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The White House's Mao-y Christmas

Surprise! Chairman Mao and other weirdos adorn the White House Christmas tree. Click the image for the details:



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Mao is one of the world's b... (Below threshold)

Mao is one of the world's biggest mass murders surpassing Hilter. He brought such misery on his people, a crime to humanity. He is as evil as a human can get. Plus he was a dirty pig, never washing his body or cleaning his teeth. He had the biggest collection of pornography ever seen. Yet, some fools till hold him in some regard. And to have his image on a CHRISTmas tree in the White House, turns my stomach that mere words can not express. Mao is the hero of the extreme left, shows you where their hearts, souls and minds are...in hell where the rest of them will join eventually.
The Obamas keep sinking lower and lower, there is no bottom for them.

Yup, the "Unity Tree" (Obam... (Below threshold)

Yup, the "Unity Tree" (Obama refuses to call it a "Christmas Tree") has an ornament depicting an ATHEIST MASS-MURDERER!

I don't suppose during Ramadan Obama will put a picture of Pope Eugene III up in the White House, eh?


(*sigh*) ... This brings a ... (Below threshold)

(*sigh*) ... This brings a sentimental tear to my eye. Remember Hillary's "Condom Tree" from 1994?

When an idol of leftist loonies occupies the White House, you should expect to get a loony left Christmas Unity Celebration. It happened before, and it will certainly happen again.

I'm sure the "unity" tree h... (Below threshold)

I'm sure the "unity" tree has a red crescent on the top.

Obama is such a tool and embarrassment to the USA.

There is also an ornament d... (Below threshold)

There is also an ornament depicting 'The Won' on Mt. Rushmore...

These idiots have a tin ear.

What a bunch of sicko's in ... (Below threshold)

What a bunch of sicko's in the Whitehouse. Un- Merry Christmas to these pigs.

Not one of you has heard of... (Below threshold)
Alfonso Paulista:

Not one of you has heard of Andy Warhol?

"Not one of you has heard o... (Below threshold)

"Not one of you has heard of Andy Warhol?"

So if Warhol did a picture of Hitler and it hung on the tree, that makes it okay?

Though Mao is disturbing I ... (Below threshold)

Though Mao is disturbing I find BarryO on Mt Rushmore down right scary.

We've got a megalomaniac in the White House.

Breaking News:Hedd... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Breaking News:

Hedda Lettuce is a fictional character invented by an actor/writer.

"Hedda Lettuce is a fiction... (Below threshold)

"Hedda Lettuce is a fictional character invented by an actor/writer."

10. Adrian Browne


Does this have any meaning or is it just another muttering from the dark, sick space that you have in place of a mind.

Yo Adrian! How's those 'ne... (Below threshold)

Yo Adrian! How's those 'new housing start' numbers? 11% DECLINE! Ain't Obamanomics great!
Hey! Let's raise taxes on health care! That should help! Right, Adrian?

Not bad now lets show the b... (Below threshold)

Not bad now lets show the blood of thousands of inocent chinees mudered by mao

When you sit in Church with... (Below threshold)

When you sit in Church with Rev Wright for many years it shows that Christ is not paramount in your reason for going to Church. he went there for Political reasons. This tree shows that,

In a very sick way he is following the real use of the evergreen at winter solstice. Before it became a Christian Holiday it was used by the Norse on the shortest day of the year to symbolize rebirth. They would sacrifice people other would sacrifice fruits. I guess for BHO death and dying is always a good season. Where are the marx and stalin heads.

you guys are all aiming at ... (Below threshold)

you guys are all aiming at the wrong target.
The ornaments were sent out to school children to be decorated and returned to the White House.

The blame should be apportioned between the artist, their teacher, the school principal, the school board and the residents of the school district for harboring radical leftist agitators.






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