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Hope no longer floats

Via Curt at FloppingAces.



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Yep, Sir Gallabad is sinkin... (Below threshold)

Yep, Sir Gallabad is sinking like the Titanic.

Instead of; er....ah...ummm... (Below threshold)

Instead of; er....ah...ummm. It's going to be 'blub, blub, bluv'.

Hide the Decline!... (Below threshold)

Hide the Decline!

This can't get better. Obam... (Below threshold)

This can't get better. Obama is tanking and the Republicans are seizing the opportunity to take action. NOT!


The establishment GOP types are always weak and always late. They send this video out on the day Reid cuts a deal with the last holdout, Ben Nelson. The GOP is done. Until the likes of Steele, Snowe, Hatch, Hutchison, and Graham are gone, they are a party out of touch (for crying out loud, they think the Tea Parties are their cheerleaders) with their only strategy being hope. They passively hope that the other team keeps screwing up. Hope is a piss-poor strategy, and it's one that is employed by the weak and unprincipled.

Go ahead and cheer Obama's falling numbers. But, if you're not actively supporting a strong alternative, Barry's tanking numbers won't support your hat.

That's not hope floating in... (Below threshold)

That's not hope floating in the punchbowl.

I'll settle for a serious housecleaning in Washington come next November and a single term for Obama.

Hell, I'll even vote for a mere woman, maybe two. Palin and Bachmann, for example. Couldn't be much worse that what we have now.

Now if this had involved Mc... (Below threshold)

Now if this had involved McCain every major birdcage linner and all the talking head would be blabbering about it for a week

Unfortunately, Obama and th... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, Obama and this Congress can do massive damage to the Republic before they are defeated. Even if the Republicans can advance in the next election or, more optimistically, take control of one or both houses of Congress, Obama will still have the veto. And unlike Bush 43, he will use it. So, at best, we are stuck for the remaining 3 years and the damage he will do will be massive...and I fear, most of it undoable.






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