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Why There is a "War on Christmas"

As I have grown older, I have seen a greater departure from the word "Christmas" around the very season that was named for it. Instead, the ubiquitous word "holiday" has taken its place, or the more egregious "Season's Greeting." Of course, by using the word "holiday," people refer to Christmas without actually saying the word.

Now, without a doubt this is going on. But the question at hand is why. Many people will say that the loss of the word "Christmas" is the left trying to take religion and Jesus Christ out of the holiday. Others will say that it is American culture as a whole that is moving away from religion. And more, others will say that it is the repression of Christian culture.

While these may very well be true, I postulate a different reason for why there is a War on Christmas. The reason is as simple and complex as this: fear.

How many times have you had this happen to you? Someone will say "Happy Holidays" to you, and you respond "Merry Christmas;" the person, in response, will normally smile and say "Merry Christmas" back. This has happened to me a good dozen times over the last couple of years. But it begs the question, why exactly don't they say "Merry Christmas" in the first place.

This is a perfect example of fear. People have grown overly-acute to offending others. People will say "Happy Holidays" because they fear the unknown, such as "what will happen if I say Merry Christmas to someone who doesn't celebrate?" People are scared of being identified as a person who isn't sensitive to other religions. People are scared of having pride in the very culture they live in. Instead of realizing that it is not offensive to say "Merry Christmas," many have become sheep and simply say "Happy Holidays" instead.

But in this is another problem with over-sensitivity. If you wish a Merry Christmas to a Jewish person, it takes no effort at all to say, "Oh, excuse me, Happy Hanukkah." Is that so hard?

The truth of the matter is, this fear is wide-spread. People correct themselves and stop themselves from saying Merry Christmas in favor of Happy Holidays. How many times have you heard someone say, "Well have a," then pause, and finally say, "Happy Holiday?" I've seen it too many times, for my taste.

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Merry Christmas, Michael</p... (Below threshold)

Merry Christmas, Michael

I say Merry Christmas to th... (Below threshold)

I say Merry Christmas to those I know (and those I don't who are obviously celebrating the holiday), Happy Hannukah to those of the Chosen, but a more generic Happy Holidays to others, not out of fear, but respect. Growing up 45 years ago I spent a large part of my time in a mixed Catholic/Jewish neighborhood, and as one of two Protestant families in a four block area, I felt quite the minority, but no fear. Most folks followed the same pattern I outlined above back then.

MERRY CHRISTMAS Wizb... (Below threshold)

MERRY CHRISTMAS [email protected]!

Merry Christmas! And if yo... (Below threshold)

Merry Christmas! And if you're "offended", tough shit. Get over it. Get a life. Grow up.

Christmas is a national hol... (Below threshold)

Christmas is a national holiday. I don't need any other reason to say "MERRY CHRISTMANS"!

Why There is a "Wa... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Why There is a "War on Christmas"

The NT teaches that Christians are the salt of the earth and when salt gets in a putrefying wound it stings as it heals. The NT is talking about moral wounds and then warns that when salt loses it's saltiness it's useless and is thrown out.

If someone doesn't want to celebrate Christmas that's fine with me, just don't object to others doing so. If a company is cowered into not using the term Christmas then they forfeit my business for the coming year. I don't object if they want to add Happy Hanukah to be more inclusive.

Merry Christmas to one and ... (Below threshold)

Merry Christmas to one and all! And have a Happy New Year as well.

P.S. to those offended,put ... (Below threshold)

P.S. to those offended,put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Last I knew, the US was a f... (Below threshold)

Last I knew, the US was a free country, where people are free to say "Merry Christmas," or "Happy Holidays," or "Happy Hanukkah," or "Happy Gobbledygook," or even to say nothing at all.

People decide what they want to say, for reasons of their own. And our freedom means they are entitled to do so. So what if they say "Happy Holidays" out of fear of "offending" someone? What does that matter to anyone else? It's their choice to be non-offensive. Americans can choose to be non-offensive, even when it's not necessary. If their wish to not offend is misguided or stupid, that makes no difference. They can be as misguided or stupid as they want.

Telling people they MUST say "Merry Christmas," even if they personally don't wish to -- for whatever reason that may be, whether a rational or a stupid one -- is exactly the kind of coercion that is not permitted in the United States. If we truly are as free a country as we like to think we are, then we need to let go of this issue. Let people say what they want. A loss of freedom is far too high a price to pay, to hear the words "Merry Christmas" all the time.

So what if they say "Happy... (Below threshold)
Comic Book Guy:

So what if they say "Happy Holidays" out of fear of "offending" someone? What does that matter to anyone else? It's their choice to be non-offensive.



MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYBODY and forget this PC poppycock

Blessed be!... (Below threshold)
James H:

Blessed be!

Nice to see such a great Ch... (Below threshold)

Nice to see such a great Christmas Spirit of tolerance and forgiveness above. Nicer that what we see at places than DU, at least.


Merry Christmas.

Telling people the... (Below threshold)
Steve from MKE:
Telling people they MUST say "Merry Christmas," even if they personally don't wish to -- for whatever reason that may be, whether a rational or a stupid one -- is exactly the kind of coercion that is not permitted in the United States

Obviously, you've missed the point. If there is a coercion, it's against people say "Merry Christmas". The secularists and atheists get their panties in bind over anything slightly religious and CHRISTmas is no exception.

Io, Saturnalia!... (Below threshold)
James H:

Io, Saturnalia!

Liberals really have a comp... (Below threshold)

Liberals really have a comprehension problem. The nitwit missed the point of people NOT saying Merry Christmas because of fear. Wow! And they vote too. ww

Merry Christmas to one and ... (Below threshold)

Merry Christmas to one and all!

MERRY CHRISTMAS MR POTTER</... (Below threshold)


How can you possibly be "ov... (Below threshold)
Simon Gardner:

How can you possibly be "overly-acute to offending others"? Not casually offending others is a good thing.

Since the retailers have pu... (Below threshold)

Since the retailers have pushed the start Christmas season to the day after Halloween, on what date is it appropriate to start saying "Merry Christmas" without sounding and feeling like a dork?

As expressed by Mr. Avitabl... (Below threshold)

As expressed by Mr. Avitablile, one can certainly hear the fear of PC Failure in greetings this time of year. I cannot count the times I too have heard "'Well have a,' then pause,..." in just the past few weeks.

I ash-canned generic meaningless greetings years ago. The freedom from PC Fear was exhilarating.

Be brave. Go forth and happily greet "Merry Christmas" to any and all you meet. Persons of kindness and heart will smile, be appreciative, and thank-you.

The rest we must allow to continue on in their sad sour lives.

It's beginning to look a lo... (Below threshold)

It's beginning to look a lot like.....
(It's CHRISTMAS, stupid!)

Reverse Discrimination of C... (Below threshold)






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