized manner is arrogance in the extreme.

And at the end of it all, the only solution is to adapt to the particular, thus surviving--or fail to do so, thus perishing.

Kinda renders all the current flap moot.






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