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Gina Elise - Patriotic Pin Up Girl

This girl is an amazing patriot. Order here.


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Better uniforms/ less zafti... (Below threshold)
Most of us like our women o... (Below threshold)

Most of us like our women over 18

Damn, BryanD - you watch st... (Below threshold)

Damn, BryanD - you watch stuff like that to get your rocks off? Young Pioneers in the old USSR singing and dancing?

Dude, that's pedophile-level creepy.

"Damn, BryanD - you watch s... (Below threshold)

"Damn, BryanD - you watch stuff like that to get your rocks off? Young Pioneers in the old USSR singing and dancing?-jl"

"Damn", yourself! :-) Is there no cob, tree limb, or baseball bat that you trolls won't stick up your butts and waggle on?

BTW, Nespodyi is good stuff. Here's a less erotically imflaming piece dedicated to the victims of the Beslan massacre, just to show their versatility. It's a a/v setting to the traditional Russian ballad, "Stork On the Roof".







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