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The Christmas Sweater

I recently read The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck. It is a wonderful children's book with beautiful illustrations. The book is based on a heart breaking personal story Beck tells of a sweater he received one year for Christmas, but the story in the book is much different. It is about a magical sweater a boy receives that transports him to some of the happiest times in his life. What I really liked about it is that the places he is transported to are not magical places, but rather are special times spent with his loved ones. I will mail a copy of the book to the reader with the best story about the best gift they ever received for Christmas. Write your stories in the comments section and keep them fairly brief. They will be judged on quality, not length. I'll consider entries through Thursday at noon. Be sure to check back then to find out if your story won because I'll need to get mailing address from the winner.

(Full disclosure: I received a review copy of the book, as well as a copy to offer as a giveaway.)


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That was the year I was dia... (Below threshold)

That was the year I was diagnosed with Cancer. My Christmas present fromt he oncologist was that I did not have to come in to get a Nupegen shot on Christmas day. (For Thanksgiving, they sent a portion of the drug home with us, the nurse that lived across the street came over and gave it to me.)

Our families magicial Chris... (Below threshold)
Ruth H:

Our families magicial Christmas involved a baby. A baby sister on Christmas Eve. It was 1944 and already there were three girls and two boys in the family but Mama was having another one. She hoped it would be on Christmas day so she could name it Merry Noel if it were a girl, but she had it a day early on Christmas Eve, 52 minutes before midnight.
The magic happened on Christmas though. We had a beautiful snow covered landscape and that evening all the children got to walk with Dad to the hospital across the way to see their new baby sister. The moon was not full but it was a clear night and to us children it was like the birth of Christ had happened. We are planning now to celebrate the birth of Janine next week as we always do, right before we celebrate the birth of Christ.

I used to get an orange. An... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I used to get an orange. And I was happy to get it.

I was laid off in January. ... (Below threshold)

I was laid off in January. No one was interested in hiring a 45+ year old with loads of experience for $15 an hour. I used up my savings then cashed out what was left in my Obama decimated 401K in order to keep current and keep my house. Hundreds of resumes, days of searching, all ending in rejection. I began to look forward to rejections. At least that was a reply in some form. Most companies don't even bother today.

Then one day, an old colleague called with a job tip. He would have taken the job, but had other obligations. He forwarded my resume. I interviewed and was offered the job. It's not as much as I am used to making, but I will be able to keep my family in the house we have lived in for year.

To me, there can't be a better Christmas present than a friend helping find a job after almost of year of nothing.

Christmas was rapidly appro... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Christmas was rapidly approaching and I was feeling like crap. I believed it just be a matter of hours before a full-blown case of the flu hit with a venegance.

Desperate not to have my celebration ruined, I reluctantly went to the doctor hoping he could dig up some magic to prevent the inevitable malaise.

The good doctor managed to give me the very best Christmas present I have ever received ... the news that in eight months I would be having my very first baby!

It was truly apropos because I was born shortly after Christmas and my mother always called me her "Christmas Baby."

Babies and Christmas ... isn't that what it is all about?

The very best Christmas pre... (Below threshold)

The very best Christmas present I ever received took 21 years to reach me, but began when I was six months old-on 25 December to be exact. You see my husband was born on Christmas day in 1967. He is first generation American and because his family was new to America they named him a name that they believed was an all American name...Bill!

The reason that he is my very best gift, is that he has been the most wonderful husband anyone could imagine. Each year I am reminded of how blessed I am to have been given this man to be my husband.

We married at 21, and have been married 21 years so far. Bill gave me four amazing children and has been an incredible example to all of them. Bill served in the army, and was a civilian law officer until he was injured in an auto accident that nearly took him from me on 1 January 2005. Words cannot describe the second chance we have been given to have him in our lives.

Thanks for a chance for me to share this, as without Christmas Day 1967 I would not be who I am today as he has made the woman I am!

Merry Christmas

(p.s. Happy Birthday Bill)

All of the above are a grea... (Below threshold)

All of the above are a great Christmas present.. I have lost much family around this time of year so I will probably work on those days.

Thanks for the gifts.


I received my best Christma... (Below threshold)

I received my best Christmas present at Thanksgiving in 2008. My family and I visited my grandfather, aged 101, in a nursing home. We live 7 hours away and didn't get to see him very often.

This wonderful man was very alert, but his body was failing. I wanted to bring him a small tabletop Christmas tree and a few decorations. I was going to the store for these items and happened upon a garage sale. There was a fiber optic tree and Christmas wreaths for sale. I also picked up several of those hangers that hang vertically for his closet. Total cost: $13.00.

My grandfather and his roommate were so tickled and delighted with the Christmas decorations...I still get tears in my eyes today remembering their reactions. Who would have thought such a small amount of money would bring such pleasure to people? And I know it wasn't really about the money or the presents...it was that they weren't forgotten.

I have that Christmas tree in my house this year...my dear grandpa died peacefully in April, and I was at his bedside. He gave me the best present ever. His delight and lesson to me, my husband and my children, is the cost of what you give is irrelevant...the gift of ourselves and our time to others is really what is needed for others. THAT'S the message for Christians now and throughout the year. For the first time in my life, I truly understood this message. Once you are touched by ultimate truth, it never leaves you and you are indeed changed forever.

The gift I received from my grandpa at Thanksgiving 2008 will always stay in my heart.

We used to go to my grandpa... (Below threshold)

We used to go to my grandparents home on christmas eve after dinner one time we were going out to our car and we saw a strange object passing overhead

Sorry I am so far behind, b... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Sorry I am so far behind, but will announce winner in the morning. Thanks for sharing such lovely stories.

I loved all the stories, bu... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I loved all the stories, but chose Gretchen's as the winner. I love the message that what is important is the gift of ourselves and our time this season. Gretchen, email me your mailing address and I'll put the book in the mail to you.

I carefully did not comment... (Below threshold)

I carefully did not comment as I do not celebrate Christmas, but I just wanted to add that the best Chanukah present that I ever received was my wife. We were married on the last day of Chanukah 41 years ago tomorrow (by the Hebrew calendar). I enjoyed the stories that you posted.






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