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What has liberalism wrought?

Steve Crowder answers in a most unfunny way with one word.


A foreshadowing?



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Detroit, another "Worker's ... (Below threshold)

Detroit, another "Worker's Paradise". Thank you UAW and Democratic Party!

Just as Detroit lays in rui... (Below threshold)

Just as Detroit lays in ruins so to shall the Democrat party and similarly, by its own hand..

Mark my words, they have come to assume the American public will simply roll over and accept what their masters have deemed just deserts for their labor.

It is the most fatal assumption they could ever make.

I've been to some of these ... (Below threshold)

I've been to some of these areas of Detroit (I have family in Warren, MI). Crowder's not shown the half of it. Seeing Detroit is, to this day, one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I never would have believed that such a big American city could look like an abandoned war zone had I not seen it with my own eyes.

Pay attention, America. This is where we are heading if we do not stop the crazy train in Washington.

Its too late. We're just a... (Below threshold)

Its too late. We're just at the mid-point of this lethal saturnalia that is sucking our country dry.

what hath liberals brought?... (Below threshold)


It hurts me to admit I spen... (Below threshold)

It hurts me to admit I spent the first 29 years of my life growing up in Detroit.

Since I left in 1981 it has become the countries largest and most disgusting shithole.

I have a feeling that our p... (Below threshold)

I have a feeling that our present fraud ridden healthcare system paid for those needles laying in that house. If i could i would expoit this travasty to its fullest. I seem to think that detroit would make for great documentary series to on History Channel or for a conservative network, Titled "How an entitlement government ruins a Nation"

On fox and friends a week o... (Below threshold)

On fox and friends a week or so ago they were talking about unions and Steve Deucy (sp?) mentioned that they were not always bad, and that they had built Detroit....
I screamed at the TV that The Auto Industry built Detroit, and the Unions tore it down.

PBS did a show a last year about the auto industry, and they showcased a black family whose great grandfather resettled in Detroit from the south. He was the son of a former slave and Henry Ford was hiring. He worked his way up and became a Master Mechanic back in the days when that was the cutting edge of high tech. Quite and story and certainly the embodiment of the American dream.
They then showed his decedents -- many still worked in the Auto industry, but instead of moving up in profession they were doing brainless, skilless work like assembling fan motors. They had nothing but praise for the Unions, but again i screamed at the TV.
The Unions certainly turned the dream on it's head.

Liberals are like locusts. ... (Below threshold)

Liberals are like locusts. They devour an economy and then leave it in ruins, looking for their next victim. The mainstream media, being liberal, enables and empowers this.

Don't believe me? Consider

Camden, NJ. Dead
Niagara Falls, NY. Dead
Utica, NY. Dead
Lawrence, MA. Dead

What used to be called "the rust belt" is now the black hole. Huge sections of California (LA and Sacramento) are war zones. The NOLA locusts made a run at Houston, but are being pushed back.

But all you'll hear Harry Redi, Nancy Pelosi, and the clown posse's they lead ask for is "more money" with no governance, no accountability, and no consequences for funneling back into their campaign funds (well.. ONE consequence: more money for you if you do)

Over $100B has been poured into New Orleans. That's an amount that is beyond comprehension. It could have made every citizen wealthy, if they had simply handed it out. But what do we get, instead?

Take a look. Outside of the FQ NOLA is STILL a disaster area, just like Detroit.

And if the Federal $ spigot ever stops, it will boil over in riots - but don't every expect it to carry its own weight. Liberal bastions never do.

Liberals are a virus. They're parasites. They devour their hosts and then look for new hosts.

I live outside of Detroit, ... (Below threshold)

I live outside of Detroit, have for my entire life. I lived in the city for 2 years during college, I know it well. Those of us still "around" Detroit simply don't talk about it. We don't think of ourselves as living in the suburbs of Detroit. Detroit is a black hole around which we're perched. The death spiral of the city is nearly complete and we seem to be forming a new urban idea -- all suburbs with no city in the center.






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