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Democrats Exempt Federal Employees' Health Care Plans from Reforms

Brian Faughnan at The Conservatives has the details. It seems in order to make federal unions happy, the Democrats made sure to separate federal employees' health care plans from the plans the American public will be forced to live with. So much for allowing the American people to have the same great plans that government employees have:

Democrats have been selling their health care plan by touting that it's modeled on the plan which federal employees enjoy. They point out that it's even run by the same agency - the Office of Personnel Management. In all respects, it will be just like the FEHBP. But in order to win the support of the unions representing federal workers, Democrats had to make sure it was separate from that plan:
Many federal employee groups appear satisfied that Senate legislation expanding the Office of Personnel Management's role in national health care also will protect its ability to administer the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

Daniel Adcock, legislative director for the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, said his organization, along with the National Treasury Employees Union and other federal employee groups, pushed language ensuring that FEHBP be kept separate from any new health care plan, and that the agency's funding to run the federal employee plan remain intact. The action came after word of the proposal to boost OPM's role first surfaced about two weeks ago...

Once again the Democrats are setting up a situation where the little guy gets stomped on. The American people will be strapped with a lousy health care bill that will increase their premiums and decrease their coverage. In the mean time, government employees get their own high quality health care plan that is wholly separate from the one the American people will have to live with. Hopenchange, baby!

The same thing is going on in Britain as well, where UK NHS employees don't have to use the NHS like the rest of the British population. They get private health insurance instead.


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Hey moron Sturm...defend th... (Below threshold)

Hey moron Sturm...defend this latest fascist Dem outrage.

This can start a war betwee... (Below threshold)

This can start a war between private sector American citizens and the government union a-holes, along with SEIU, UAW, and ACORN criminals.

This is no outrage. It was... (Below threshold)

This is no outrage. It was predicted and is no surprise. The decline continues.

Just another feather in Joh... (Below threshold)

Just another feather in John Edwards' cap, proving just how right he was when he said there are "two Americas".

There's the America populated by citizens who work hard to pay taxes to fund the lifestyles and privileges of the citizens of the other one.

I used to think this kind o... (Below threshold)

I used to think this kind of crap was mostly a Chicago thing since I grew up there. Now I'm just sort of perplexed.

1984 ring any bells?<... (Below threshold)

1984 ring any bells?

"Some are more equal than others." (sic)

I've spent my life defendin... (Below threshold)

I've spent my life defending this country, in word and deed. Now I find myself increasingly contemplating how to defend myself FROM this country.

I am not alone.

This is completely unaccept... (Below threshold)

This is completely unacceptable.

The Repubs (or tea party candidates) need to bring this up at every opportunity.

As for the MSM, be nice if they'd report it.

Still, may not matter. I worry that we've reached a national tipping point similar to CA. where a permanent govt. runs it all, any way they wish.

Just more of the same from ... (Below threshold)

Just more of the same from those people who promised so much..........and have produced so little.

Posted by Gmac:"1... (Below threshold)

Posted by Gmac:
"1984 ring any bells?

"Some are more equal than others." (sic)"

My thought exactly! Class warfare, here we come!

<a href="http://hotair.com/... (Below threshold)

CBS Reports on Vote-Buying in ObamaCare Bill

Looks like the stink is getting to the point where it can't be ignored.

And the bill is so bad that even Kos, Firedoglake and DU want it killed. (Of course, for them it doesn't go far ENOUGH, or they've actually FINALLY looked at the damn numbers and realized it's going to bone the middle class, but that's as may be.) Obama's keeping his pledge to be a uniter, not a divider... but I don't think he expected to be what everyone was united against!

This move keeps the new, fo... (Below threshold)

This move keeps the new, formerly uninsured people out of the same risk pool. It'll prevent the premiums from rising for those federal employees.

"Once again the Democrats are setting up a situation where the little guy gets stomped on. "

No. That's just you paranoid schizophrenia kicking in. Get back on the meds and you'll be fine, I hope.

Well, the dems were against... (Below threshold)

Well, the dems were against African Americans having civil rights so no surprise they want to spread the plantation benefits to their union butt lickers

That's literally half (51%)... (Below threshold)

That's literally half (51%) of the nation's workforce. It goes without saying that Congress itself, unsurprisingly, will also be exempt.

And anybody below 133% of poverty income level will get a federal subsidy (23 million people receive Food Stamps), plus most of our 20 million illegal aliens, who by definition live on unreported cash income. (Not to mention the nation's drug dealers, crackheads, street people and prostitutes - probably another couple million.) Plus the nation's 7.3 million prison inmates. Full benefits, no payment required. That's 50 million people, folks, exempt. That doesn't include the nation's children, who at least so far, don't pay taxes. (Of course, that may change when the conference committee meets to work out the final bill.)

