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Vote in a Poll: Obama's First Year Grade

Thought you guys might find this interesting, a poll from Jumping in Pools:

The letter grade with the most votes...A+?! I don't normally tell people what to do, but vote early and vote often!


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Comments (13)

I thought President Hopey-C... (Below threshold)

I thought President Hopey-Changefulness wasn't supposed to be so polarizing. Then you see an unofficial poll like this.

FWIW: D+ here. His "dithering" decision on Afghanistan saved him from an F+--though his speech was poor/bad at West Point.

Heh. Looks surpri... (Below threshold)

Heh. Looks surprisingly like any poll featuring Ron Paul.

Needs to be spammed some more.

There should also be an 'I'... (Below threshold)

There should also be an 'I' for incomplete. He's in the first year of his term. I graded him a D as that is where I think he will end up.

everyone should vote A+ so ... (Below threshold)

everyone should vote A+ so that Obama can have 100% of the support of his subjects just like Castro and Chavez ...

37 A49 F<... (Below threshold)

37 A

49 F

-12 total - Seems like what the other polls have shown.

I am thinking the trolls ar... (Below threshold)

I am thinking the trolls are just voting the shit out of the A's just to piss off the normal people. Its really all they have in their shallow little lives.


The poll should be worded l... (Below threshold)

The poll should be worded like this:

One Year Into Barack Obama's Administration What Grade Would You Give Him?

a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D
e) F
f) Ron Paul

Ha ha ha ha, Im finally in ... (Below threshold)

Ha ha ha ha, Im finally in the majority.. F-

Gee... He'll probably be Ti... (Below threshold)

Gee... He'll probably be Time magazine's person of the year... shouldn't he get a grade that reflects that accomplishment?.... Oh, yea, F- works for that.

During a parent teacher nig... (Below threshold)

During a parent teacher night at my high school, a parent asked a Latin teacher why her child got an F- in Latin. His reply? "Because the grades didn't go any lower than F-." Seems that BO has the same problem.

Thats 4 Ds a F and a H... (Below threshold)

Thats 4 Ds a F and a H

Whats the H for Flu-Bird? ... (Below threshold)

Whats the H for Flu-Bird? Horrendous lack of knowledge? If so, than He's earned a Triple H in each quarter of the first year.

...but he gets high marks i... (Below threshold)

...but he gets high marks in self-esteem.






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