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Jason Mattera presents AARP with a "generational theft" invoice

Classic stuff coming from Young America's Foundation and Hot Air TV correspondent Jason Mattera:

Do your part in respecting your elders... and pass this on to them.



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Comments (7)

More proof of extortion and... (Below threshold)

More proof of extortion and bribery by the sphincters in DC.

Yeah, AARP is keeping awful... (Below threshold)

Yeah, AARP is keeping awful low about their "medigap" coverage. Was that part of the deal with Barry?

Just more lib hypocrisy. <... (Below threshold)

Just more lib hypocrisy.

Pre existing condition exclusions are bad, except for one of the largest insurance agents in the country, AARP. Funny how no one has mentioned this yet.


I know they must do someth... (Below threshold)

I know they must do something besides try to sell me insurance that is no cheaper or better than what I found on my own and lobby for legislation I don't want...but that's enough.

I quit the bastard-offsprin... (Below threshold)

I quit the bastard-offspring of the Communist Party of America-descended AARP in 1991, about 20 minutes after my first conversation with several of its (regional - Denver CO - Go Broncos!) apparatchiks. During which conversation the smoke blew away sufficiently and the mirrors moved enough to reveal the Goebbelsesque black hole the fascistic criminal organization we know as "AARP" has in place of a "soul."

If AARP was other than just another protected un-and-anti-American component Crime Family of the vast, un-and-anti-American, RICO-racketeering, criminal enterprises "collectivist-ly" called the "Democratic" Party, its every don, consigliere, made man and foot-soldier would be in a federal pen!

AARP? Generational theft? Sure. Many generations: Past! Present! Future!

Brian Richard Allen
Lost Angels - Califobambicated 90028
And the Very Far Abroad

comment2, ... (Below threshold)


The video is so interesting... (Below threshold)

The video is so interesting !
Thanks for sharing !






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