And healthy young people under 30, who will publicly complain but privately snicker about having to pay a $750 fine to avoid having to pay into The Great Plan.

And union members, of course, who will be exempt from the Cadillac Plans Tax but still howl in protest about how unfair it all is.

It will also exclude 14 million unemployed, who will receive full benefits but avoid having to pay into the plan.

So who is left? The honest answer is pretty damned ugly, and it doesn't say much for our future as a nation.

Add massive increases to our energy costs if Cap and Trade passes, continuing long term unemployment, the absolutely inescapable tax increases that have to occur to pay for all this, and season with a collapsing US dollar, and we're headed toward a pretty ugly future.

And Obama and Congress did ALL this in less than a year. From the richest, most powerful nation in the world to a nation on the brink of economic slavery, all in 11 months.

Don't know about you guys, but I'm spitting mad.

"It'll prevent the premiums... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"It'll prevent the premiums from rising for those federal employees."

Oh, THANK GOD! We were all so worried about fed employees.

Sabre5: "This move keeps th... (Below threshold)

Sabre5: "This move keeps the new, formerly uninsured people out of the same risk pool. It'll prevent the premiums from rising for those federal employees.

Why are you lying about President Messiah's plan (or the House plan, or the Senate plan, or whatever vague "plan" or "mere principles" the President is said to be in favor of)?

We all know that Obama has said that his plan would cover everyone, reduce costs, deliver better care, and result in unicorns and rainbows for everyone.

Why would anyone's premium rise?


You mean Obama might have been less than honest that he could get 40 million more people covered, with better care, and reduce costs simultaneously???

Color me stunned.

Since Sabre5 has publicly c... (Below threshold)

Since Sabre5 has publicly contradicted "The Won", he/she is formally designated a "hater", a "birther" and likely an "aryan" and/or "nazi".

Bobdog, I just copied your ... (Below threshold)

Bobdog, I just copied your entire post @ #14 and emailed it to a "friend". Kinda puts things into a perspective I don't think he considered.

It is so obvious that our l... (Below threshold)

It is so obvious that our liberal brothers and sisters are silent on these issues because even they cannot justify what is happening. Special carve outs for unions. Exempting one state from Medicaid increases. Exempting federal employees from this piece of crap. How on God's green earth can anyone justify this blatant power grab? No one can. All the lefty trolls can do is call names. ww

I wish I could say it would... (Below threshold)

I wish I could say it would do a damn bit of good, Oyster.

The thing that just drives me crazy is how enormous all of this is. This isn't some stupid regulation or a pissy little sales tax. I heard somebody say last night (Rove, maybe) that the amount of money involved in the healthcare bill is more than the GNP of France.

Think about that for a minute.

Then consider that we get to pay into The Great Plan for 3 years without seeing any benefits at all. Nothing. We just pay in so the 10 year budget numbers work out and Congress can announce passage of this bill without laughing. It's the most cynical legislative lie I've ever heard of.

Who could dream this shit up?

Where does all that money go for the first three years? It gets spent, that's what. Just like the Social Security "Trust" Fund. There's just no such thing as "leftover" money when it comes to Congress. It just gets spent, as only Congress can spend it. Look what happened to that $210 billion in TARP money returned to the government last week. It was spent before the check cleared.

And during the next three years, 70 new government agencies will staff up, the way that only government agencies spending other peoples' money can afford to do.

10 years from now, how many government employees will be working for the healthcare juggernaut? Call it a million and you won't be far off (it's 3 million in the UK). A million new union employees, all exempt from the very programs they regulate. Get that, Mr. Camera Guy?

And what do these 70 new Federal agencies do? Spend money like they're on a holy mission from God and write endless regulations, mandatory reporting requirements, best practices, budget projections, public awareness campaigns, penalties and fines. Establish guidelines about where benefits will be paid, and who is worth the cost of the "benefits" they "consume". Just like NICE in the UK.

All of which will drive honest doctors away from practice and into early retirement, to be replaced by imported doctors from third world countries.

I could bitch forever about this, but the harsh reality is that the crap sandwich has already been made. It will be served for breakfast tomorrow morning, whether we like it or not. We have no say in the matter.

In an earlier time, they referred to this as taxation without representation, and they didn't like it either. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

What else can we ever expec... (Below threshold)

What else can we ever expect from these liberal demacreeps as always they blabber about helping the poor but their realy for bigger goverment and higher taxes

Its funny how in order to b... (Below threshold)

Its funny how in order to buy support for this plan they have say that the supporting group will not be affected by the plan. It is like even the people who 'support' this know it will be crap.






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