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Democrat Chaos and Comedy

By promising everything to everybody the President is rapidly finding himself in the favor of nobody .

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) backed out of an event with other organizations promoting the Senate healthcare reform bill Wednesday over concerns about changes made to the legislation to accommodate centrist Democrats.

Big Pharma, the hospital lobby and insurance companies are turning the Senate version of the bill into a veritable food fight that is becoming a Ground Hog day farce for Majority Leader Reid.

The spectacle of the ObamaCare fratricide that is laying waste to the Democratic Party (in Technicolor) is a sight for the ages, one of the great set pieces in politics that will be watched by political junkies for ages. I am reminded of that dramatic scene in February of this year, a mere ten months ago, when President Obama reigned with a moral superiority and arrogance of power that was breath taking for those have been around politics for a few decades. With the sweep of his pen the president planted the seed of his own political demise:

"We have begun the essential work of keeping the American dream alive," he declared before putting his pen to the 1,434-page American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. "I don't want to pretend that this marks the end of our economic problems. ... Today does mark the beginning of the end."

Come November 2010 I suspect there might be around seventy Democratic congressmen and more than a few Democratic Senators that would agree that February 2009 was indeed the beginning of the end....for them. In what is turning out to be a legislative and policy superfecta carrying enormous odds for failure, the Democrats of 2008 bet their future on a toxic wager of Stimulus excess, Cap and Trade, ObamaCare and pandering to terrorists. Who in their right mind but a drunken politician staggering out of an inaugural ball would have bet their political fortunes on what we know today as the official policy of the Obama administration?

Historically, besotted pols sober up soon after the election festivities but this party, after eleven months, is just showing signs of winding down and a lot of veteran Democratic legislators are hitting the exits before they get the axe from voters.

There is no sign, however, that the White House is getting the message just as the Republicans are learning how to throw a fast ball high and inside. This is the very moment the opposition Party should go on the offensive. Having urged a brow beaten minority to remain unanimous in its opposition to what at the time seemed like an unstoppable Democratic juggernaut all I can say now is "what a difference ten months makes".


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Yep, Nov. 2010 is going to ... (Below threshold)

Yep, Nov. 2010 is going to make Nov. 94 look like a little girls tea party in comparison.

Dumbassery doesn't recognize political affiliation but it sure as hell seems to be more prevalent in the party of the Jackass. They have made a mockery of our representative republic and will pay dearly for it as well they should.

Dunno if I'd go 90 but I'm good for 60 Representatives and a solid 7 Senators with more possible at this time getting a retirement invitation from the voters.

The rallying cry for the 20... (Below threshold)

The rallying cry for the 2010 elections should be: "CAN YOU HEAR US NOW!"

"Obamacare has been the pol... (Below threshold)

"Obamacare has been the political version of the neutron bomb, vaporizing supporters while leaving every structural obstacle in place."

-Michael Gerson column, August 27, 2009

Rallying cry for 2010 shoul... (Below threshold)

Rallying cry for 2010 should be" "IMPEACH EVERYONE!"

Bambi ears is so funny when... (Below threshold)

Bambi ears is so funny when Hes floundering about.

The 'usual suspects' appear... (Below threshold)

The 'usual suspects' appear to be MIA. Buyer's remorse?

Rick, your earlier post abo... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Rick, your earlier post about that school kid, well it's a hoax. Makes a person wonder how much stuff posted here is the same type of BS.

Which person, JC?... (Below threshold)

Which person, JC?

"Makes a person wonder how ... (Below threshold)

"Makes a person wonder how much stuff posted here is the same type of BS."


Obamacare:Captain Ah... (Below threshold)

Captain Ahab drove his vessel and men in relentless pursuit of the white whale. His reward was the destruction of all.

JC- While I realize that yo... (Below threshold)

JC- While I realize that you lib types are physiologically incapable of owning up to your mistakes, if you would have re-read the story about the school kid, you would have seen that the story had been updated to reflect-and report- the hoax part. Instead of worrying about rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, you should put the kool-aid down, open your eyes and see what an unmitigated disaster and danger Obama is.

It's way too early to claim... (Below threshold)

It's way too early to claim any kind of victory.

But having the opportunity to laugh at some of the self-inflicted Democrat misfortune is a welcome respite from the horror show.

"Rick, your earlier post... (Below threshold)

"Rick, your earlier post about that school kid, well it's a hoax. Makes a person wonder how much stuff posted here is the same type of BS."

Rest assured, everytime You post We are remonded.

"Reminded" , for turd brain... (Below threshold)

"Reminded" , for turd brains like JC in Rio whomever Linda.

"" Democrat Chaos and Comed... (Below threshold)

"" Democrat Chaos and Comedy ""

... and Bread and Circuses!

And the ritualized throwing of we (Jews and) Christians to the ludicrous Left's lions.

But there will be nothing to laugh at during the "Democrats" next couple of years of chaotic and comedic degeneration. Back any domestic pussy cat into a corner and you'll have a fight on your hands. And at its back this gang of pussies has Hitler's helper, Soros and is aided by the Socialist-International/Chicago Machine's ownership, control and management -- and increasingly, the programming -- of the machinery of what passes in America as "voting" and as "vote counting." And we have yet to deal with that gang's similarly lizard-brained grip on the Census, on its counting of a couple score millions of criminal aliens as Americans, of seeing to the registration of perhaps twenty millions of them -- and as many dead people -- to "vote."

Brian Richard Allen
Lost Angels - KKKalifobambicated 90028
And the Very Far Abroad

It was also the beginning o... (Below threshold)

It was also the beginning of the end for ol' Charlie Crist's run for the Senate. His support for the stimulus, his shameless embracing of Obama in Tampa and the shit storm he created with doubling the homestead exemption have all lead to a slow dashing of his dreams as the Junior Senator from Florida. He is now tied with Rubio in polls; a nose dive from his double digit lead such a short time ago.

Hopefully he can spend his waning years commiserating with his pal Obama on how it all went so wrong.

I'm betting (and so is Neal Boortz) that rather than enduring the embarrassment of over-estimating his popularity in a failed Senate bid he simply decides to try and run again for Governor.

And I hope he loses that too.

Wow Hugh, this post just mi... (Below threshold)

Wow Hugh, this post just might rate a James Taranto "metaphor alert"!
god bless our troops,

justsayin'!!god bl... (Below threshold)


god bless our troops,

olhardheadThanks f... (Below threshold)


Thanks for picking up on that....I thought "sweep of the pen/ planted the seed" was the best :)

Hugh,Nutin wrong wit... (Below threshold)

Nutin wrong with metaphors my friend.

"Democratic legislators are hitting the exits"

Has a nice sound don't it!

god bless our troops,

IMPEACH ALL LIBERALS... (Below threshold)







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