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Obama's not 'progressive' enough

It's tough to believe but this should paint the picture:

In my last several columns, I have tried to be brutally honest about the nature and character of President Obama's foreign policy decisions and the health care reform he supports. While I considered myself a clear-eyed realist about our new president, it is apparent now that my optimism for both the domestic and foreign policy decisions we could expect from him was clouded by several factors that I did not fully appreciate. Part of my problem was that my hope for Obama as a transformational president and my joy at being rid of Bush (who I saw as an illegitimate president brought to power by a partisan Supreme Court) got in the way of my realism, but there were other factors as well.

Looking through my computer files of the last year, I came across some unedited verses I wrote about Barack Obama's election in early December 2008. They are cautious, but insufficiently skeptical-

The ripened grape

"A historic reversal," some might call it.
We have a new captain of the ship.
A new overseer.
A new foreman.
A new conductor.
A new captain.

Dare I call him a new guide, a pathfinder, a trailblazer, a pioneer.
We hope he is all this and more.

This captain was chosen not to oversee slaves,
but to oversee a rebirth of America.

Look at him and see the original inhabitants of this land.
See the slaves, the indentured servants, the workers.

See the folly of the not-so-wise.
Those who took the lives of the willing and unwilling.
Who, as the poet said,
"played with the world like it was their little toy."

This time, this time, we hope that we have a grown-up in charge.
A new guide, a pathfinder, a trailblazer, a pioneer.
Someone who will find a new north star.
Who will not let our dream become a "raisin in the sun."
Someone whose blossoming will signal the renewal of America's promise.

I expected too much of Barack Obama and I should have known better. By the time the primaries of 2008 got to Texas, the Republicans offered me no one to support, so I voted in the Democratic Party primary. I chose Obama over Hillary Clinton because I saw her election as installing just another neoliberal administration like that of her husband's (his nomination in 1992 was what caused me to break with the Democratic Party and become an independent). I failed to absorb opinions I had read and sent to friends that presaged the same neoliberalism that now characterizes the Obama administration.

Read the rest... and be afraid. There are those more radical than Obama who are upset that he hasn't veered to the left far enough... this after veering so far left he's literally off the highway.

An amazing read.

The bottom line is that not all who are seen as opposing this President are those who might agree with conservatives.

Quite the contrary.

This country is headed toward civil war... I can come to no other conclusion.



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Comments (31)

LAMAR W. HANKINS has got a ... (Below threshold)

LAMAR W. HANKINS has got a fevah! And it's called BUYER'S REMORSE.

I was a wishful, unthinking, liberal idiot and got burned! I supported an empty suit with no prior track record of any legislative accomplishments. A "leader" who has never led. I AM A FOOL!

I don't know about civil wa... (Below threshold)

I don't know about civil war, but we might benefit greatly from a big pair of scissors to cut along the CA-AZ/NV/OR border, and a couple of really big outboard motors to attach and send CA far out to sea...

Western WA as well (everyth... (Below threshold)

Western WA as well (everything west of the Cascades).

It's a shame that people di... (Below threshold)
Bad Science:

It's a shame that people didn't pay attention, President Obama's accomplishments as an Illinois government employee were a part of public record and available for all to see. And now what was once a phenomenon only in Illinois is now occurring in the national spotlight.

"Obama's not 'progressive' ... (Below threshold)

"Obama's not 'progressive' enough"


He's not smart enough!

Or He's too damn dumb. Take... (Below threshold)

Or He's too damn dumb. Take Your pick it's 50/50

"This country is headed tow... (Below threshold)

"This country is headed toward civil war... I can come to no other conclusion."

Why do you think there's been an ammunition shortage since Oct. 2008? Ammunition hoarding is not a new phenomenon but Obama accelerated both gun and ammunition sales are far beyond Bill Clinton and Janet Reno's record runs on them with the 1994 AWB.

The outright hostilities expressed on DU & KOS are common, they despise conservatives and independents. There are plenty of blogs that came to this same conclusion sometime last year.

All that remains is a spark to set it off.

BTW, if that idiot is in TX he's probably in what can best be described to him as enemy territory.

Hey ODA, I'm out here don't... (Below threshold)

Hey ODA, I'm out here don't drag me into the ocean too!

"This country is headed tow... (Below threshold)

"This country is headed toward civil war."

Better hope not, after all, you libs gave up your guns to Uncle Billy and Auntie Hillary!

Obama is plenty progressive... (Below threshold)

Obama is plenty progressive. He believes in all of the things that those on the radical left love. He's plenty smart too. He's just not very good at governing.

Rick: "This country is h... (Below threshold)

Rick: "This country is headed toward civil war... I can come to no other conclusion."

18 months ago you could walk into a WalMart at any time and the ammunition shelves were all full. Today, those shelves are cleaned out by 9 a.m. every day of whatever they managed to stock.

Gun and ammo sales are through the roof. Likewise survival gear of all kinds.

I don't know what our "archduke ferdinand" spark will be...but I DO know the "oily rags" are stacked near the furnace.


Depends on how you define C... (Below threshold)

Depends on how you define Civil War. If you define it as people shooting each other for control of the country, no way. If you define it as the people who create the wealth getting smarter about hiding it the way the Euros do and the Govt hacks hiring lots more hacks to try and find the money so they can spen it buying votes you're right.

"This country is headed to... (Below threshold)

"This country is headed toward civil war... I can come to no other conclusion."

before I'm too old to enjoy/take part in it.

Thank You Santa,

Knightbrigade...I don't kno... (Below threshold)

Knightbrigade...I don't know you, so I can't tell if that was sarcasm or stooopidity.

NO ONE wants civil unrest of any kind.

But by God, I WILL fight for my freedom and I DO want the trouble to be in MY time...so that my children may have peace!

Is a 10th Amendment opt-out... (Below threshold)

Is a 10th Amendment opt-out the answer?
The challenge to your premise of de-unification is geography. California sides with liberals in Michigan and Illinois and Massachusetts and New York? Texas has an alliance with Alaska? The physical boundaries don't work. More and smaller fragments? Virtual alignments and alliances with no geographical component? Nationalism via Internet? It's all ugly.

If it comes to a shooting w... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

If it comes to a shooting war, all kinds of people will be dead. Both sides, of the political parties have guns, and know how to use them. Like a lot of Americans, I will defend my self, doesn't matter who or what party they belong to. Just don't miss your first shot, because the person shooting back after your miss most likely won't miss.

But keep stirring it up Rick. Will you lead the war, or be like a bunch of the yellow elephants?

When it hits the fan, then everyone will know, one way or the other. And like I said, I'll defend my self, hopefully other people will do the same thing. Don't start it, but finish it.

"Both sides, of the politic... (Below threshold)

"Both sides, of the political parties have guns, and know how to use them."

How can you call yourself "a liberal" and own a gun? Doesn't the state "provide" for all your needs?

"When it hits the fan, then... (Below threshold)

"When it hits the fan, then everyone will know, one way or the other. And like I said, I'll defend my self"

Against what? Obama?

Hes the one attacking our way of life..Wake up!

I've never called myself a ... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

I've never called myself a liberal, just asshats like you that do. Yes, wake up, this crap has been going on for over thirty years, it's finally coming to a head, and more people are realizing it.

And who is going to win in the end? The corporations, the ultra rich, or the average American taxpayer? That is the question, isn't it.

Winning monetarily is not w... (Below threshold)

Winning monetarily is not winning. You die if You are rich or poor. So why not do for others while We are here?

And I cant recall ever labeling You a liberal?

If I did? My condolences..

They great Danny Glover is ... (Below threshold)

They great Danny Glover is the latest in a long string of liberals to call out Obama for not implementing every item on the liberal wish list in his first year.

While I hate what he, Reid and Pelosi are doing to our country, I must admit I enjoy seeing him piss of the left, center and right.

Clearly he still believes that he can talk his way through any situation -- sticking with his campaign-mode mindset. I just hope that he doesn't wake up to the fact that strategy isn't working, so he can continue to alienate the majority of Americans, which will hurt all other Dems at the polls next November.

With the John Birch Society... (Below threshold)

With the John Birch Society playing an ever increasing role in the conservative movement (CPAC) it may well come to the day that the racists in America rise up against the progressives.

Trust me, there won't be anything "civil" about what happens next.

For all of you above this p... (Below threshold)

For all of you above this post: Your Passion is great and that should tell this Nation something. However the way to handle this is simple. Pray that somebody has the fortitude to get hold of the Kenyans Certificate of Live Birth and Prove he is not a Citizen as required to be President of the United States. If not that then prove it, without a doubt, some other way. When this is done, and I believe it will be, all HELL will break loose. All progressives or liberals or people to the far left won't have a leg to stand on. This is the Deal Breaker of all Deal Breakers. Also a complete exposure of his Marxist Beliefs will do the trick. GOD bless you all. Pray that the Truth comes out. GOD does not sleep. Oh by the way....I hope exposure comes for Mary Landrieu just as soon.

This country is he... (Below threshold)
James H:
This country is headed toward civil war... I can come to no other conclusion.

Hyperbole much? Not civil war, but we're probably overdue for a rather large-scale political housecleaning -- something we haven't really seen since the post-Watergate election cycle.

Liberals protest because the leaders of their party, including the president they nominated and elected, have failed to press an agenda that sufficiently conforms to their own. With the political elites seemingly deaf to them, they are beginning to show their discontent and may become a factor in primaries next year.

It's like the tea party movement, but substitute "universal health care" for "deficit spending" and "just like George W. Bush" for "national socialist."

Ok, it's early enough in th... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Ok, it's early enough in the day, I'll give it a try. Poptoy, give it a rest. His mother was a U.S.citizen. Unless you have evidence she had officially/formally/legally renounced her citizenship at the time of Barack's birth her offspring, regardless of where she physically was at the time of his birth, would be a natural born U.S. citizen.

"Natural born" applies to people born in the U.S.A. and all people born anywhere else in the world who have at least one U.S. citizen as a parent.

The presidential restriction as to birth is to prevent non-citizens and people who are "naturalized" citizens from attaining the office.

Oh, and Poptoy even a child... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Oh, and Poptoy even a child born to an illegal alien residing in the United States, fathered by another illegal alien, is a natural born U.S. citizen.

"All that remains is a spar... (Below threshold)
John S:

"All that remains is a spark to set it off."

You're forgetting the kumbaya DU idiots and KOS kiddies don't have any weapons. It'll be a pretty short civil war.

OBAMA IS REPULSIVE... (Below threshold)


Off. The. Rails. S... (Below threshold)
armed liberal:

Off. The. Rails.

Seriously though, you guys would be intimidating if you weren't so sad and pathetic. I'll start shaking in my boots as soon as I stop laughing.

Bring it on.

You are spot-on Rick: Stock... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

You are spot-on Rick: Stock your pantry and your ammunition locker...

"Pray that somebody has... (Below threshold)

"Pray that somebody has the fortitude to get hold of the Kenyans Certificate of Live Birth and Prove he is not a Citizen"

lol,it wont happen or it already would have. Mary Mapes is not available for comment.

We dont need the certificate anyways... Look at what He's doing to the Country?? If that isnt U.N.American I dont know what is..






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